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Reach Within to Embrace Humanity TA R O Y R IN L T A E N R N ATIO


August issue of Official monthyly bulletin of Rotary Club of Nagpur.

Transcript of Aug 2011 - The Golden Orange

Reach Within to Embrace Humanity



“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, like Madhu Rughwani and DG Gopal Shiralkar a business house can become a member as then, is not an act, but a habit.” spoke on the occasion before PDG Ramesh against an indiv idual . A corporate

Khanzode introduced the star of the evening. This adage can be attributed to each an every membership which, in the process, can lend person who attended “Encounter With Needless to mention, RIP Kalyan Banerjee its support to Rotary.Excellence" on Wednesday 6th July 2011. found that it was a unique get together of Many corporate houses have lent their The star of the evening was R I President movers and shakers of society and it was the

support to us… eg: Coca Cola in Africa stKalyan Banerjee, only the 3rd Indian to don 1 time in his entire Rotary career that he has against Aids, many pharmaceutical

the mantle, who was on his very first visit to his attended an event of this kind. He went on to companies for heart surgeries, Birlas have home country immediately after being speak about the goal of Rotary… to make our supported the cause of polio with more than 5 installed President of Rotary International. communities better , healthier and happier million dollars, Bill and Melinda Gates The fact that he chose Nagpur for this and that Rotarians all over the world must foundation etc.interaction is in itself a matter of great esteem unite for this common cause. Among the

for all of us. highlights of his talk were - Kalyan ended his talk with very poignant Jointly organised by all the Rotary Clubs of Polio eradication- the task of polio eradication words, proclaiming that Rotary has the Nagpur and our club being lead club, the has been going on since 1984. In our country tenderness of a parent and the strength of a evening was intended to be a three-way hob- this project is totally funded by the government.nobbing session with the RIP and eminent government and Rotarians work in

An interesting Q&A session followed and the Rotarians and corporate honchos of the partnership. It's been 11 months now … and

RIP expertly answered questions in his region. An evening which lived up to its title in not a single case of polio in our country. If this nd inimitable style. Vote of thanks was proposed more ways than one. is achieved, it will be only the 2 disease

by DGE Sanjay Meshram. The evening ended eradicated from the face of earth after small Anchored by Sanjay Arora, welcomed by our with fellowship and dinner. pox.President Tauby, convened by Shabbir Shakir

and enjoyed by all. Regional Rotary bigwigs Rotary is planning a new kind of membership- -Madhavi Naidu


Traditional welcome to the RI PresidentThey work……..and yet look fresh!!! The Dais

RI President Kalyan addresses the gathering Audience in rapt attention The Power Table

Different Speakers.....Different Moods


Tauby's Take.... Straight from the heart....

Dear Rotarians,

As I sit down to pen my first message to you, the echo of your applause still rings in my ears. Ganesh has passed on the baton to me, and as I take my first strides into the year, I feel the

applause & excitement. I will endeavour to do justice to each clap, to each expectation.

There are two important days in your lives amongst others. One is the day you joined Rotary. The second and far more important day, will be when you will realize, WHY you joined Rotary. For some, the second day is yet to come. You will be able to appreciate and enjoy the Rotary feeling only when you realize its true purpose, which is to be aware of the power within you to make a difference. Rotary wants us to be the change agent in transforming the community around us. It wants us to reach out to those who are less fortunate than us and to those who could benefit from us. Each of you can contribute to this movement and I count on this spirit.

July has been a remarkable & busy month. We were honoured to have our RI President Kalyan Banerjee at Nagpur and interact with him. Collection of 300 Units of Blood, Plantation of 5000 saplings at Butibori , 18 Interact Club Installations, 2 Multi Committee Projects , and distribution of 10,000 Neem seeds and many other good deeds. All projects executed well, with high attendance and enthusiastic participation. We also made a significant contribution towards the Rotary Foundation- 5 Major Donors & 55 Paul Harris Fellows.

Our Club launched a newly designed web site which is not only interactive, but extremely user friendly. Kudos to the Roster Committee for bringing out the new Club Roster bang on time! It is well presented and will be your constant companion for years to come.

It was a great start and we did well in each of our designated avenues of service. Echoing the words of our RI President “Together let us reach within to Embrace Humanity… In Peace, Harmony & Friendship, we will bring change and a more joyful world.”

Yours in Rotary,

Tauby Bhagwagar

I am not exactly fond of a lot of people. While interacting with them, I am serious, devoid of even a smile.

There are some that I dislike. This feeling comes out in the form of a smirk every time I cross their path or they cross mine.

Then, there was someone I hated. I never missed an opportunity to run him down and speak ill of him. Mostly behind his back.

But there has been one character, I have absolutely loathed, abhorred and harboured a feeling of extreme hate for. How did this feeling manifest in my behaviour??? I have studiously ignored that person. Looked through him and avoided him at all costs. Ignoring someone is certainly the fittest expression of contempt and hatred!!!!!!

A lot of time, effort and thought goes into any publication. The same holds true for this GO.

Read and comment on it. You may commend it and speak well of it. You can also decide not to talk too highly of it. Criticize it…….constructively or otherwise!!!! Run it down…..vent your criticism in a hard hitting letter or still worse, make fun of it. But, for God's sake, don't ignore it!

We will learn to live with your negative feedback and agree with disagreements. But, if over the next year, it is found that you are not reading the GO, you shall be rewarded with 'an eye for an eye'. You shall be looked through and ignored………..the choice is yours!!!!!!!

Happy Reading !

Shabbir Shakir

Keep in touch......We invite expert comments, suggestions, criticism and

commendations. This will help us know the pulse of readers and improve the publication. Please write in to

[email protected]

● Pres Tauby at her acceptance speech

● Club receiving District trophy for highest contribution to TRF 2010-11

● R.I.President Kalyan flanked by Sec Dinesh and Pres Tauby

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Dear Shabbir,

Two things I can never expect from you as the Editor of our Club Bulletin :

· Golden Orange not being world class.

· Golden Orange not winning accolades this year too.

Wish you and your team the very best.

A small suggestion – It will be nice to have a write up of our major projects (Hemalkasa, Walkathon, Food Festival, Youth Fest, District Interact Meet, Scholarships etc.) elaborating the origin, background, growth and built up of each of these projects (preferably with old snaps) in the GO issue preceding the month in which the specific project takes place. I am sure this will be of immense interest & information to all, specially the new members.

-Rtn. Rajiv Behal

MAIL BASTION- Letters To The Editor

Thank you so much for an outstanding Encounter With Excellence. I appreciate the efforts put in by each one of you.

-PDG Madhu Rughwani


Just a line to say that the new Club Roster 2011-12 is fabulous!

The design and compilation needs nothing to be desired.Congratulations!




EVERY ISSUERotarians are requested to invite applications from members of society who wish to go as "GSE Team Member" in the highly popular Group Study Exchange program to Victoria & New South Wales, Australia, Rotary District 9800 , scheduled to be held in the month of March 2012. Interested applicants should contact Club GSE Committee Chair Rtn. PP Vijay Naidu (9823034602) or email [email protected] to get the application form. Rotarians who wish to apply for "GSE Team Leader" are also requested to contact us and submit their applications. The deadline for submission of applications for either category is 15th August 2011, after which there will be an interview of the short-listed candidates. Later, these candidates will be referred to the District GSE Committee for final interview and selection to be held in October 2011 at Nagpur. The details of the GSE program are as under:

The Group Study Exchange (GSE) program of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for young business and professional men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 in the initial years of their professional life. The program provides travel grants for teams of participants to exchange visits between paired areas in different countries. For four to six weeks, team members study the host country’s institutions and ways of life, observe their own vocations as practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas. Team members can come from corporations, small businesses, community organizations, medical and educational facilities, government offices, and nonprofit agencies.

PP Vijay Naidu & PP Akhtar Parvez Maimoon

GSE Committee Chair(s)

Rotary Club of Nagpur


NEWS YOU CAN USE ● In a Microsoft word document, around the world. The comic book stores type '=rand(200,99)' without the that participate in this event, give away

● inverted commas, press enter and free comic book to anyone who visits their husbands who keep watch the magic! The sentence 'The quick stores.grumbling about carrying brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' is ● MORE than 98 years after the Titanic sank

their babies while their wives walk 'hands displayed over and over again for 200 lines into the Atlantic, a group of 'ghost-hunters' free! and repeated 99 times per line. are embarking on a unique mission to the Please note that their hands are not free ● When vets told a 39 –year-old German site of the wreck. The paranormal altogether and they carry a handbag in one postman that his beloved cat was dying of researchers want to find out if the spirits of hand whose average weight is… hold your asthama, he married her! The cat, Cecilia, those who drowned on the ship still haunt breath! 10.5kg!! It is authentic information. was dressed in white and the wedding the site.The group believes that those who According to recent survey in the UK, a ceremony was conducted by an actress. die in areas of extreme leave a psychic wrong's handling weights as much as a impression on the place.● The first Saturday of May every year is child. celebrated as 'Free Comic Book Day' - Anmol Badjatia

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stARE YOU LIVING IN A FRAUD FREE SOCIETY? FORENSIC FOR THE COMMON MAN - 21 July The regular meeting was called to order by yet unknown departments in Govt of frauds she emphasized on the need of

Maharashtra. With an exceptional educational President Tauby who greeted members on precautions to be taken by common people. background during which she was awarded their birthdays during the week. After the During her stint she had handled many critical PhD in Chemistry, Mrs Krishnamurthy applied announcement of various projects of assignments for GoM including the Mumbai her knowledge in the field of forensics for the forthcoming week PP Vijay Naidu in his own blast in 1993. It was an interesting topic which benefit of Govt in tackling various crimes and inimitable style introduced the guest speaker kept audience hooked and generated lot of frauds. In her talk she explained in brief, the to the packed audience. questions for the speaker. Divya Dass concept of forensic sciences. She explained proposed a formal vote of thanks. The meeting Dr (Mrs) Rukmani Krishnamurthy hails from the organizational structure of her department was adjourned after singing of the National our very own city of Nagpur. Before retiring she and how the department is helping police, Anthem. -Parag Paranjapehad been heading one of the most important judiciary and the common people about forensic and allied science.

She also mentioned how various branches of forensic and its technological advancement can help in solving numerous criminal and terrorist cases. She also gave many examples where forensic methods were used for conviction. With increasing cases of financial

Bird Watching or Birding, as coloquailly called as a hobby but as he grew in years, it became has been a passion with many. Specially men. an addiction with him.

Jokes apart, this hobby can keep you busy for This hobby turned passion, has taken him on hours together and even tempt you to visit many an adventure to locales, not only exotic places, normally not popular. but also rarely visited.

