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  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


       A  u   d   i   A   3   C  a   b  r   i  o   l  e  t

    Audi India

    Division of Volkswagen

    Group Sales India Private Limited

    Mumbai - India

    Valid from January 2015

    Printed in India

    A3 DJ 2

    The models and equipment versions illustrated and described in this brochure and some of the services listed are not available in all countries.

    Some of the cars illustrated are equipped with optional features for which an extra charge is made. Details concerning the delivery specifications,

    appearance, performance, dimensions and weights, fuel consumption and running costs of the vehicle were correct to the best of our knowledge

    at the time of going to press. Deviations from the colours and shapes shown in the illustrations may occur. No liability is accepted for errors and

    printing errors. The right to introduce modifications is reserved. Not to be reproduced, including in part, without the written approval of AUDI AG.

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  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    05 TheAudi A3Cabriolet Experience

    The new Audi

    A3 Cabriolet:


    durch Technik

    in its genes


    With itsinnovativedesign and sophisticated

    technology,thenew AudiA3Cabriolet isthe

    perfect exampleofVorsprung durch Technik.It’savailablewith a 1.8TFSI petrol engine,

    which deliversexceptional eciency and

    performance.And there’salso a wide

    rangeof equipment and accessoriesto

    choosefrom,placing you behind the

    wheel ofa car that suitsyou completely.

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    09 Technology |Engines


    PetrolFSI®direct-injectiontechnologyis aunique Audiinnovation

    thatwas originallydevelopedfor theLe Mans24-hour


    enhancedfueleciency. Preciselytheright amountof fuel

    andair areinjectedinto thecombustionchambers,enabling

    theengine to‘breathe’more easily.It resultsin reducedheat

    lossand increasedoutput,with arounda 15%reductionin

    fuelconsumptionand significantlylowerexhaustemissions.

    We’vealsodeveloped TFSI,withturbocharging– givingcars

    anextra injectionof power.

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    11 Technology |Eciency


    At Audi,doing lessissomething we’retrying

    to do moreof. We’reworking to useless fuel,

    releaselessCO 2 and wasteless energy.It’s why

    we’veincorporated a number ofmoreecient

    technologiesinto theAudi A3Cabriolet.

    AerodynamicsA car’sshape isone ofthe most important factors

    that influencesits eciency.It’swhy we’veworked

    to makethe AudiA3 Cabriolet asaerodynamic


    RecuperationWhena vehiclebrakes,the discsconvertthe kinetic

    energy into thermal energy,which is wasted asit cannot

    beused. With a recuperation system,like theone that

    isfitted asstandard on all A3models,the kinetic energy

    isconverted into useful electrical energy.Theway it

    worksis simple.Whilethe car iscoasting or braking,

    thealternator voltageis raised abovethe level ofthe

    basic electrical system,which enablesthe alternator to

    generateelectrical energy and storeit temporarily in

    thebattery. When thevehicle accelerates,thisenergy is

    used to relievetheload on the alternator,resulting in a

    fuel saving ofup to 3%.

    Imagefor illustrativepurposesonly.

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    Imagefor illustrativepurposesonly.


  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure



    15 Interior | Inlays


    4-spoke leather-trimmed multi-functionsteering wheel adjustablefor height and reach

    Air vents in aluminium look, which can beadjusted from widediuseair distribution toa particular spot diuse

    Cupholders – two in thefront located in thecentreconsolein front ofthe gear knob andtwo in therear located in between thetworear seats

    Electricfrontand rearwindows

    Frontand rear floor mats –  in velour to matchinterior colour

    Frontcentre armrest with angleandlengthwaysadjustment

    Inlays in 3D aluminium

    Interior lighting – front and rear with delayedswitch-oand contact switcheson all doors.Also includesglovebox and luggagecompartment light

    Lashing points – four in luggage compartment,to prevent movement ofluggageand otherobjects;also act asattachment pointsfor theoptional luggagesecuring net

    Lightand rain sensor package – automaticallyswitchesthe dipped beam headlightsandwindscreen wiperson/odepending on thelight and rain conditions.Includescominghome/leaving homefunction which delaysthedeactivation ofthef ront and rear lightsafterlocking and automatic activation ofthe lightswhen unlocking.The packagealso includesawindscreen with sunband for improved insulationand acoustic glassfor reduced outsidenoise

    Smoking package with cigarettelighter, 12Vsocket in thecentreconsole and an ashtray withtheAudirings

    Storage compartments in thedoor sidetrims,in thecentreconsole and under thefrontdriver’sseat

