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Is there a God out there? What does the philosophers believe in? What is the real face of Atheism? The ideas in this pptx derived largely from the phenomenal book by Dr.Ravi Zacharias "A shattered visage. The real face of Atheism." takes you to the amazing conclusion that atheism draws a big fat zero. A zero. and Only Zero.

Transcript of Atheism

  • 1. A Shattered Visage :The Real Face ofAtheism

2. NoamChomskyPolitical ActivistDecember 7, 1928 present date 3. KarlHeinrichMarxCommunist and RevolutionaryMay 5, 1818 March 14, 1883 4. ClintonRichardDawkinsEvolutionary Biologist To present date26 March 1941 5. AngelinaJolieVoightAmerican ActressJune 4, 1975 To Present Date 6. What do these people incommon?PoliticalActivistCommunistScientist ActressATHEISTS 7. What is Atheism? The term atheism originated from theGreek (atheos), meaning"without gods. It is commonly defined as the positionthat there is no God. It is the denial of existence of God 8. Gherman Stepanovich Titovthe second man to orbit the Earth11.09.1935 20.09.2000 9. He said while coming back, I went tospace and I did not see God. Somebody from the audience quipped,If he had stepped out of his space suit,he would have. 10. What does the Bible saysabout atheism? The fool has said in his heart,There is no God.Psalm 14: 1, 53:1 11. Are they fools? If so, why? What are they affirming in the place ofGod? There is no value if atheism is true. There is no reference point. We are the product of primordial slime. Time + matter + chance + collection ofatoms. That is human beings. 12. Are they fools? If so, why? We are the product of evolution. We are doomed to extinction. There is nofuture. There is no purpose in our life. 13. Are they fools? If so, why? They reduces their own worth tonothing. They make their own laws. It is the survival of the fittest. 14. The Bible The fool has said in his heart, There is noGod. They are corrupt. They have done abominable works. There isnone who does good. The Lord looks down from heaven upon thechildren of men. To see if there are any whounderstand who seek GodPsalm 14:1,2 15. The Bible They have all turned aside. They havetogether become corrupt. There is nonewho does good. No, not one.Psalm 14:3 16. An age old problem Then the Lord saw that the wickedness ofman was great in the earth, and that everyintent of the thoughts of his heart was onlyevil continually.Genesis 6:5 17. New means of escape Many philosophers tried to do away withthe need for God likeDemocritusEpicurus They failed. Atheism depends heavily on the newmantra, the evolution theory. 18. Is evolution true? There are gaps in the theory of evolution. There are many holes in this theory. 19. Holes so big that it will swallowan entire elephant herd 20. Sisyphus A mythologicalGreek person. Once he angeredmythological Greekgods. Hence he waspunished. 21. Sisyphus He has to roll upa big stone to thetop of themountain. Roll it down. Then roll it up. Roll it down. For eternity. 22. Atheists Modern day Sisyphus There is no mind to look back to for hisorigin, There is no law to turn to forguidance, There is no meaning to cling to for lifeand There is no hope for future. 23. Atheists Modern day Sisyphus It has the stare of death, looking into the barren desertof emptiness and hopelessness. 24. A result of rejecting God. In the U.S.A, they dont say the Lordsprayer anymore in school. They dont teach the Bible in schoolanymore. Instead, they teach all other possible things. 25. A result of rejecting God. One man is even trying to remove IN GODWE TRUST from American dollar. 26. A result of rejecting God. Virginia TechMassacre Cho Seung Hui April 16, 2007 27. A result of rejecting God. ColumbineSchool Massacre April 20, 1999 More than 100shootings out ofwhich 75%occurred in theU.S.A 28. A result of rejecting God.A result of rejecting God. They are crying in the darkness withno one to look for help. 29. Atheists On borrowed time They are trying togive meaning to life, apurpose to life nowstealing from Judeo Christian tradition. 30. The Problem Atheists seem ready to believe anythingexcept God. The Hindu dated 10.01.06pp-11 31. The Problem In a NEWSCIENTIST IndiaEdition article, thescientists are nowtheorizing how ourbrain artificiallycreates God. NewScientist 01.03.10 32. Hence only God said.. Surely you have turned things around! Shallthe potter be esteemed as the clay, for shallthe things made say of him who made it,He did not make me? Or shall the thingsformed say of Him who formed it, He hasno understanding?Isaiah 29:16 33. God is not far from anyone .so that they should seek the Lord, in thehope that they might grope for Him andfind Him, though He is not far from eachone of us.Acts 17:27 34. A solution for Karunyans As Karunyans, let us diligently seek God,the Saviour daily. If our friends are having negative ideas, letus tell them the truth. And hope that he/she finds the evidence forthe existence of our Lord and Saviour JesusChrist.