Rtn. Dr. Sudhanshu Kothe from Rotary Club of Whether its a family holiday or a medical Nagpur South, had the audience mesmerized conference, some time is definitely spared, to with a beautiful audio visual presentation at watch out for a new species.our regular meeting on Thursday the 28th. He loves, watching their habitats as well as the State of Maharashtra" and of course as we From the most beautiful of the species to the their mannerisms. all know, "The Peacock ", is our National Bird.Owl. From the Regal Eagle to the Common Surprisingly, our city Nagpur is quite a popular The bird watchers society meets every second Sparrow. place with migrating birds both national and Sunday of the month, at 7am by the From the huge Ostrich to the small little foreign. Telankhedi Lake.Humming bird. In fact the Pellican Magpie, has recently been Indeed an interest worth looking into.He showed them all. declared as the "Bird of Nagpur City". The meeting was well attended and very Dr. Sudhanshu started birdwatching at age 14 While the "Yellow footed Pigeon " is the Bird of informative. -Manju Shahani


CLUB MEETINGSThe first regular meeting of the year 2011-12 off from the crowded streets of Mumbai and was held on 14th July 2011. After Birthday crossed West Bengal, Assam, Himachal and Anniversary greetings, President Tauby Pradesh, Laddakh, Nepal, Bhutan and

of all was a Zig Zag path of Jalodi pass at invited Parheez to introduce the speaker reached Kibithu at 13,500 ft, place where st

Shahrukh Cassad. Shahrukh,a passionate 10,000 ft., where one can drive only in 1 gear there is no road beyond (surprisingly AXIS motorist and nature lover, undertook a journey or else you lose control! A journey, which has Bank has a branch there). Some of the of Dorzeela, which is the highest motor pass odds like lack of oxygen and sleep and interesting facts which Shahrukh brought to i.e 18,350 ft .The journey , fondly remembered problem of accommodation and food, has light was that only 6,500 yak subsist in India as 'Save the Yak' took 42 days , in which they given them the treasure of a life time and many carry 'Save The Yak' slogans on covered 16,000 km, crossed 2 countries and experience and beautiful memories to look their Taxies; Highway 59 has actually no road; 17 states. Mahindra & Mahindra sponsored back on -Namita Sharmaafter Rohtang Pass, the next petrol pump is and Himalayan Explorer organized the

only 365 km away!!!expedition. The power point presentation then

The group travelled to Sharda canal, Nako took us to a guided tour of scenic beauty. river in Himachal Uttarakhand, and Guptkashi, There were breathtaking pictures of Tea Paglanala, Nakovalley (16,000ft.), Jalodi pass Gardens, vast grazing fields, houses on stilts, (which has a snowy Top), Baralacha and Lohit River from China, Suspension bridge by Marmika (18.350 ft.). The Rotary Club of BMO, a tribal, man with a 1910 gun and a Nagpur Flag was hoisted at Marsmik_la, the beautiful picture of a Rainbow across the

mountains. The difficult journey was flagged highest motorable pass in the world . Scariest


Shahrukh makes a pointShahrukh makes a point

Dr (Mrs) Krisnamurthy has the dais spellboundDr (Mrs) Krisnamurthy has the dais spellbound

Dr Sudhanshu Kothe

And the audience tooAnd the audience too



DHARAMPETH : 2532673 SADAR : 6563250 NANDANVAN : [email protected]

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STREET SIDE STORY Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of the plight of the homeless. The Strategic Plan India, reported that urban poverty in India is as of RI includes focusing and increasing high as 25 percent and over 80 million poor humanitarian service. As our RI President has people live in cities. laid emphasis on family as the basis for world

peace, it becomes the prerogative of the Urban poverty poses the problems of housing Rotary clubs in India to undertake at least five and shelter, water, sanitation, health, lowcost shelter projects during the year. education, social security and livelihoods Newspapers have reported that TATA Steel is along with special needs of vulnerable groups

like women, children and aged people. It is now ready with a ‘low cost shelter’ that can be pathetic to see the family mourning the dead assembled in six weeks at a cost of Rs.32,000. on the platform, which is their home! The The project can also be routed through The estimates of homeless people in India have Rotary Foundation once the Trustees agree to Unsheltered people.been varying enormously and the survey implement the grant scheme later this year.

Homelessness depicts the condition of people result by a NGO put the figure at 78 million. Most of us applauded the award winning film without a regular dwelling. The term homeless They are on the streets, still live as a family! ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ India has more that 11 can include people who get night-time India is the home to 63 percent of all slum million children living on the streets. A few may residence in some countries.dwellers in South Asia. The world population of go to school. Some may be lucky to get some

In India and some other developing countries, street or community children stands at 150 sort of job to support themselves.the term is used to describe people who sleep million and is rising each year. Of these about

Others will invariably find themselves on the in public places not designed for use as an 40 percent (65 million) are homeless and wrong side of the law. Rotary can give all of accommodation for human beings. Instead of family- less whilst the balance works on the them a chance to live inside a small shelter calling such pavement-dwellers as homeless streets helping to support their families. They they can call their home and wake up to a new or houseless, the new term being used is do not attend school, are at risk from the street day and new hope.‘unsheltered people.’ Call them street people environment and have poor adult prospects,

or vagabonds or by any other name, there are locked as they are into a cycle of poverty. Ashok Mahajanpeople in the roads — men, women and Increasingly, these children are the Trustee, The Rotary children who ar e ‘un-housed.’ Society in many defenseless victims of brutal violence, sexual Foundationcountries has banished the unsheltered exploitation, abject neglect, chemical

Director, Rotary International population to the sidewalks, parks, subways addiction and human rights violations. Rotary 2007–2009and in India we have seen them living inside International President, Kalyan Banerjee’s\ Member, International huge concrete pipes that were meant for water dream is to bring back the ‘Low Cost Shelter

movement! The Ministry of Housing and Project’ of The Rotary Foundation to mitigate PolioPlus Committee

The first Club Assembly under the Presidentship of our first Lady President,Tauby Bhagwagar, was held on Sunday, 31st July at Hotel Centre Point.

Plans and projects of the 65 Committees were presented by the PP Gulab Mahant, in his comments as Assistant Governor, said that the volume of work done by the Club was praiseworthy. He briefly spoke Directors through their Chairpersons. about the functioning of the Asst. Governor.While summing up the proceedings, PP Shreeram Marawar, Secretary Dinesh Naidu proposed the vote of thanks.congratulated the President and appreciated the way the Club The Club Assembly was adjourned after the National Anthem.Assembly was conducted. He especially commented on the good time

management. -Khushnoor Chugh


Yes friends. It was indeed a memorable moment for the whole District. Befitting the placards. The launch of –e learning for a occasion, the ceremony was not only grand, school, situated in a far off village was a new not only solemn, not only unique, it was an concept for the city. The keynote address and event, which was planned with precision and other speeches were all short and crisp.shall be remembered in the years to come.

Time was maintained all through and the Keeping time and maintaining protocol, the

whole ceremony had a sanctity to it. Amidst pin decorum of the occasion, continued all

drop silence the District Governor took charge. through the morning. A beautifully coordinated th The Rotary Wheel had turned a full circle.July 6 shall be earmarked in the history of and synchronized dance performance by local

Rotary. Not only in District 3030 but Rotary For the Rotary Club of Nagpur, this installation talent and an invocation song by a R. Ann. International as well. The District Governor had a special significance as for the first time in made an excellent start to the function.was installed for the first time with the sitting RI our history a lady president was at the Followed by a pageantry, wherein the

helm.Viva Tauby ! Viva Kalyan !President, personally witnessing the presidents of all the clubs of Nagpur, walked ceremony. -Majnu Shahanionto the dais carrying meaningful slogans on

st Mrs Namita Singhvi, mother of Dr.Rajesh and At the regular meeting of the Club on 21 July, Tushar, handed over the scholarships to 2011, scholarships were distributed to 8 Rupali Balpande, Asha Vahane, Karishma academically brilliant girl students – 4 each Kolhe and Heena Qureishi from Utkrushta from the Vivekananda Convent and Utkrushta Vidyalaya and Komal Jawane, Sakshi Paraye, Vidyalaya, Pandhurna. These students who Chetna Gautam and Sapna Barange from had performed exceptionally in their annual

examinations of Standard VIII and IX were Vivekananda Convent, who had come all the recommended by their respective schools for way from Pandhurna along with their Principal the scholarship, the funds for which came from and teachers. President Tauby congratulated the earnings of the corpus of the R.C.Singhvi the students and wished them all the best for Memorial Scholarship Fund, donated by the their future endeavours to a generous round of Singhvi family of our own Rotarians Dr. Rajesh applause from all Rotarians present at the and Tushar Singhvi. meeting. -Sandip Dhodapkar

An orientation program was organized for the took a session on leadership and new team of Interactors at Udyog Bhavan at teamwork with the help of small stories.

th Environment committee. Namita presented 2.30pm on 14 July 16, 2011. There was a full The story of hare and turtle had few interesting the vote of thanks and boxes of snacks was house with 22 schools (a record number) twists. He also conducted the quiz with the

participating. Chairperson Shalini welcomed distributed to all the students and Teachers. help of Jumana and Nita Chandurkar. Children all the teachers, students and members. As a won some, lost some, but surprisingly they Advisor Renu, Director Sonia, Shalini, Madhu, goodwill gesture, President Tauby presented knew most of the answers. Namita, Shefali and Sonal Ajmera worked mementoes to the teachers. She briefed the

All this was followed by a prize distribution. hard for the success of this program. audience with little history and important Director Sonia announced the prizes and

projects taken up by Rotary. Sonal Singhvi had -Namita Sharmatrophy for Best installation went to Southpoint a very interesting Icebreaking session in which stSchool. As a Best Interact Teacher, 1 prize she made Interactors play few games and went to Mrs Anita Singh from Centre Point distributed chocolates on giving the right

ndSchool Wardhman nagar, 2 prize was given Ms Rashida Dalal from MSB Education Jt Sec. Khushnoor had a power point

rdInstitute while 3 prize went to Mrs Reena presentation outlining what is expected of from St. Ursula. Sonia also guided Interactors them as Interactors and guided them how to about Neem seed project taken up by go about their projects. PP Shabbir Shakir

The picturesque location of Orthodox donation camps. The students came in Seminary situated at Kalmeshwar was abuzz batches and the support staff could manage

rd the flow of donors easily. In all 38 units were with lot of activity on Saturday, 23 July. The collected. The teaching staff and the students annual blood donation camp was underway. were part of this wonderful camp.The students at the Seminary undergoing

training were more than excited and came Dr Ravi Wankhede and Parag Paranjpe were forward for the noble cause. It was one of the present during the camp.most disciplined and organised blood -Parag Paranjpe

Mrs Namita Singhvi handing scholarships

Interactors absorbing it allInteractors absorbing it all

Donors pose for a picture

Gopal Shiralkar being installedGopal Shiralkar being installed




BLOOD DONATION- St Thomas Orthodox Seminary, Kalmeshwar


th Raunak Shah, the son of our very own We thank him from the bottom of our hearts.The Thursday morning of 7 July was a President Elect Atul Shah. More Rotarians different morning for the Rotarians of our club. The intended collection was 67 units of blood, started arriving in different moods - some in On this day, one more page was added to the corresponding to the number of years since their jogging outfits, while some others with rich history of our club..… by way of inception of our club. However, the intention to rush to their respective offices installation of the first lady President, Rtn. enthusiastic Rotarians ensured that this figure directly from the venue. They had routines to is overshot and the tally finally stood at 85, Tauby Bhagwagar. The morning was also follow and businesses to conduct but their taking the total collection for this new RY to special, because 85 committed people, the commitment to this noble cause of donating 100. -Dr Sheela MundhadaRotarians with their spouses & children, had blood did not falter. The hall at the venue was

decided to celebrate this occasion by donating soon abuzz with Rotary family and the blood

blood.count was steadily progressing. Members

A tradition was continued and the venue for present at the venue telephoned those who this was Hotel Centre Point, Ramdaspeth. could donate and pulled in more donors. This has been so for several years now but the The incentive came in the form of delicious excitement and anticipation has never faded. sandwiches, variety of cookies, biscuits, tea The camp started at 8.00 AM and the first lot of and coffee. Micky Arora, the owner of Hotel members descended in the early hours. It Centre Point and our very own Rotarian, has was a joyous moment when the honour of always been generous to make this venue occupying the first chair was accepted by available to us and also to serve these snacks.

