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Astrological culture. By: Hallie Nowak. Aspects of Astrology. Astrology has been known to be influencing society since around the third millennium BC. Up until the 17 th century astrology was known as a scholarly tradition and it helped drive the development of astronomy. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Astrological culture

By: Hallie NowakAstrological cultureAspects of AstrologyAstrology has been known to be influencing society since around the third millennium BC.Up until the 17th century astrology was known as a scholarly tradition and it helped drive the development of astronomy. Astrology was commonly accepted in political and cultural circles and has always been very influential on people.One aspect of Astrology that has developed over the years is the use of Zodiac Signs.

Zodiac SignsZodiac Signs

HoroscopesHoroscopes are said to be a divination of a person at a certain point of time, usually based on birth.A horoscope changes as the planets, moon, and sun rotate around the universe.While researching, I discovered a quote that really did a good job describing how astrology determines a persons mood. The quote stated that if the moon can cause something as large as the ocean to change tides, then how can it not have an affect on a persons mood from day- to-day.Astrology has become such an evident part of peoples lives that it can even be used to analyze a persons sleep patterns.Seasonal changes can lead to sleep changes in people because of the positions of the moon and the sun during the day. From season to season, the sun and moon change how often they show their faces which causes people to want to sleep more in some seasons than in others. These seasonal changes that affect sleep patterns can also be seen in animals during hibernation.

William Shakespeare During Elizabethan times, Astrology was used for many different aspects of society. It was used as a tool for offering answers in medicine, biology, physics and philosophy.Astrologers were extremely respected and influential during this era. Shakespeare often referred to astrology in his plays and literature pieces. Because the influence of astrology was so great in society at this time, it only makes sense that well-known writers used it in their literature.

Astrology in MusicThere are a handful of artists that have used astrology and zodiac signs in their pieces of work.They might use astrology to disguise a persons identity, but still allow their personality to show through.However, music is also referred to in the zodiac signs because different signs are said to have better musical talent.It has been proven that famous musicians and artists follow certain zodiac signs.This is because each zodiac sign displays a number of different characteristics.

Though it has not been proven that horoscopes, zodiac signs, and other aspects of astrology are truthful, these things definitely play a significant role in our society and daily culture.If different artists along with scientists are using astrology for a variety of different things for so many years now then it must be an important part of humanity, even though it hasnt been proven reliable.The fact that so many people trust and use astrology is fascinating because in todays society trust is not easy to earn. We live in a society where you are taught not to be trusting without proof of accuracy, which makes it astonishing that so many people rely on astrological readings.