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  • 1.How did youattract/addressyour audience?

2. Things that would attract my target audience:-MastheadPhotograph(s)ColoursLayoutCover lines 3. Attracting my audienceMastheadThe masthead attracts people because it is redon a black background and because of thecolour difference the masthead stands outmore and easily read and found. The font of themasthead is distorted because it represents thestereotypical people that would read mymagazine. 4. PhotographsThe photos I used are all posedbecause I noticed in my researchthat most of the pictures in themagazines were posed for and verylittle were live. The only time theywere really live photographs waswhen they were talking about anew tour. All the pictures focus onthe models because they are whatthe picture is about. Thebackgrounds in some of them havegraffiti on the walls because it givesthat rock style to it. 5. Colours In this issue of kerrang and many other I only used red white and black because issues they use the same colour schemeI didnt want too many colours because thats what partially makes it athroughout the magazine because it kerrang magazine. It also helps it fit into would change the genre I was going for. the genre it is aimed at. 6. Layout The obvious similarity is that the main article has a big picture on the front cover so the reader knows exactly whats taking up the most amount of pages this week. The existing one has pictures around it as well and I have tried to do something similar by putting headlines and a picture on mine as well but due to lack of models I could only do one more on the front cover.My contents page is completely different tothe existing one because when I wasmaking mine I had planned on using it fromthe beginning but when it cam to the flatplans and designing I realised I would needlots of different people for models anddidnt have that resource. 7. In the layout of this double page spread ithas a main picture covering up half of thewhole page and then more pictures acrossthe bottom, it then has the article andband name and other information downthe right side of it.My double page spread is very similarbecause it uses half the page for the mainsinger and main picture and then has otherpictures down at the bottom and thearticle and other information on the right. 8. Cover linesIn my cover line I have the name of the band inbig writing that would attract the readers eye. Italso has a quote from the article so that thereader knows a little about it before they buy it.It also tells you that it is a world exclusive whichThis cover line stands out and attractswill make even more people want to buy itthe readers eye. It also has a quotebecause they will not find out in any otherfrom the article and tells you that it exclusive. 9. Things that would address my target audience:- Writing style Pictures Colours 10. Writing styleMy writing style is veryformal and doesnt reallyattain to any specificgroup or genre. I didntinvolve certain words orphrases because then itwould be too direct and Iwanted to make amagazine for people thatarent necessarily thatinto music and knoweverything about thegenre that my magazinewas covering. 11. PicturesFor all my pictures I used posed ones because I wasnt reviewing any live shows that hadbeen on recently I was doing an article about a band that was about to go on tour. If I wereto do a story on the same band after the tour I would have live pictures from that as wellas posed ones. 12. ColoursI used only colours that would fit with my genre of music. The colours I usedthroughout with a lot use were black whit and red because they are all colours inwhich if you put any two together they make the other one stand out. I also usedyellow a little bit as well because it helped make parts of my contents page standout.