The new Rotary year for our club has begun was the other venue for the day for blood momentum picked up after noon and there th donation. St. Ursula GHS is another very were no vacant chairs left to be occupied for with a flurry of blood donation camps. 9 July

quite some time. Dr. Ravi Wankhede had few was marked with a record of sorts when our active participant institution associated with moments of respite from ensuring proper club organized three blood donation camps on our club and has been organizing a myriad of health (BP, Hb, etc.) of the intended donors. a single day……the spirit and enthusiasm programmes with us. Our own Rotarian, Family members, friends, salesmen and clearly evident. Rachna Singh is a master at this and she

thVCMDWA members thronged the 6 floor never misses an opportunity to work for the Following were the camps conducted :office for a noble cause. Secy Dinesh Naidu Rotary cause despite her engagements.1. ESMS at Butibori: ESMS is on a blood

st and Kirit Thakkar were also spotted on the This camp was organized for the parents of donation binge. After a camp on 1 July (first chairs donating. The collection at end of the the students and began at 9.00 AM. A camp of this RY) at their Nelco Society office, day stood at an impressive 70 units.noteworthy feature here was some students the second one was conducted in close

th The above camps were attended by. volunteering to direct unwilling parents to succession on 9 July at their Butibori facility. President Tauby, Chairpersons Shalini & donate blood. The collection here stood at 40 It seems the staff at ESMS is never weary of Prashant and a host of Rotarians. units.donating blood. Needless to mention, Rtn.

-Dr Sheela Mundhada3. Vidarbha Computers & Media Dealers' Nitin Deveshwar is the man behind this Welfare Association: This is yet another motivation. The camp started at nine in the

morning and the security staff was the prime organization which is a regular contributor to contributor to this. The security staff, our blood count. This was the first of many especially the new recruits coming from MP & camps conducted here throughout the year. Chattisgarh, are apprehensive with regards to Our very own Secretary, Dinesh Naidu is the the effects of blood donation. However, some force behind this. His never-say-die attitude on-the-spot education and coaxing saw them and unending energy and enthusiasm were forthcoming and the end of the camp saw a the cause behind this camp.collection of 44 units. The camp began at 11 in the morning and the 2. ST. URSULA GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL: This initial hour or two appeared dull. However,


The Rotary Year 2011-12 started off with a bang. The 4 Way Test was installed by President Tauby at the office of Nitin Deveshwar. Present on the occasion were PDG Vishwas Sahasrabhojanee, Chairpersons Manish Sanghavi & Vivek

Gupta, Director Parheez Gimi, Director Sheela Mundhada & members of the blood donation committee.

PDG Vishwas spoke on the the 4 Way Test. He explained to the staff and the Rotarians the ethics & the values behind the 24 worded code of conduct.


ESMS, St. Ursula, VCMDWA - 9th July

The donors are also smilingPDG Vishwas on the Four Way Test

Drawing first bloodDrawing first blood

It's a blood bathIt's a blood bath



INTERACT INSTALLATIONSrealized here that actions definitely speak Khushnoor, Sharukh, Shabbar, Renu Thapar, louder than words. The new team was

Installation of the Interact team was held at St. Namita Sharma, Archana & Rajeev Jhavery, installed with Aman Pasodiya as President thMichael School on 11 July, 2011. The and Shubham Besre as Vice President. Tauby, Shalini Naidu, Madhu Mrig, Dr. Nisreen, ceremony started with prayer and traditional in flawless Hindi, appreciated the work done

lighting of lamp. Master of ceremony Palash, Gurjeet and Shefali. -Namita Sharmaby them, especially the paper bags project. recited a beautiful poem 'Mehagaie' in Hindi

She narrated a story with moral 'Failure Is and welcomed President Tauby and all other

Pillar of Success'.Rotarians with Tulsi saplings. Outgoing

Dinesh Naidu informed the Interactors about president Rishekesh Bangre gave a brief the Neem seeds project and Rajeev account of all the activity undertaken by them distributed 400 seeds on the occasion. Brayan last year. He informed that they have stopped Desmon, proposed the vote of thanks and using plastic bags and Interactors have made everybody sang the National Anthem.bags from old newspaper and distributed to

local shop owners. All the Rotarians were also Present on this occasion were PP. Gulab presented the smartly made bags. We Mahant, Atul Shah, Sonia Khurana,


Installation of the Interact Club at MSB projects like making of greeting cards, Naidu. Also present were Chairpersons th collection of old clothes and books and use Namita Sharma, Madhu Mrig, Shabbar Shakir Education Society was held on 19 July, 2011.

and making paper bags from newspapers. , Nisreen Maimoon and Tushar Singhvi. President Tauby Bhagwagar and other Rotarians were warmly welcomed by Principal President Tauby narrated a short story, the -Shalini NaiduRazia Sultan. moral of which was - go ahead in life and you

can even achieve the impossible. The vote of The ceremony began with a prayer recited by thanks was proposed by Secretary Nafisa an Interactor. The Teacher-in-charge Mrs. Sunely. Rashida Dalal gave the welcome speech. The

report for the previous year's activity was Tushar Singhvi distributed Neem seeds to the given by the outgoing President. students followed by the National Anthem.After the installation of the office bearers by The dignitaries on the dais were President President Tauby, the acceptance speech was Tauby Bhagwagar, Principal Razia Sultan, given by the incoming president Mohammed Masool Janab, Director Sonia Khurana, Izzy wherein he promised to undertake Advisor Renu Thapar , Chairpersons Shalini


At the Installation ceremony of Modern Aditi promised to continue to do the good Naidu. - Shalini NaiduSchool, President Tauby Bhagwagar and work done by her predecessors. President fellow Rotarians were warmly welcomed by Tauby gave them a motivating speech after out going Interact President Apoorva Naidu which Nikhar proposed a vote of thanks.and her team. The Interactors had made and displayed The Installation ceremony began with a beautiful paper bags and envelopes from melodious prayer being sung by an Interactor. recycled paper which they presented to all Apoorva read out a detailed report of the work Rotarians. done by her team during the past year. The Present on the occasion were President new team of office bearers lead by Aditi Tauby, Dinesh, Sonia, Renu, Shalini Naidu, Upadya as President and Nikhar Banot as Namita Sharma, Madhu Mrig, Cyrus Secretary was installed by President Tauby. Watchmaker, Archana Javeri and Madhavi


The Interact Club of Centre Point School, by a motivational speech by the President.Wardhaman Nagar was installed on 21st of Cyrus Watchmaker distributed the neem July at 1:00 pm. After welcoming the guests seeds to the Interactors. The children were and the traditional lighting of the lamp the also given a very meaningful talk on Time outgoing president read out the report of Management by Aakash Agrawal. Those activities conducted during her tenure. present there included Sonia Khurana,

Khushnoor Chugh, Shabbar Shakir, Renu President Tauby Bhagwagar installed the new Thapar, Namita Sharma, Shalini Naidu, team of office bearers comprising of Madhu Mrig and Mamta JaiswalPresident-Anando Ghosh and Secretary,

Shreya Khare. The installation was followed -Madhu Mrig



INTERACT INSTALLATIONS And said that she would continue to do the Chairperson Shalini Naidu. Also present were good work done by her predecessor - saying President Elect Atul Shah, Shefali Shah, no to plastic bags and donating old books and Chairpersons Namita Sharma and Madhu The installation ceremony at Southpoint clothes to the needy. Mrig, Amitabha Sharma, Cyrus Watchmaker School, began with a prayer sung by the

and Shibu Matthew. President Tauby congratulated the outgoing school choir, after which the outgoing President Reena Nagare and asked the new -Shalini Naidu President Reena Nagare read out a report of team to plan to go ahead in life. She told them, all the good work done by her team during the "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail". She also past year. She said her team, "Worked with the told the children to sow the seeds of love Ideals of Service". wherever they go.The installation of the new office bearers was The dignitaries present on the dais were - done by President Tauby. Ms. Mansi Pakhale President Tauby Bhagwagar, Naushad was installed as President and Ms. Aasawari Bhagwagar, Secretary Dinesh Naidu, Director Humme as Secretary. Mansi Pakhale said in Sonia Khurana, Director of Southpoint School her acceptance speech that, "Happiness Devdutta Dasture, Advisor Renu Thapar and depends on what we give, not what we get".

Installation of Interact team was held at Qidwai of labourers. She encouraged them to have a thHigh School on 26 July, 2011. The ceremony target in their life and narrated a small story

started with versus from the Koran at 3.00 pm with the moral 'You get back what you give'. and lasted for an hour. Outgoing president Secretary Nazia proposed the formal vote of Nargis gave a brief account of all the activity thanks. President Tauby, Director Sonia, undertaken by them last year . The new team

Advisor Renu, Chairperson Namita, Joint was inducted with Arzoo Begum as President

Secy Khushnoor , Dr. Rafat Khan, Shalini and and Mohd Nadeem as Vice President. Madhu were present on this occasion.President Tauby appreciated the work done by

them, especially that of teaching the children -Namita Sharma

In a ceremony, full of energy and vigour, President Tauby congratulated the Interactors the environment program. The ceremony installation of the new Interact team was held for all the good work and encouraged them to ended with national Anthem.It was attended

th help the needy and to be sensitive to other by Shalini Naidu, Madhu Mrig, Jumana, at Wonderland School on 25 July 26, 2011. people's feelings. She narrated a very Shefalii Shah, Mamta Jaiswal, Shabbar, President Tauby and fellow Rotarians were emotional story on the importance of Neeta Gupta and Inderjeet .escorted by the school band. President Tauby, relationships.President Elect Atul Shah, Secy Dinesh , Namita Sharma

Director Sonia , Advisor Renu, Chairperson School Director Rtn Gurjeet Kaur handed over Namita and other Rotarians were welcomed the money collected by selling Rakis and blank with Neem saplings. Outgoing President, pages from last year notebook. She also Pravesh Raghwani thanked Rotary for informed that the Interactor have collected Rs awarding them the Best Interact school trophy 1,200 as sun shine amount, which will be used last year. He presented a report of their to conduct some charity project in the coming activities in the previous year. The new team year.was installed by President Tauby. A promising On this occasion Rtn Cyrus Watchmaker team of President Sakshi Tekam and Vice distributed 500 seeds to the children as part of president Manthan Diwate were inducted.




