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Transcript of Audubon and Cole

  • 1. Thomas Cole (1801-1848)Daguerreotype by Mathew Brady, c. 1846, National Portrait Gallery
    John James Audubon (1785-1851) Daguerreotype by Mathew Brady, 1847 or 1848, Cincinnati Art Museum
    • Immigrated from Europe to U.S. (Audubon in 1803; Cole in 1819)
  • 2. Lacked academic art training, but learned oil painting from John Steen, 1821/22

3. Patronized by Luman Reed, a New York City businessman and collector, during the 1830s 4. Deeply admired American wilderness as Gods creation and source of artistic inspiration 5. Major artists of Antebellum American romanticism who revolutionized their chosen artistic genres (scientific illustration, landscape) by giving them historical significance