Audio to MIDI Converter Team Obama

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Audio to MIDI Converter Team Obama. Advisor: Dr. William Hunt Adnan Burkic Sean Earley Jon Kump Brian Tyson Georgia Institute of Technology 3/16/2010. Project Overview. Audio to MIDI converter plug-in designed for guitar Guitar can control any MIDI device in real-time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Audio to MIDI Converter Team Obama

  • Audio to MIDI ConverterTeam ObamaAdvisor: Dr. William HuntAdnan BurkicSean EarleyJon KumpBrian TysonGeorgia Institute of Technology3/16/2010

  • Project OverviewAudio to MIDI converter plug-in designed for guitar Guitar can control any MIDI device in real-timeSoftware will be targeted toward guitarists and record producersSoftware solution requiring no hardwareSoftware will be approximately $50, cheaper than competing hardware products

  • Important acronymsWhat is MIDI?Musical Instrument Digital InterfaceIndustry standard for electronic music devicesWhat is a VST Plug-in?Virtual Studio TechnologyRequires host application Industry standard for music related plug-ins

  • Design GoalsVST plug-in compatible with any third-party softwareLow latency to allow real time performanceFast and accurate pitch detection(monophonic)Pitch Bend

  • Design IllustrationInterface mockup

  • Graphical User Interface

  • Design ChallengesHow to code a VST?How to detect pitch?How to output MIDI?

  • SynthMaker

  • AMDF Pitch DetectionAverage Magnitude Difference FunctionTime-DomainFast and simpleNot capable of accurate polyphonic pitch detection

  • AMDF Theory A4 (2/440)

    G4 (2/392) E4(2/330)

    (Delay in Seconds)Input, Delayed Input Input+Delayed Input

  • MIDI OutputMIDIEvent blockCurrently researching the structure of the MIDI protocolFinal step of the project

  • Acceptance TestingLatency needs to be perceived as real timeCan be measured using host programNeeds to be less than 20ms Pitch detection accuracyEnsure detected pitch matches played pitch for all notes on guitar

  • Scheduled MilestonesCompletedVST audio input & MIDI output interfacePeak detectionAudio level normalizationApril 2nd - Pitch detection CompletionApril 16th - MIDI event generation May 6th - Final Presentation and Demonstration

  • Cost AnalysisProduct DescriptionQuantityUnit PricePriceSynthMaker Standard License1$255$255Estimated Labor650 hrs$30$19,500Misc. Cables/Hardware for Test Purposes1$125$125Product Cost Total$19,880

  • Future DevelopmentsPitch Bend

    Bass GuitarAlternate Tunings

  • Questions?ChallengesVSTPitch Detetion MIDI Output

    point out alternative is hardware

    sonuus g2m universal guitar to midi converter $100pitch bend is not confirmed20ms = threshold where it is easily detectable by human ear