Installation of the new team of Interact was team will continue the good work. She Chairperson Namita, Shalini Naidu, Tushar thheld on 28 July, 2011. The ceremony started encouraged Intractors to be compassionate Singhvi and Sachin Paliwal .

with prayer and lighting of lamp. Outgoing and narrated a short story which says, WITH -Namita Sharmapresident Shangpal Wasnik gave a brief EVERY LITTLE HELP GOD WILL SHOWER account of all the activities undertaken by YOU WITH LOTS .them last year. He informed that they have Tushar informed the interactors about the stopped using plastic bags and Intractors

Neem seeds project and distributed 500 seeds have made bags from old newspapers and

on the occasion. Secretary Brayan Desmon distributed to local shop owners. The new

presented the vote of thanks and everybody team was installed, with Shewata Bais as sang the National Anthem.President and Shobhit Potpode as Vice Present on the occassion were President President. President Tauby, congratulated the Tauby, Secretary Dinesh, Director Sonia, last year's team and expected that the new



promising team of President Amisha Turkel On this occasion Rtn Rajiv and Tushar and Vice president Sonali Irpach were distributed 1,500 Neem seeds to the children

In a well coordinated and beautiful ceremony, inducted. They all took the oath. President as part of the environment programme.the first Interact installation of the year was Tauby in her short and crisp speech th Dir. Dr. Sheela Mundhada and Shalini Gupta held at St. Ursula Girls High School on 9 July encouraged the children and narrated a story organized a blood donation camp in which 2011.The ceremony started at 9:00am and with a moral 'we get back what we give out'.

teachers & parents took part enthuastically. lasted for an hour.Atul Shah conducted a session on Career This ceremony was well attended.President Tauby and other Rotarians were guidance while Nilofer spoke on stress

escorted by NCC, Bluebird, Guide and RSP. -Namita Sharmamanagement.Interactors sang 'there shall be shower of blessing' and read versus from Bible on wisdom. School principal Rachna Singh welcomed President Tauby, IPP Ganesh, Sec Dinesh, Director Sonia, Advisor Renu, Chairperson Namita and other Rotarians. President of Interact Club 2010 – 11 presented a report on their activities of the previous year. The school band escorted the new team 2011 – 12 and was pinned by President Tauby. A



The Interact Club of Jain International School new team and told them the importance of was installed on the 16th of July. After the floral community service. welcome and traditional lighting of the lamp, Shilpa Jaitha distributed neem seeds to the the school prayer was recited. children. A formal vote of thanks was proposed

by Yesheshwini Ojha. Those present included The outgoing President gave a detailed report President Tauby Bhagwagar, Secretary on the activities conducted last year. President Dinesh Naidu, Advisor Renu Thapar, Director Tauby Bhagwagar installed the new team of Sonia Khurana, Nisreen Maimoon, Shahrukh office bearers comprising of President Purvi Cassad, Shilpa Jaitha, Mamta Jaiswal and Agrawal and Secretary Yesheshwini Ojha. In a

motivational speech, Tauby congratulated the -Namita Sharma


B. V. M. - SRI KRISHNA NAGAR The Installation Ceremony of the Interact to the Interactors with a story, the moral of Club, of B.V.M Sri Krishna branch was held on which was "get your priorities right! Whether

th its duty, service or studies ." The dignitaries on July 15 . The ceremony started with the and off the dais were presented with neem lighting of the traditional lamp by President saplings.Tauby, which was followed by the school

prayer. Present on this occassion were President Tauby, Secretary Dinesh, Directos Sonia, The outgoing Interact President read out a Advisor Renu, Chairpersons Shalini , Namita report of the work done the previous year. The and Madhu , and Mamta Jaiswal. swearing- in ceremony was short and sweet,

and the Interactors were sworn in to the beat of After the ceremony Vice Principal Mrs Iyengar the traditional drums. . served the visiting Rotarians 'high tea', after President Tauby gave a motivational speech which all departed. -Shalini Naidu


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22nd of July witnessed a combined installation Secretary- Brushra Pinjani. Sohil Khan The confidence shown by the children was of three schools- Jamali English School, became the President Husamiyah Boys amazing as they laced their speeches with Husamiyah Boys School and Husamiyah Girls School and Ikram Ansari, the Secretary. The

touching sher-shairi. Amitabha Sharma of the School. After welcoming the guests, the President of Husamiyah Girls School is Taha

Green City Committee distributed neem outgoing Presidents of all the three schools Sabahat and the Secretary, Sumaya Tehseen. read out reports of activities carried out during seeds. Those present included Director Sonia In her motivational speech President Tauby their tenure. told the children that apart from concentrating Khurana, Advisor Renu Thapar, Shabbar

on studies they should also be aware of the President Tauby installed the office bearers of Shakir, Shalini Naidu, Namita Sharma and happenings in their surroundings, and that the Interact Clubs of these three schools. The

Mamta Jaiswal.Interact Team of Jamali English School being a part of Interact sows the seeds of comprised of President- Mariyan Memon and service in young minds. -Madhu Mrig



The Interact team of St. Xaviers was installed mentioned the sale on 27th July. A school choir in harmony of paper bags at welcomed the Rotarians. The traditional lamp the station, which was lit by President Tauby Bhagwagar. In his w a s a m a j o r report, outgoing president Yash Chauhan acitivity. The new

team of Interact c o m p r i s i n g o f P r e s i d e n t Aradhana Shirde

Secretary N. S. Sharvani proposed the vote of and Secretary N.S. Sharvani was installed by

thanks. Those present included President Rtn. Tauby Bhagwagar. In her motivational

Tauby Bhagwagar, Secretary Dinesh Naidu, speech Tauby Bhagwagar told the children

Directors Sonia Khurana and Khushnoor that being aware of their surroundings is

Chugh, Advisor Renu Thapar, Shalini Naidu important and that we should not draw any

and Namita Sharma.conclusions unless we are aware of all facts.

-Madhu Mrig



A Trousseau and gifts were organized and donated on the occasion of the marriage of the daughter of Mr Pawar, the driver of Mrs

thAnita Kakkar. On 6 July, one full Stainless Steel Dinner Set and other useful bed linen, Saris, Pressure Cooker etc. were given away. Neeru Bhatia through her friends was instrumental in organising the material needed.

Mrs. Anita Kakkar appreciated the efforts of the Rotary Club of Nagpur. Snacks and tea were provided by Mrs. Anita Kakkar. Present on the occasion were President Tauby Bhagwagar, Director Shahrukh Casssad, Chairperson Community Service Hemant Jaitha, PP Rajan Bhatia and Neeru Bhatia.



COMMUNITY WELFARE & TREE PLANTATION AT RIGNABODIJust 40 Kms on the Nagpur Mumbai Highway , uniforms, shoes, socks, school bags, note Padma Mahant, Sharad and Sadhana Paliwal, tucked away behind soya fields & gentle hills is books, stationery, pencil boxes to all the village Anita Jain and Shabbar Shakir were also village Ringnabodi - a very small, ordinary school students for the next academic year. On present. Village Panchayat members & the

thvillage with a few houses & one govt school. school teachers thanked Anita Jain and the 13 July Rt Ann Anita Jain fulfilled her But this non descript village has the good Rotary Club of Nagpur for their generousity. commitment. It is worth mentioning that Anita fortune of having a Rotarian owned farm. PDG Jain donated ALL the distributed items from her The project was followed by High Tea & snacks Vishwas's farm adjoins this village & receives personal funds. She took the effort of at PDG Vishwas's beautiful farm. his goodwill & support. Rotarian Pramod & his purchasing the uniform sets, shoes etc, -Naushad Bhagwagarwife Anita Jain were so impressed with village arranging it size wise, & personally again Ringnabodi's little school during a project last purchasing the books & other stationery items year that they pledged to distribute school keeping in mind use & utility. A fine example of a

member's commitment & desire to serve society by personal involvement!!!

Community Welfare Commitee Chairperson Deodutta Dasture provided the required support along with PDG Vishwas in organising the Distribution project. Green City Commitee undertook sapling plantation within the school premises. President Tauby, Secretary Dinesh , Ganesh and Asha Joshi, Sunil & Renu Thapar,



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What a spread!!!What a spread!!!

Neeru Bhatia is the good SamaritanNeeru Bhatia is the good Samaritan

PDG Vishwas on his home turfPDG Vishwas on his home turf Young hands digging deepYoung hands digging deep

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One of the longest running service projects to make garlands which could be sold outside Mirg,( Interact Committee), Director Rtn. undertaken by our club for over 30 years, the temples for idol worship. A 4 way Test Board Shahrukh Cassad Director (Service II Non

th was also installed at the newly constructed Medical), Director( Service Medical ), Dr. multi committee project held on Sunday 17 room at the school by our efficient Indrajeet Mulik & Chairpersons Dr. Prashant July at the Sevanand High School, Mahadula chairpersons Vivek Gupta and Manish Chudhary, Dr Shailendra Mundhada, Dr Koradi was a huge success. The weather Sanghavi. Sameer Jahagirdar, Director Phareez Gimi & Gods also cooperated & the bright sunny

Chairperson Sadhana Paliwal ( Vocational Sunday morning began at 9 AM sharp with the A talk on career Guidance was given to the X Training) Chairperson Manish Sanghavi & installation of the Interact Club. Neha Rathod STD students by Atul Shah. Girl students were Vivek Gupta( 4 Way Test) Chairperson Cyrus and Tejasvini Chavhan were installed as given a talk on Adolescent health and hygiene Watchmaker and Tushar Singhvi (Green City). President and Secretary respectively by Dr. Vandana Hazra. Members & spouses actively participated and .President Tauby addressed the students & The Health Check up camp was a boon to the

impressed upon them that while the Rotary lent a hand. -Naushad Bhagwagarstudents. A thorough check up was conducted Club was ever willing to be involved & help, it by Rotary Doctors supported by medical was the students' responsibility to work hard & teams from IGMC, Advanced Dental Clinic & sincerely to reciprocate what the club did for Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank. Every student was them. Note books and Sports Items were checked for Dental, Eyes, General health & handed over kind courtesy Rtn. Wijay Chitaley advised accordingly. De-worming doses and and Interact Club of Modern School Vitamin supplements were administered to all. respectively. Uniforms, Text books and Blood samples were also collected for compass boxes were also distributed. grouping & tests from over 150 children. The Green city and Pollution control The afternoon ended up with fellowship and a committee distributed Neem Seeds along with sumptuous lunch at Padmaraj lawns. There sapling pouches & posters. The students were was healthy interaction with Doctors, the asked to plant the seed, grow & care for the medical teams and committee chairpersons

thneem saplings & on 13 November return the on how to further add value to such projects in saplings which would be collected by our club. the future. All students who return saplings will get a gift Such a mega project would not be possible hamper. Tree plantation was also conducted in without the dedication & efforts of our Project the school premises. Co-ordinator Shabbar Shakir and his team of Sadhana Paliwal conducted a very interesting Directors & Chairpersons. Credit goes to vocational training session in which the girl Director Sonia Khurana, Chairperson Madhu students were given a demonstration on how