    Sun visors – folding and swivelling,on driver’sand front passenger’sside,with coveredvanity mirror

    Dualzone electronic climate control with sunlight-dependent control,separatepre-selectablecontrolfor driver and front passenger.Electronicallyregulatesthe air temperature,air flow rateand airdistribution.Automatic recirculation modeby meansofair quality sensor, combined filter,rear ventsand humidity regulation for more ecientclimatecontrol

    Driver’sInformation System (DIS) Automaticairconditioning4-spokeleather-trimmedSportsmulti-functionsteeringwheel


  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    17 Interior |Seat/Interior Equipment

    Sportsseats*Standard seat* in Milano leather withPashmina beigeupholstery

    Interior equipment

    Aluminium interior elements – on thevents, glovecompartment,mirror adjustment switches,windowcontrol switches,framearound theinside doorhandle,coin box,control buttonsfor theparkingbrakeand the hold assist button (iffitted)


    Standard seats in Milano leather- Seat centresectionsand head restraintsin Milano leather.Theinner seat sidebolsters,backrest sidebolstersand upper shouldersectionsarefinished in velvet.The front centrearmrestand door trim insertsarefinished in synthetic leather

    Sports seats in Milano leather*- Seat centresectionsand head restraintsin Milano leather.Seat sidebolsters,upper shoulder sections,door trim insertsand frontcentrearmrest arefinished in velvet

    Storage and luggage compartmentpackage –includesstoragenetson thebacksofthefrontseat back rests,storagenet in the front passengerfootwell,12Vsocket in therear centreconsoleand storagecompartment under therear seat.Intheluggage compartment thereis an additionalmulti-fastening point,net in theside compartment,luggagesecuring net,a 12V socket and additionalLED lighting

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    19 Exterior |Wheels,tyres and suspension

    Automatic fabric hood in black16” x 7J‘15-spoke’ design alloy wheels

    Exterior equipment

    Aluminium windowtrims – framing theexteriorsidewindows

    Automatic fabric hood with a space-savingk-folding design,an integrated heated rear windowand an elegant hood compartment with an aluminiumtrim strip surround.Controlled via a button in thecentreconsole,the hood opensand closesin lessthan18seconds, up to a speed of50kmph

    Door mirrors – electrically adjustableand heated withbuilt in LED sideindicatorsand painted in body color

    Door mirrors*– electrically adjustablewith heating,folding and driver side auto-dimming function

    Frontfog lights

    Rear lights – with reversing lightsin whiteand rearfog lights,including high-mounted third brakelightand LED number platelight

    Exhausttailpipe – doubletailpipeson theleft

    Washer fluid levelindicator

    Xenon Plus headlights with automatic/dynamicheadlight rangecontrol,LED daytime-running lightstrip and headlight washers.Also includesLED rearlights,brake lightsand rear indicators

    Wheels, tyres and suspension

    16”x 7J ‘15-spoke’design alloy wheels with205/55R16tyres



  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    Interior equipment

    Door silltrims with S line logo

    Exterior equipment

    Frontfog lights

    Radiator grille in high gloss black

    S line badges on the frontwings

    S line design body styling comprising:- S linefront bumper- S line rear diuser with Platinum grey insert- S lineside sills

    Rear lights,brakelights and rear indicatorall featuring LED technology

    Xenon Plusheadlightswith LED daytime-running light strip


    EquipmentS line

    23 S line

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    Brilliant black – A2

    Amalfiwhite– Y5

    Brilliant red – C8

    Standard colours

    Daytona grey,pearl eect – 6YMythosblack,metallic eect – OE 

    Glacier white,metallic – 2Y

    Scuba blue,metallic – S9

    Beluga brown,metallic – M5

    Shiraz red,metallic – 3A

    Dakota grey,metallic – Y7

    Floret silver,metallic – L5 

    Monsoon grey,metallic – 0C

    Misano red,pearl eect – N9

     Lotusgrey,metallic – 2Z

    25 Paints


    Webelieve that every part ofyour car

    should havea personal touch.Which iswhy

    you can choosefrom a widerange ofpaint

    coloursand finishes,from standard shades

    to metallic and pearl eects.We can even

    mix a customised colour for you to create

    theperfect fit.

    Black – PA

    Hood colours

    Theautomatic hood on the standard

    car is availablein black only

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    27 Wheels,tyresand suspension

    Wheels,tyres andsuspension

    16” x 7J‘15-spoke’ design alloy wheels

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    29 Upholstery


    It’simportant to feel comfortableon

    theroad. Just choosefrom our rangeof 

    luxury upholstery materialsand textures,

    including additional support and colour

    options,for completerelaxation while

    you drive.

