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Presentation of the outcomes of the 2012 Athens Green Hackathon and details for the 2013 one!

Transcript of Athens Green Hackathon

  • 1. AthensGreen HackathonSome history And a glimpse ahead

2. Info December 14th 16th, 2012 60 registered hackers 40 registered non-hackers 2,5 days 3 different venues 3. BIOS Urban Culture Centre Kick-off Creativity Session Data Users & Data Owners Pitches & Interviews Brainstorming Group discussion Identification of hack ideas Team formulation 4. Loft2work co-working space Hacking Marathon 09:00-23:00 Hack injections Success stories Sandwiches, pizzas, energy bars, nuts,fruits, coffee, juice, sodas Hack Registration @ 21:00 Working overnight @ home 5. Athinais Cultural Centre Introduction recap Panel of Experts Hack Presentation Evaluation Panel feedback Award ceremony Best hack, highest environmentalimpact, peoples choice & besteducational hack 6. Faci lita torExpertsArtTeam 7. Some of the Athenian hackers 8. WINNING HACKS1.Green Fighters mobile application that supports active communities providing mobile awareness2.SNORKEL web application showing quality of swimming waters for users to provide feedback3.Green Navigator iOS app that acts as a "green" navigator informing users for high polluted areas4.Industrial EcologySimulation simulation game showing the impact of the pollution factor on the natural environment surrounding industrial installations 9. Athens Green Hackathon2013 8th & 9th November, 2013 Just before theAthens Classic Marathon (Sunday 10/11) Meet-ups to be used for the1st time this year More data sets, made availableearlier 10. Outcomes Creation of a small greenhacking community in Athens Successful application ofcollaboration techniques forgroups Documentation and guidelines asto how to organize a GreenHackathon 11. Spread the word Twitter: @greenhackathon Event Location: Athens, Greece Event Capacity: 40 hackers (coders, designers, etc) 60 non-hackers (public)