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To inculcate awareness of environment saplings. President Tauby Bhagwagar encouraged and motivated the children and protection and love for trees, the Slum

Director Shahrukh Cassad and Chairpersons also told them the value of neem tree. The Development Committee along with Green Smita Chaubey, Bhavana Kalra, Neerja children were also told to return back the City and Pollution Control Committees

saplings on the 13th November. The response Shukul and Ragini Sahu put in their best distributed neem seeds in four slums on 12th & from all four slums was overwhelming and 13th July. The idea of sowing neem seeds and efforts to make this programme a successnearly 250 seeds were distributed.nurturing them till sapling level created a lot of -Ragini Sahu

interest not only amongst slum children but also the adults. On 12th July, neem seeds were distributed in Indora and Adivasi Nagar. On 13th, the distribution was held in Panchpaoli and Marium Nagar.The children heartily welcomed the Rotarians by singing 'Hum Honge Kamiyab'. Dinesh Naidu and Tushar Singhvi demonstrated and explained how to plant the seeds and take care of the


It won't probably be a Guinness Record, but it Waste Management Centre at Butibori, a very was an unusual experience to see 70 saplings impressive & Hi Tech facility operated by the planted simultaneously at a command. These Sancheti Group. Saplings were thereafter were the trainee guards of ESMS planting planted at various other industries owned by saplings on their parade ground at MIDC Rotarians - Meenakshi Re rollers of Rtn Nikhil Butibori. This was part of the mega Tree Bansal, ESMS of Rtn Nitin Deveshwar & Plantation project conducted by our Club's Sanghvi Machineries Ltd of Rtn Manish Green City & Pollution Control Committee on Sanghvi. The 4 way test Board was also Sunday the 3rd July in association with the installed at the above premises.Butibori Manufacturer's Association (BMA). The members present were President Tauby, 5000 saplings procured by our Club were Hon. Sec. Dinesh, Director Dr. Sheela and distributed for planting in the area. The Parheez, Chairpersons Rajeev Jhavery, impressive function had NIT Chairman Cyrus, Manish Sanghvi and Vivek Gupta, Praveen Darade as the Chief Guest. Treasurer Mahendra, Mita Joglekar and Welcoming Mr Darade, members of the BMA & Naushad. A well conducted & attended project emphasised that planting the saplings was just the assembled Rotarians, President Tauby which will surely benefit future generations!!a beginning. Caring, nurturing and taking

proper care & maintenance to ensure that the planted saplings blossomed into healthy trees was important. Rotary Club of Nagpur would revisit the plantation sites to monitor the progress. NIT Chairman commended BMA & the Club for this effort & exhorted the industrialists present to give back to the environment & also to the society at large. The 4 way Test Board was inaugurated at the BMA office by Mr Darade & President Tauby.

Saplings were planted by Mr Darade, Rotarians & BMA officials at the Hazardous





Sec Dinesh is surroundedSec Dinesh is surrounded Ragini and Parag give a demoRagini and Parag give a demo

NIT Chairman Mr Pravin does the honoursNIT Chairman Mr Pravin does the honours Salutations!!!!Salutations!!!!


Neighbour's envy, owners pride- "Congratulations and celebrations, we want this is how I had labeled Tauby the world to know we're as happy as can be---"Bhagwagar in my first interview Right now, President Taubenda Bhagwagar is

of her about 6 years ago. Well, she is in that peculiar mixed state that oscillates still at it - making the neighbors more and more between euphoria and jitters - “aaj mein oopar, envious and the owners more and more proud. asman neeche, aaj mein aage, zamana hein Born to Homi and Rustom Cyrusi (late) on peeche. Tell me, oh Khuda, ab mein kya 15/5/1965 in Bombay, little did the proud karoon?” But as the old cliché goes- when the parents know the destiny that awaited their going gets tough, the tough get going. I am little bundle of joy, their 2nd child, younger do not think it should be to difficult a task- sure Tauby will get through this year with all sister to Keyan. Educated in Bombay, Tauby sails in full mast and believe me folks, she is C'mon all ye honorable Rotarians, take this up was in Nagpur for a holiday when she not going to rest on her laurels. I see some dim as a personal challenge- who knows , we mayhappened to meet Naushad Bhagwagar outline of the first lady D.G. from our club, too! not even need Udyog Bhavan!through mutual friends. Cupid struck, and the Life was good to Tauby; she was content, as

As president, Tauby does not want to be pit on rest of course, is history. They both got married her kids used to tease her with "mom's bakery a pedestal and wishes to continue as before-and are now mumma and papa to Cherag (18) and rotary”. She would always tell Naushad taking all jobs- old, new good, bad, she isstudying Mech. Engg. at M.I.T. Pune and that if she were ever to be asked to become simply not the sort to isolate herself, she is a Arman (16) who is in the 12th std at Modern President, she would resign from Rotary. Then

High School, Nagpur. team worker. She will definitely push, came the providential phone call from Shiraz Gimi saying that the nomination committee motivate, yet will give all her directors a free Ever since I have known Tauby, the one thing was putting in her name for president and she that has bewildered, stupefied and amazed hand as she believes a leader leads not by had exactly 30 mins to accept or decline. One me are her time-management skills! She is demanding but commanding respect, and simple remark from Naushad- till when will you virtually a human dynamo, playing the role of respect comes when you lead by example you go on refusing? Might as well get it over with, wife, daughter-in-law, daughter, mother, have to work hard to get others to wok for you. then quips Arman-"mom, it's not like you can businessperson, relative, friend and Rotarian- She is a bit bemused by all the ho-halla about study for me" and in THAT 'moment of and has excelled in all of the above. Despite all

being the first Lady President. As Keyan and weakness' as she calls it, she said YES. Well that she has achieved she does not even Tauby were both brought up like sons, she Tauby, your moment of weakness has become seem to realize this-no attitude, no martyr basically feels that men and women are our moment of strength.types. In fact she gives all the credit to her equals in every way it is only opportunities and parents, for their upbringing, her husband for The President has many things on her agenda circumstances that differ. Naushad, Prince his eternal love and support, doting in-laws and only one year to complete them. First, she

Dilnawaz and Edul Bhagwagar, co- operation wants to take on one big project that makes an Consort has given himself the dubious tittle of of sons Cherag and Arman and constant impact on many lives for many years to come, First Lord-quite a good idea though-it would encouragement of friends and various instead of innumerable small projects that hardly sound good to cal l him anRotarians. Honestly, when one talks to her, reach out to only a limited few. She does not 'Anna', and will be fully involved with Tauby in she seems totally oblivious to the fact that it is mean to undermine the ongoing projects but the discharge of her duties as President. So, her own grit and determination which has simply feels that with so many members and

Madam President, I sign of with a Namaste brought her where she is today. Owner of years of experience behind us, our club is now

and adaab to you-good luck, good wishes and brand name 'Taubys' which manufactures and on the brink of greater humanitarian activities. good support from all of us. Truly, the hand that markets cakes and confectioneries through Secondly, she must, in her tenure, open an rocks the cradle, rules the world-and that isoutlets all over the city, she has added another office which belongs to the club, we must have what separates a man from a woman!feather to her cap, the royale icing on the cake- an address which does not change every year.

the First Lady President of The Rotary Club of Being the senior most club of the city, with all -Jyoti GoenkaNagpur, District3030, in 67 years!!!!! the towns movers and shakers as members, I




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A diagnostic camp was held at the Swami Vivekanandan Mission Khapri for school children on wednesday 20th July. Medicines were also distributed to the children. The doctors who attended the camp were Dr. Hazra, Dr.Indrajeet Mulik and Dr.Dipak Deshmukh. Pres. Tauby and Sec. Dinesh were also present At the camp site. Dr.Indrajeet Mulik



Vocational Training Committee organised a Anniversaries to our club members round workshop for inmates and teachers of Matru the year. The card making was taught by institute praised the venture and the initiative Seva Sanghs School for Mentally Retarded Sadhana Paliwal. The Workshop was graced

taken by Rotary Club of Nagpur and the (Nandanvan Durbal Manask Mulanchi Shala, with the presence of President Tauby

th chairperson of the Vocational Training Bhagwagar, Kanak Bhargav and Sharad Sitabuldi Unit) on 27 July 2011 at 12 PM. Committee Sadhana Paliwal.Paliwal. Mrs. Chate, The principal of the They were trained to bulk manufacture

Greeting Cards using very simple methods and affordable material.

In about an hour and half they were taught and also made to produce around 50 Cards in Beautiful designs and colours. The inmates were motivated to make these cards and the joy of satisfaction over their own creativity was overfwhelming.

An order for 1000 Cards was also placed on the Institution by our Club. These Cards will be ut i l ised for wish ing Bi r thdays and


Teaching the art of making cards

As a followup of visit of Mr. Anand Kumar of Saraswati Vidyalaya, Nagpur. Unfortunately Super 30 fame to Nagpur on invitation of none could qualify for the second round of Rotary Club of Nagpur on 4th June 2011, Mr. personal interview. Rotary Club of Nagpur will Kumar has now added Nagpur in the list of continue liaison with Mr. Anand Kumar and Examination Centers for the world famous & see better publicity is given so that more prestigious examination to his Super 30 children appear for the examination in future. Ramanujan School of Mathematics at Patna.

