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SCRUM Principles, 1st SCRUM meetup Athens 9 Oct. 2013

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  • 1.SCRUM Principles Yiannis Mavraganis 1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 20131

2. What do you hope to get from this Meetup? An excellent answer I got:Stop projects from failing so easily.1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 20132 3. Agile Philosophy1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 20133 4. The most popular agile method the team tries to go the distance as a unit, passing the ball back and forth". 1986 Harvard Business Review article The New New Product Development Game by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro NonakaSimple lightweight framework to manage complex product development, founded on empirical process control theory. 3 Pillars: Transparency, Inspection, Adaptation1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 20134 5. Team Work analogies A phalanx was, therefore, very densely packed . If its allowed to compare war with sport: a hoplite battle was something like a "scrum" in a rugby match.the coordinated teamwork enables the system as a whole (here, the boat) to achieve its optimum performance. By Sam Guckenheimer and Neno Loje"Especially in 1974 and 1988, Holland could defend as a whole and attack as a whole If a left back started attacking a centre back would fill in his place and a midfielder would take the place of the centre back so the team would retain its organisational structure. 1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 20135 6. SCRUM Benefits Less risk Early realization of value Increased productivity, through better communication and transparency Reveals inefficiencies, so that you can improve Better rhythm! 1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 20136 7. 3 Roles Product Owner5 Events3 ArtifactsDaily SCRUMProduct BacklogSprintSprint BacklogSCRUM MasterDevelopment TeamSprint Planning, Review, Retrospectives1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 2013Increment7 8. 1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 20138 9. Team characteristicsSmall, autonomous, self organized, cross functionaldeliver products iteratively and incrementally, maximizing opportunities for feedback 1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 20139 10. Fundamental Points Build Quality In! Technical debt can kill you At the end of each sprint: potentially shippable product increment, according to Definition of Done Sprint Goal Development Team: Increment.whyit is building the1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 201310 11. Advice implementing only parts of Scrum is possible, the result is not Scrum SCRUM Guide ( Simple to understand but difficult to master, consider it like a diet (needs discipline, you cannot ignore a certain aspect) And do not forget it is a culture game!1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 201311 12. The best and fastest way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion. Jean-Claude Killy. Triple Olympic champion1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 201312 13. Thank you!1st SCRUM Meetup, Athens Oct 201313