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure



    A3 CabrioletSE models

    Chooseyour favouriteupholstery from

    theswatchesshown oppositeto give

    your car’sinterior thelook and feel

    you want.

    Standard seats in Milano leather. Seat centresectionsand head restraintsinMilano leather.The inner seat sidebolsters,backrest sidebolstersand uppershoulder sectionsarefinished in velvet.The front centrearmrest and doortrim insertsarefinished in synthetic leather

       M   i   l  a  n  o   l  e  a  t   h  e  r

    Pashmina beige– JOBlack – JN

    Standard seat in Milano leather with Pashmina beige upholstery

    31 Upholstery

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    33 Inlays


    Attention to detail can makea big impact.

    From contemporary micrometallic silver to

    matt-brushed aluminium,our selection of 

    inlaysoers theperfect finishing touch to

    your car’sinterior.

    3D design ‘optic’ – 7TM

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    35 Audio and communication/Interior equipment


    Audio andcommunication

    Stay in touch using our rangeof 

    communication functions,and give

    each journey itsown soundtrack with

    our advanced audio equipment.


    Interior lighting package. Anti-glarelightingforthe passengercompartmentcomprisingdoorsilland footwelllightingatthe frontas wellas illuminatedinsidedooropeners,vanitymirrorsand illuminatedcupholders,tworeading lightseachatthe front andrear,LED interiorambientlightingand activedoorreflectors.Alsoavailableas partof theXenon lightpackage(WB6)or theLED lightpackage(PG1)

    Audi sound system. 9speakers in total including centrespeakerin thedashboard. 6-channel amplifier with a total outputof140watts

    Bang & Olufsen sound system*. Surround sound reproductionvia 13high-performancespeakersincluding centrespeaker inthedashboard and two kick-bassspeakerseach delivering 100wattsand 13-channel amplifier with a total output of 625watts.Exclusivespeaker covers with aluminium applicationsand LEDlighting accentuating thefront woofers.Thesound is permanent-ly adapted to compensatefor driving and background noisesdetermined by a microphone.5.1 surround sound reproductionispossible when ordered in conjunction with Technology package

    Bang &Olufsen sound system*

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    37 Safety and security

    Safety andsecurity

    Intelligent technology designed to

    giveyou better all-round awareness

    and safety on theroad.


    Auto Release function. Holdsthe vehiclestationary for unlimited periodsafter stopping and preventsthevehicle rolling on hillsand on gradients.Thesystem isactivated by push-button and allowsthe driverto driveaway easily and comfortably without having to operatetheelectromechanical parking brake

    Audiparkingsystemplus,frontand rearwithselectivedisplay. Acousticandvisualparkingaid forthefrontandrearwhich displayswhitedistancemarkersforobstaclesthatwould notbe touchedandred symbolsforobstaclesthatmaybe touched.Thisprovidesthedriver witha selectiveopticalviewin theMMIdisplayof alltheobjectsrecognised,dependingon thecurrent curveradiusanddirectionof travel.Measurementis byultrasonicsensorsdiscreetlyintegratedin thebumpers

    Reversing camera*. Givesa camera imageof area behind thevehicle shown on theMMI display,withdynamic display modeshighlighting the calculated path (steer-angledependent). Includesauxiliary linesand guidelines,and identification ofthe point at which to apply oppositelock when parallel parking.Therear-view camera isintegrated discreetly in thehandle strip ofthe luggagecompartment lid

    Cruisecontrol.Maintainsanyspeed above18mph,provided thatthe enginepoweroutput andenginebrakingeectpermit it.Operatedvia separatesteeringcolumnstalk, withset speeddisplayedintheDriver’sInformationSystem(DIS). Alsoavailableas partof theComfortpackage

  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


    39 Dimensions

    A3 Cabrioletdimensions

    Thetechnical drawingsoppositeshow

    theexact dimensionsof thenew

    AudiA3 Cabriolet,so you can check

    everything – from whether thecar

    will fit in your garageto whether your

    luggagewill fit in theboot.

    *Maximum headroom.

    **Elbow room width.

    ***Shoulder room width.

    Dimensionsin millimetres.

    Turning circleapprox 10.9m.

    Dimensionsmeasured with vehicleat unladen weight.



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  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure


  • 8/16/2019 Audi a3 Cabriolet Brochure