Coincidental Master Navjot Mundhra of Candidates qualifying in this examination are

Gondia was selected by Mr. Anand Kumar on a called for a personal interview at Patna.

personal interview in Nagpur and has asked Preference is given to economically poor Navjot to join his school in the 2013 batch.candidates. This being the first year 10

students appeared for the examination held at -Dr. Ravi Wankhede


Under the watchful eye of Dr Ravi Wankhede



A great beginning is work half done, compli- became a changed person and made so many mented Pres. Tauby to Chairperson Anula new friends. Alok Goenka mentioned that the Goenka during dinner at the first Take Rotary sense of satisfaction he derives from a Rotary Home held at Viju & Madhavi Naidu's home. A project is terrific. Sharad Bhave said that at judicious blend of new and old members, age 65plus Rotary colours his live and still youngsters and seniors; the quiet and the loud makes it meaningful.made this event happy and enjoyable. The

With an attendance of 30, the first TRH was a essence of TRH concept was on display as

great success, as always the food was members and their spouses warmed up to delicious, the games enjoyable, the each other, shared their Rotary experiences conversation interesting and complements to and how much satisfaction and purpose the Chairpersons as the hosts for putting Rotary brought into their lives. This was best together such an memorable evening.exemplified by a candid Parul Shah sharing

that after joining Rotary, her husband Raj - Naushad BhagwagarIt's bad to point fingers...



and Veenita Pasari. Atul Shah


1.ROSHNI DOSHI AWARD FOR BEST Kirit Joshi, for adding a new dimension to COMMUNITY SERVICE):ROTARACTOR: career guidance and procuring sponsorships Ravi Wankhede , Parag Paranjape, Dipesh Ms Jagruti Pakhode of Sadabai Raisoni Ajmera, Rajeev Javery , Manish Sanghvi , Sanjay Bhargava, for WalkathonCollege. Rahul Chaudhary & Nisreen Maimoon. Manjotsingh Kahai & Parheez Gimi for inter-2. LATE PP JAL P GIMI AWARD FOR THE 8. PP ASPI & MEHRU BAPUNA TROPHY

school footballBEST INTERACT SCHOOL: FOR THE BEST CHAIRPERSON (IN Wonderland School Dr Rajesh Singhania, Romesh Batra, Cyrus COMMUNITY SERVICE):3. U B NAIR TROPHY FOR THE BEST Watchmaker for our Hemalkasa ProjectRajiv Behal, Manish Bhati, Jatin Sampat, ROTARY ANN (LESS THAN 3 YEARS Ashish Mehadia, Mahendra Kamath. Rita Sohrab Kanga, for his design inputs and STANDING): Bhargava & Divya Dass.

International Food Fest Archana Jhavery and Sonal Ajmera. 9. R D MOHTA SHIELD FOR BEST Neeta Gupta, Vrinda Rathi for International 4.PP LATE H J THAKKAR AWARD FOR DIRECTOR: Food FestBEST ROTARY ANN (MORE THAN 3 Prashant Kale and Deodutta Dasture.

YEARS STANDING): 10. PDG C N CHARI AWARD FOR THE Sangita Parekh, Timy Bawa, Nilufer Rana for Neeta Singh, Shefali Shah, Neeru Bhatia & BEST LADY ROTARIAN: Take Rotary HomeSadhana Paliwal. Smita Bhargava. Sonia Khurana, for Youth Festival5. PDG S V SULE TROPHY FOR THE 11. PP SATI KHANNA AWARD FOR

Pinky Batra for her contribution towards New BEST ROTARY COUPLE (MORE THAN 3 OUTSTANDING ROTARIAN (OTHER THAN YEARS STANDING): Generation.CHAIRPERSON): Sunil and Manju Bhatia … and Vipul and Dinesh Naidu and Dr.Rajesh Singhvi Sanjay Sethi &Gogi Bhasin for Blood Shalini Gupta.


Bharat Parekh for Vocational Excellence THE BEST ROTARY COUPLE (LESS SAHASRABHOJANEE FOR THE THAN 3 YEARS STANDING): awards.OUTSTANDING ROTARIAN OF THE Rakhi and Vishal Bhatia … and Shridhar YEAR: Atmika Kapoor for Event Management.

AWARDS 2010-11

AV MARKETING3rd Floor, NMC Complex, Sadar Nagpur Tel.: 5613472, 2584322.


ICADSchool of Learning9823053000


Omi Bhandari, the outgoing President of the where she outlined the details of the work overcome weaknesses.Interact club of CDS, read out her report, done by her team during 2010-2011 like Ajinkya Kajrekar promised to carry out his

visiting slum areas, orphanages, old aged duties to the best of his abilities. The vote of

homes, distributing paper bags in near by thanks was proposed by Ketki Gaanu.stores and conduct ing c lasses for

underprivileged children not going to school. Present on the occssion were Sec. Dinesh

The installation of the new office bearers with Naidu , Principal of CDS Kenith Mendosa, Ajinkya Kajrekar as President and Ketki Director Sonia Khurana, Advisor Renu Gaanu as Secretary was done by President Thapar, Chairpersons Shalini Naidu, Namita Tauby. President Tauby urged the new team to

Sharma and Madhu Mrig and Reema Sial.take up good projects and followed it with a -Shalini Naidusmall story, the moral of which was to

motivational speech, Tauby emphasized on Mansukhani.the fact that Interact, apart from helping in The Interact Team of Centre Point School, -Madhu Mrigpersonality development, also sows the Katol Road was installed on 29th July in the seeds of community service in young minds. school auditorium. The installation began with She also mentioned that being sensitive to the lighting of the traditional lamp and a prayer people around us is important. Cyrus

sung by the school choir. Outgoing President Watchmaker distributed the neem seeds.

Kashv i Mansukhan i ' s speech was Secretary Gurbani Kaur proposed the vote of

accompanied by an impressive powerpoint thanks. Those present included President presentation. The new team of Interact Tauby Bhagwagar, Secretary Dinesh Naidu, headed by President Kaavash Bahl and Director Sonia Khurana, Advisor Renu Secretary Gurbani Kaur was installed by Thapar, Cyrus Watchmaker, Shalini Naidu, President Tauby Bhagwagar. In her Namita Sharma, Sonal Ajmera and Varsha






MOBILE : 982223923




RTN HEMANT DOSHI : 9370921412







GO: How does it feel to be the Rotary many other Clubs in the country. Nagpur is an admire the most about her?International President? increasingly important city. It has the benefits Kalyan : She is ex t remely s imple ,

of a bigger city but the charm of a small town. I Kalyan: Of course it does feel good, but most straightforward and integrity is very important enjoy coming here.of the time it feels like any other day at the RI to her. She does not demand for anything… I

headquarters… at the RI job. have to fight with her to even buy her a piece of GO: If there is any one phase or aspect that could/would change in your life what GO: How is it to move bag and baggage and

would it be?live for a year in Chicago… away from your GO: We have a lady President for the 1st time Kalyan: That's a tough question… but I guess home in India? in the history of our Club… what is your opinion I have to say that I am happy with the way my on women in Rotary?Kalyan: It is very interesting, and even small life has been. I've never said… 'why has this unusual things that happen make it very Kalyan: They are better than men in many happened to me?', never. Experiences are different to what we are used to in India. Like ways. More reliable, they work with more what makes the person the way he is.the other day, there was a huge snowfall …the sincerity, they are more sensitive towards a lot

entire Rotary Headquarters was shut and we of issues. Everyone may not openly say this… GO: If you had to describe yourself in one were stranded inside for a day. I do miss India but this is what I feel.word… what would it be?and am always happy when I get a chance to Before RIP Kalyan could come up with an GO: What in your opinion is India's bane and come here. It is a great honour to be the RI answer... PDG Satish Sule came up with the India's boon?President and have asked for it… so my focus perfect answer to this question… he said the Kalyan: India's boon is its traditions and at the moment is on my job. word is “Kalyan” and was born for the Kalyan culture. The philosophy of India makes it a

of the world.GO: Now that you spoke about 'focus'… is very tolerant country. India's bane is its there any particular thrust area that you would 'integrity' – or the lack of it.GO: What is your 'mantra'? How is that you like to concentrate on this year especially in can manage both your work and rotary so GO: On a lighter vein… the last question… If India? beautifully? you were stranded on an island, who would Kalyan: Polio eradication is the main focus Kalyan: If you enjoy doing what you are you want for company ?area in India and other regions… there is no doing… you will always find time. Time is Kalyan: (all smiles) I will be giving you a very particular agenda for India, but concentrate on never the issue, managing time is the issue. If boring answer… I would like two “B's” with me. a whole to help make this world a better and your heart is in it… then everything is possible. Binota my wife and Books. happier place. We are looking forward to the I love Rotary and here I am as President…

-Madhavi Naiduconvention in Bangkok and would be happy to what more can I ask for?see maximum participation from our country.

GO: If and when you do find GO: What are the five most important things time to relax… where in your life that you cannot do without? would you like to go for a Kalyan: In this job one cannot sustain if you holiday?start missing things… so now I am used to Kalyan: I love going to the doing without things… one of the things that I mountains…I like going to do like is drinking tea. But then again, I can do M a n a l i . I f i n d t h e without it. experience very relaxing

and peaceful. GO: Your views about the Rotary Club of Nagpur… GO: Binota, your wife has Kalyan: Your Club has been doing some good been with you throughout solid work… it can work as a good example for your journey… what do you

Cometh the hour … cometh the man! Just at a time when India is at the forefront of most things in Rotary, we have an Indian RI President. A man who is typically Indian in his soft-spoken manner, confident image, eloquent speech and clear thought. RIP Kalyan Banerjee spoke to GO in his maiden visit to the city after donning the mantle of RI President. His succinct answers to our questions prove that he is the right man for the main job at the right time.

Read on for an alag angle on Kalyanda…


RIP Kalyan finds the food interesting














BY ANUKARAN : 9822928648

as they are – life will be more peaceful. The first correct entry received will win a

4. One of the best ways of having cordial p r i z e … … … … . A l w a y s r e m e m b e r relations with them – accept your mistakes. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY” so crack

5. Remember friends……….Perfect Parents this one yourselfDear Children, do not exist and neither do Perfect Children Want to impress friends – here is a quick oneWelcome to FREE-DOM(AIN). – and that's what we call a family.

This is your territory – your domain. 6. The best way to advise parents is by giving QUICK COOKINGFreeom is the most cherished thing for a them what they want.

human being and especially children……. And l packet Monaco biscuits7. All parents behave as well as they are along with freedom if we are given a cheese spreadtreateddomain…an area…to express ourselves, be

8. Finally, God could not be every where so salt and pepper powder to tasteourselves, and do what we want to….. then

he created parents. tomato sauce the Freedom is heavenly.Spread cheese spread on the biscuits So, here, together U and I will share our

HUMOROUS ONE-LINERS evenly….. sprinkle some pepper powder over freedom with lot's of activity and matter to feed and also entertain ourselves. Principal: I heard you missed school yesterday this….. be careful about the salt as the biscuit

is already salty and so is the cheese So, put your pen to paper…..hmmm…better Student: Not a bit, sir.still tap your fingers on the keyboard of your spread…… take a drop of tomato or chilli What is the difference between chopped meat computers and give wings to your thoughts in and pea soup? sauce and put in the centre of the biscuit…… the form of stories, poems and even drawings Everyone can chop meat but not everyone can and use some green coriander from Mama's and e-mail them to [email protected] pea soup. refrigerator to put on the sauce to give color. I want to see your creative stories that Serve in a platter……..Your friends are going integrate jokes and funny moments…………

to love this snack and you definitely will have BRAIN TEASERSlet's together put a smile on everyone's faces.the elders asking for more.An ant who can't play the piano discordantTogether we shall make the best use of the Please send in short letters addressed to Lord An ant who is good at maths accountantFree-dom(main) granted to us on this page by Krishna on his birthday i.e. Janamashtmi. Where do ants go to eat restaurantRotary.The best letter will be published and of course what do you call a smart ant elegantAll set to enjoy Free-dom(main) with given a prize. Make it S3(short,sweet,simple).you……………Sangeeta Aunty 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Now tell me the time Entries to all categories must have your name, Ten to onecontact nos. and your age.What does a cat have that no other animal has THE ART OF PARENTING

kittens Looking forward to a great year ahead with all (raising perfect parents)of you and keep the flow of your creativity 1. Though parenting is diff icult and going towards the Golden Orange Looking challenging – it can be as exciting as you HOW AWARE ARE YOUforward to a great year ahead with all of you want it to be. Make a list of things beginning from A-Z found and keep the flow of your creativity going 2. Have realistic expectations from parents – in Mama's kitchen.towards the Golden Orange after all they are humans too – with more e.g. A for Apron B for……….

experience in life than you. Prizes sponsored by Granny's GiftsDo this yourself………… and send in your 3. Perfect parents do not exist – accept them answers to -Sangeeta Chhabra

FREEDOM(AIN)For the children

Manager of Empress Mills and a member of of our Club lived – C.B. Parakh (President our Club many years back and young Tauby 1948-49) who later became District Governor

I don't think anyone will disagree (1950-51).grew up in the Empress Mills Bungalow in New with me when I say that our Colony, which incidentally was occupied by The story doesn't end here- Tauby's 'new' “newest” President Tauby has another General Manager of Empress Mills, home was once occupied by two Past

all the right credentials and the commitment S.H. Batliwala, who was President of our Club Presidents of our club – Jal P.Gimi (President and drive to lead the Club for the year ahead in 1946-47. 1963-64) & yours' truly (President 1994-95).and also lead the District at some time in the With so much Rotary “history” to back her, After her marriage to Naushad, Tauby as a near future!!. Tauby can certainly be called Destiny's Child !!young bride moved to “Hyacinth Terrace” in

Civil Lines, where many years ago another PP Her father Rustom Cyrusi was the General - Shiraz Gimi




ALL BOOKEDBY Aatish Taseer he travels from country to country he encounters religious men, ordinary citizens, Aatish Taseer was born in

New Delhi India -the result young students, working proffessionals, religion, he has discovered of an affair between his people from law enforcement, and even part himself. Being a product of both Indian Sikh mother and his of the Iranian underground. His interviews and parts of the Indian sub continent and by virtue Pakistani Muslim father. interactions reveal fascinating insights into the

H i s m o t h e r - I n d i a n of having both parents from either side of the thoughts and minds of people one would journalist Tavleen Singh rarely have a chance to come in contact with. divide he sums it up by "embracing the three never kept from him the These interactions are an objective record of tier history of India whole, perhaps an

truth about his estranged father, politician the different realities everywhere. intellectual troika of Sanskrit, Urdu, and Salman Taseer- who was recent ly Despite being a journalist in the UK. this book English."assasinated in Pakistan by his own bodyguard is more an emotional exploration of his

The book makes final the distance between for asking for clemency for a Pakistani personal identity against a backdrop of

christian woman and challenging the new him and his father........ " ....and a great part of divergent Islamic viewpoints ,as he sets of on blasphemy law. the oblique pain I now feel has to do with a journey of d iscovery f rom India The cause for that first estrangement, was mourning a man who was present for most of toTurkey,Syria,Saudi Arabia,Iran and finally to that it would have been impossible for the

Pakistan. my life as an absence......" Governor of Punjab,despite being a liberal

A Stranger to History, has been hailed as one Though you may not come away from reading muslim, to be in politics in Pakistan with an of the bravest books of this decade, as Taseer this book any more enlightened about Islam Indian wife and a half-Indian son. To deal with doesn't hesitate from asking hard questions confusion that comes with being not merely a than you were before you started, you'll have a ,or turning the harsh glare of introspection part of 2 religious identities, but of two better understanding of the variety of people inwards. fragmented nations as well makes Aatish set who fall under the umbrella of that word.While he may not have come any closer to off on a journey of personal exploration to

-Vindhya Sanjanaunravelling the intricacies of his father's understand what it means to be a muslim. As


Chartered in 1971 and sponsored by our club, need of training of youths, Nagpur South Nagpur South is the third senior most club of Rotary decided to organize training Nagpur which has been active and vibrant all programs, seminars, workshops, orientation institutions. along. No wonder, from 1991-92 to 2010-11, and counseling sessions for youths in general

The learned Rotary volunteers the club produced 4 able District Governors and specially for those belonging to weaker conducted 23 such seminars and workshops, viz. Late Nilubhau Choudhary, Kumar sections throughout the Rotary year 2010-11. and the audience comprised of minimum 70 Sathaye, Prakash Shesh and Dr. Prafull Goal setting, Personality Development, students. In every seminar the audience Mokadam. Nagpur South meets every Friday Career Planning, Communication Skills were comprised of 70 to 200 students. While the at their own Rotary Hall in Hadas High School. the major themes of all these seminars and

Melghat multi speciality Surgical camp and initial goal was to train 1000 students, this workshops. Initially the sessions were held in Thyroid Camps have been their flagship number swelled to a healthy 1700, thanks to the Hadas High School Rotary Hall, and later projects over the years. In the year 10-11, the enthusiastic response of students and in various colleges for weaker sections and in under the leadership of ' Best President of the Camps of National Service Scheme. The team dedication of faculty members. The training District ' award winner Sharad Thombre, the comprising of President Rtns. Sharad aided by power point presentations included club bagged RI Presidential Citation with Thombre, Dr Kishor Mahabal , Col. Mukesh several interactive sessions to enhance the distinction. Shahare, Amit Gokhale, Sanjay Tatwawadi, confidence of students. Certificate of Year 10-11 saw emergence of a 'Mega Youth Adv. Jayant Mokadam, Dr. Sudhanshu Kothe Participation were given in valedictories. It Service project' which I liked immensely. A and Rt Ann Sonali Pathak shared their was heart warming to learn that the Rotarian brainchild of Rtn Prof Kishor Mahabal, this expertise and guided the students in various faculties utilized the honorarium offered by project spanned over the entire year was a fields using traditional as well as modern

some colleges to educate and support 5 milestone not easy to conquer. A chat with Prof communication techniques. Rtns PP Manik mentally challenged girls from Priyadarshini Mahabal was an experience in itself..... so Kaswa and Madhubhai Shah too extended Girls hostel. much passion for the idea, ideals and the help in looking after the logistics. The project

goal... I was impressed! Good acts are heart warming and contagious went on throughout the year from July 2010 to too! Well done Nagpur South!June 11 and covered Ambedkar College of What are the major problems faced by modern

Law, YCCE , Vidyabharati , Vidya Niketan , day youth? They generally lack of motivation, -PDG Vishwas SahasrabhojaneeAmbedkar Col lege Deekshabhoomi, inability to communicate effectively; question Priyadarshini Hostel, Hislop College, Mokhare mark on deciding career, and ignorance College of Arts and Commerce, RTMNU about various aspects of personality College of Law, RKNEC, Mahashabde deve lopment . These se tbacks a re

predominant in youth coming from weaker College, Institute of Technology, Umred Road sections who are devoid of assistance and , Institute of Science; all from Nagpur, and guidance. There is hardly an organization, Yashwant College Selu, Gadgebaba College which is willing to help without any financial of Arts and Commerce, Hingna, and many returns. Considering all these difficulties and other not so well known educational

Other Clubs in the Dist

book review


the bottle. Of course the department bitten persons ear recite a Parsee Prayer & where the bottles were washed & dried within a few minutes the person would be fit & would be fired with the chestest of fine. We would beg Pappa to tell us how he did

abuses. The soda Factory had its very that but it was another of his secrets.Mominpura in Nagpur was distinctive smells, a mixture of Ammonia Gas , We would be allowed to sit on the cash counter much in the news last month. sweet Essences, grease & oil & I still or on Pappas big black office table. Pappas Not many of us venture into this remember that smell. In those times bottles phone had three chrome buttons & receiving a

locality & many misconceptions exist about it. were sealed with a glass marble. We were call & transferring the call by pressing one of But I have spent some wonderful times in & heroes in our school because after each visit the extension buttons was a thrill. amongst the people of Mominpura. My to the Soda Factory we got back pocketful of Everything we needed was in Mominpura & Grandfather Faramrozre Bhagwagar marbles which we generously distributed . near the Soda Factory. Our School tin trunks considered it the most vibrant & exciting place In the back shed were the Bullock Carts & 3 were made next door at the petiwalla. Kites, to stay in. In spite of having bought large pairs of Bullocks. These were for transporting tops, the wholesale toys & clothes markets bungalows in Dharampeth & Civil Lines he the drink crates in the city. Somehow I were close. The best mutton samosas & insisted to live in Mominpura. Our family were imagined the bullocks as huge & fearsome Biryani was in Mominpura. Anything which the pioneers in the Aerated Waters creatures . We were always cautious & afraid needed to be repaired had to be got to manufacturing in Nagpur & as the business of them. My Chacha Bhaggi uncle would be Mominpura. There were always so many grew my Grandfather built his factory & his the only brave person to go upto them & pat children we could play with. Everyone in residence at the start of Mohamed Ali Serai & the sagging skin under their necks. Mominpura knew I was from the Bhagwagar now it's known as Bhagwagar Chowk.

The essence room or Laboratory as we would Soda Factory family & we were given so much As children visiting the Soda Factory & call it had a red wooden table & one wall lined love & respect. That was the Nagpur I loved & meeting Pappa & Bapaiji was a happy & with essence & colour bottles of different the Nagpur I K(now).looked forward to event. It was adventurous shapes & sizes. This is where Pappa & Bhaggi -Naushad Bhagwagar& exciting. There were the huge noisy Uncle would mix & make the concentrates. machines with large pulley wheels & This room was TOP SECRET & even we were compressors. These produced the carbon not allowed to enter it. Once in a while if the dioxide gas water & as the glass bottles door was left open we would sneak in & help rattled on metal conveyer chains the colored ourselves to the sugar & saccharine. aerated water would be injected into them.

Very often the days would be punctuated with The bottles would pass in front of a powerful

a frenzy of people rushing into the Soda light & we would spend hours inspecting the

Factory Shop with a man woman or child either bottles for contamination. If a cockroach or

fainted or foaming from the mouth, limp & half insect was found in a bottle there would be

dead. The person was bitten by a scorpion & much excitement, before grandfather would

Grand Pappa had a special magic potion to strain out the insect & pour the drink back in

cure it. Pappa would pour some liquid in the

now. The Duarte Club had the Rotary club in the United States can admit

'audacity' to challenge the RI Constitution qualified women into membership. The Board It is heart warming, if not and By-Laws by admitting three women "encourages all clubs in the U.S. to give fair exciting, that we have the first members. In a prompt action Rotary and equal consideration to candidates for Lady President in Rtn.Tauby Bhagwagar of International dismembered Duarte Rotary our 67 year old Club! membership without regard to gender." Club for infringement of Rotary Constitution.

It is well to remember that our Club was The Rotary Club of Marin Sunrise, California is In a lawsuit filed by the Duarte club, the amongst the earliest sponsors for admittance chartered on 28 May 1987. It becomes the first California Superior Court rules in favor of of women as members of Rotary. In a pre- club after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling to Rotary International, upholding gender-based emptive action, we tried to induct a lady have women as charter members. Sylvia qualification for membership in California member in 1987. The then district governor Whitlock, of the Rotary Club of Duarte,

advised us to 'have patience' as a legislation to Rotary clubs. In 1986, the California Court of California, becomes the first female Rotary

admit women was on the anvil at the 1989 Appeals reverses the lower court's decision, club president. In 2007 Catherine Noyer-

Council on Legislation in Singapore. preventing the enforcement of the provision in Riveau became the first woman elected to the

California. The California Supreme Court There is an interesting history or sequel for RI Board of Directors. refuses to hear the case, and it is appealed to removal of 'male only' requirement of a Rotary

There are now thousands of female Rotarians the U.S. Supreme Court. club membership. in over 25,000 clubs around the world, many of

1987. On 4 May, the U.S. Supreme Court rules Duarte near Los Angeles in California is a them as district governors and in other that Rotary clubs may not exclude women small town, perhaps the size of Ramtek, or leadership offices in Rotary.from membership on the basis of gender. even smaller than Ramtek. But Duarte has a

Rotary issues a policy statement that any -Bobby SrinivasRotary Club. In fact, there is more than one


NAGPUR (K)NOWCity Special

Mominpura by nightMominpura by night


Utkarsha Nirman, Mangalwari,Sadar Nagpur Tel.: 5612830.









Hello Friends,The new Rotary Year has begun. The new team has taken charge.But this column stands as it is, growing stronger with every passing year.Call it "The Grapevine" or "The Rotary Buzz", our club buzzes with activity and all that happens in the lives of our members.Dr. Ravi Wankhede featured on Star News.He got a bravery award from the unit of Singham.Akash Agrawal has been elected, Honorary Secretary of the Vidarbha Industrial Association.Akanksha, daughter of Vandana and Devendra Agrawal, scored 90% in the 12th and has got into the prestigious,ILS Pune.Not to be left behind, their younger daughter Sakshi scored 97.6% in the 10th.A lot of our youngsters are all set to settle down and tie the knot.Shall let you know about them next month.Till then Chiao. Do keep me posted with your good news as well as sorrows.

Rtn. Manju Shahani9423102770

[email protected]

The paperless generation of today may be 'cool' with it, but most of us are actually terrified, even suspicious of the bottomless black hole that is the World Wide Web. Where does the information come from? Is it

trustworthy? Is it all a mammoth scam of unimaginable proportions that will clean out your bank account at the click of a button? These are several real fears a layman faces when it comes to the www. No wonder then, that people like you and me do not use this vast treasurehouse of knowledge to its potential. This column shall try to dispel those fears by decoding the myths and demystifying the mysteries that the internet holds. To start with, I will list websites by topic that you can visit for queries related to that particular topic. Here goes ….

CONTESTS :,, www.2000photo,,, www.artcontest. com,

FINANCE :,, www.equitymaster .com,,,, www.rup,

E-GREETINGS :,, www.archies,,,

JOBS :,,,,,,

WOMEN :,,,,,,,

RECIPES :,,, www.india,,,,

TRAVEL :,,, www.o,,


MUSIC :,,, www.cla,,,

HEALTH :,,,,,,

BOOKS :,,,,,,

KIDS :,,, www.kidssp,,,

ORGANISERS :,, com,,,

ENCYCLOPAEDIA :,,,,, www.encyclo, of these may help you understand things better and make your life easier. Next month onwards, we shall discover some fun aspects of the internet. Until next time…

-Sohrab Kanga

[email protected] Learn Something New

Tit bits from Nebraska..Location wise Nebraska is to USA what Vidarbha is to India. Bang in the centre. Basically a farming and cattle state, often referred as bread bowl of USA. Nebraska state has a population of just 1.5 Million. RID 5630 occupies two thirds of Nebraska but excludes bigger cities Lincoln and Omaha which are in eastern Nebraska. About Rotary in 5630.... 34 clubs, 1350 Rotarians. Most of the clubs are very old.... chartered in thirties and forties, Bringing youths in Rotary is a challenge that most of the clubs are facing. Couples membership is common. Ladies are almost 40% in membership in USA .... at least in Nebraska .Wonder what would have happened to Rotary in USA if ladies were not admitted since 1988!




BIRTHDAYS15 Aug. to 14 Sept.


Rajiv Yashroy 15

Savita Sancheti 15

Usha Singh 15

Bunty Rawal 16

Mita Joglekar 16

Gulab Mahant 18

Jyoti Agrawal 18

Dr.Smita Deshmukh 18

Premlata Malani 18Bhagwat Thakare 19

Priti Thakare 19

Awadhoot Purohit 19

Dr. Lubna Haq 20

Dr. Nikunj Pawar 20

Bachi Gimi 20

Aeyjaz Akolawala 21

Anit Bhasin 21

Ashwin Mankeshwar 21

Divya Bhati 21

Sumit Halder 22

Brajendra Kumar Singh 22

Rahul Chaudhary 22

Raghav Sharma 22

Babita Parekh 23

Sharmila Sutaria 23

Ashok S. Mokha 23

Kalpana Chandurkar 24

Bhupesh Kalra 25

Lata Rathi 26

Aneeta Patel 27

Dr. Meenakshi Narayan 28

Navneet Shukul 28

Rita Bhargava 29

Vikash Khurana 29

Yogendra Mohan Singh 30

Jayshree Jain 30

Pramod Jamwal 31

Sanjay Sethi 31

Dinesh Naidu 2

Hemant Jaitha 4

Swapna Kshirsagar 4

Ajay Bagdi 6

Jumana S. Shakir 6

Manmeet Khanduja 7

Shripriya Jaipuriya 7

Sandip Dhodaphar 7

Rajesh Singhvi 8

Asha Joshi 8

Shailja Sharma 10

Satish Kale 10

Rajneesh Shivhare 10

Sanjay Agrawal 11

Mohan Rao 12

Dr. Darshana Pawar 12

Nisha Kamath 12

Rakhi Bhatia 13

Sudha Daga 14

Dr. Jaspal Singh Arneja 14

Raju Jain 14


AUGUSTSudhir & Veena Puranik 20Ashok & Nishi Hansles 21

ANNIVERSARY 15 Aug. to 14 Sept.

SEPTEMBERChandru & Manju Shahani 7Manmeet & Arveen Dheer 12Gurmeet & Narinder Vij 13 VIPUL GUPTA











1 What is the longest line of latitude on the Earth?

2 Pisciculture is the breeding and rearing of what?

3 In which US city is the 1974 film Towering Inferno set?

4 Which artist is famous for painting at the Moulin Rouge?

5 What long-necked instrument, now usually with four pairs of strings, originated in Greece and is still popularly associated with Greek music?

6 Who was the first driver to be knighted for his services to motor sport?

7 In global finance what does IMF stand for?

8 The Davis Strait lies between Baffin Island and which country

(also considered a dependency)?

9 January King, Meteor, and Salarite are varieties of which vegetable?

10 The city of Breda is in which European country?


SPOT THE MISTAKE…Rotary was a wonderful idea that came to a lonely but sensitive man… Paul

rdHarris. He along with a few friends formed the idea of a Club on 23 February, st st1905. Paul Harris was the 1 President of a Rotary Club and also the 1

President of Rotary International. When the first organization of Rotary clubs stwas created in 1910, Paul Harris was selected as the 1 President. He served in

this position for two years.

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X-PRESSWe are starting a new column 'X-PRESS' in the Golden Orange where members, their spouses and families get a chance to express their views on matters Rotary and otherwise. We will try to make sure that the opinions aired come from a fair cross-section of the membership. We also hope that the responses are forthcoming, frank, fearless, constructive and at times witty. The opinions aired will be subject to editing by the author of this column without essentially altering the meaning or intent of the contributor.

Akash Agrawal:

Vipul Gupta:

Rtn. Rina Sinha:

Rt. Ann Rajni Sangtani:

There you are folks. The consensus seems to be to have growth that is more regulated and planned and not a cancerous growth which is

PP Dr Manmohan Daga:not only purposeless but also harmful to the body. We don't have to be a lean and mean club, but at the same time let's not be fat and Pres. Elect Atul Shah:flabby!! Well rounded, slightly muscular and fighting fit is the way to go!!

activities is the key to sustainability. We, as a club, need not increase just because we need to fulfill targets.

challenge 'coz it's not about I foresee one major issue - Administration and having them on our Roster but Time constraints of the Office Bearers to their involvement!!administer the club!! If we have capable

leaders we shall be able to overcome this too. Financial viability – More inductions adds to Our Club is a great training school, where the the Club Kitty of the year!! Increase the Club sheer size, variety of people, type of persons & dues (not increased since Adam) and projects give you an excellent opportunity to Fellowship dues gradually, year on year.graduate in public relations with practical ]QUALITY issues - Each member must training. remember: we joined the Club for its Quality &

Culture. Let's not introduce our Friends (read In my view ACQUAINTANCE) who don't fit in the Club

there i s no harm in Culture....for our own GOOD!increasing our membership even more as more number

Brilliant: keep of members means more going like this, and we will hands to work on projects, soon be the largest club in more funds for the club and the world! Is that the goal? more weightage at district level!! In fact I would

There Or what?like our club to become the largest club in have been enough debates India!! The advantage of a large membership Continuous growth for the on “Quality Vs Quantity “, is evident in the quality, variety & number of sake of growth : that's not “Wrapper Vs Content” etc. projects done in the last 10 years!! what we want. If the argument is that new G r o w t h i s a n a t u r a l

members are active, then 'CTRL + ALT + phenomenon which should

DELETE' those who are beyond redemption, not be curtailed. Unless we Before we pass verdict on but ah yes!! Who bells the cat?! If the grow, and invite new talent we would not be t he i dea l numbe r o f argument is the kitty of yearly subscription, able to bring in Innovation and Creativity in the members we need to decide target more corporate funds: there's enough working of our Club, the lack of which makes what is more important - CSR floating around for the taking. If we need members and project chairpersons feel safe in Rotary's corpus (from to have high goals, then target that every their “Comfort Zone” with their “Comfort

Membership fees), or the Participation (time member is active in something, so hit for Team”. Peer level competition and innovative devoted) by its members? If raising money for methods bring out the best in everybody quality, and leave the rat race of numbers our projects is the main criteria, then adding removing complace ncies. Unless we get behind. The idea is to serve, is it not?more members make sense. On the other more people in, how do we remove the grain hand, if participation is most important, then from the chaff?we need to decide the number of projects we plan to undertake and the manpower I requirements for those projects.feel Growth is a positive

phenomenon. If the growth is healthy (not weedy) it is a

Desirability - We can do with must for progress. Quality good individuals in Newer Control of membership is and Specialized vocations.the Key word . The i r - Dr. Sanjiv Chugh

persistent positive involvement in the club's Sustainability - is surely a

Here goes !! What do you think about the increase in the membership of the Club from 115-120 in 2000 to 215-220 in 2005 to about 315 now?? Give us your inputs on desirability, sustainability, financial viability and quality issues regarding this rapid increase in numbers..........


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