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2. PART 1 3. Done togetherFREEDOM WRITERS ysErin Grunwell starts The characters have she tries to earnto work in a schoolhave severe familytheir respect andwhere there is a problems andgives it back tolarge amount ofnearly all thethem, byracist and gangstudents have eithersacrificing a lot ofproblems amongst been part of gunher personal timethe teenscrimesjust for her new studentsAs time progressesthey begin toAnd for the rest ofrespect one and their school career,another and the she fights to remainteacher as well,to be their teacherbecoming better 4. IS THIS A WHOLE NARRATIVE, ASECTION OR AN ENIGMA? Done togetherSection. This is only a 2:35 minute section from thefilmThis is during the scene where Eva has confessed incourt that her boyfriend Paco killed the victim. Afterconfessing the truth, her group members came andverbally and physically (to an extent) attacked her. 5. IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT A SECTION OF ANARRATIVE, WHAT FUNCTION DOES THISSECTION HAVE FOR THE NARRATIVE? (THINKABOUT THE WHOLE) (FATOU) As shesAs she walking out the school They beginlooks to give her she beginsaround to run warningssheaway fromandstumbles her groupthreatening membersher.toconfessthe truth She then admitsAs sheThey thenShes in leave hercourt in thethe truth that runs, bywitness box Paco killed theshe gets throwingboycaughther on the by them groundThe function of the END scene is to answer all enigmas that were answered at the: -beginning (which is who did he kill)-through the film (why did he kill him and how did he find him) 6. DOES THE FILM FOLLOW THE CONVENTIONAL NARRATIVE (3 PART)? EXPLAIN YES OR NO (JHANE)Narrative Structure of filmDue toFailingA teacher A TeacherMsStudents knowledge, allpreviously,comes to afacesGrunwellopen up to cultures withinMs Grunwellrural area notracial realisesherthe class allteachesknowing prejudicetheres a expressing unity in thethemwhat shes problem elements ofhope thehistoricalgetting into and trys tothere passed communitytruths. unitywould unity cultures.also. The film is non linear with changing the order of time in a very confusingNo way to create enigmas for the audience however the order of time was used only in flashbacks.InterestedAngry asSlightlySympathy InterestedSatisfied asas to whatthe frustrateddue to the as they the endthe movie innocentas thetraumaticare result wasis aboutisculturesoccurrenceseducatedunity in thevictimisedclashcommunity Audience emotions 7. DOES THE CLIP FALL INTO A CONVENTIONALNARRATIVE STRUCTURE? EXPLAIN YES OR NO(FATOU) Yes it does fall into a conventional structure Because it doesnt have any flashbacks, flashforwards orforking paths. 8. IS IT LINEAR? HOW? OR IS IT NON-LINEAR? HOW (DOES IT HAVE FLASHBACKS, FLASH- FORWARDS, OR EPISODICALLY)(INGRID)StartChronologic Chronologic Chronologic Chronologic Chronologic(in thealalalalalcourtroom) LINEAR STRUCTURE 9. IS IT BEING PRESENTED IN SEGMENTS,SEPARATED BY CHANGES IN LOCATION ORTIME?(JHANE)LOCATION TIMEIN COURTIn real timeROOMImmediate cut tonext sceneHaving theIn real timecourage to tell Ellipsis (a fewthe truth moments later) TELLING THEIn real time TRUTHGoing to the nextsceneGETTING In real timeCHASEDContinue 10. IS IT BEING BROKEN UP OR LINKED BYGRAPHICS?(JHANE) No graphics are present in this clip. 11. IS THERE A SINGLE NARRATIVE (EVEN IF DIFFERENT ASPECTS IN THIS NARRATIVE ARE BEING SHOWN)? OR ARE MULTIPLE NARRATIVES BEING SHOWN?(FATOU)Single NarrativeEva is about As Eva looks EvaEva is on her Eva isEva getsto make heraround at the confessesway homerunning awayconfronted statement differentthe truthfrom herand harassed families thatfamily as they are involved chase her Only scene in different location/time(but relates to the single narrative) 12. IS THERE A SINGLE NARRATIVE (EVEN IF DIFFERENTASPECTS IN THIS NARRATIVE ARE BEING SHOWN)?OR ARE MULTIPLE NARRATIVES BEING SHOWN?(JHANE) Narrative 1Narrative 2Ms Grunwell starts Evas fatheroff in a school in dies and shesuch a rural area. experiences it. Eva is used to not Ms Grunwell istaking school faced with seriously and is racial prejudice within hershowing her true class.colours.Eva experiences herTo understand her brother from the hoodclass she trys togets shot and has seenconnect to herthe killer. Ms Grunwell connects with Ms Grunwell connects students understanding with students them, working with them as understanding them. well as Eva . 13. ARE THERE CLEAR CHARACTER ROLES AND FUNCTIONSBEING ESTABLISHED, SUCH AS A HERO OR VILLAIN?HOW DOES THEIR ROLE(S) CONNECT TO THENARRATIVE?(INGRID)HERO VILLAINROLE/REPRESENTATION Feminine,Quite Masculine,attractive unattractiveBlack Hair,Older, casual/unstylishDark brown clotheseyes, formally Worried look ondressedfaceSerious look onfaceTHEIR FUNCTION-To get sympathy and -To be hated by audienceunderstanding from audienceBecause he killed the Asian Girl charactersShe is a witness, but cant lie so she must tell the boyfriend and didnt confess to the truth andtruth in order to restore justiceexpected Eva to keep it secret. -To get sympathy and understanding from audience-To be admired by audience She is a victim, as she gets confronted by herShe is attractive and told the told about who thefamilyreal killer was. 14. IN WHAT WAYS IS THE NARRATIVE CONSTRUCTING THEIDEOLOGY OF THE TEXT?IS THIS EXPLICIT/OBVIOUS (LIKE IN A LOT OF ADVERTS)OR IS IT IMPLICIT/HIDDEN? (JHANE)IDEOLOGY EvidenceImplicitExplicitRacial PrejudiceThere were the racial issues between the Latinos and BlackCharactersCultural Honour Eva feels pressure to honour the peoplein her culture as they are seen as thefamily of the communitiesSeeking revengeand justiceDue to the betrayal in court on her own family (same culture), theychase Eva and disowned her from the familyConsequence todeceit and bad Consequently, the Black charactersBehaviour begin to put up with other culturesand are open to accept themmore(not seen in this scene). 15. STORY TIME & DISCOURSE TIME (FATOU)STORY TIME DISCOURSE TIMEScreen Grab N/AExplanation No evidence butprobably within an hour- Seconds to confess,-seconds to come outTakes 2:35 minutes to the court room narrate this scene -minutes to run awayfrom the people -daylight remains (lightlooks the same = onlydifference is her clothes) 16. IDENTIFY ALL TYPES OF TIME BEING REPRESENTED: (JHANE)Types ofScreen Grabs/Evidence ExplanationTimeSummary Clip is only 2:35 long, therefore by editingScene takes place over approximately one day fromtime it has represent a day over only 2the courts to the consequences.minutes.Ellipsis1) Eva is in the witness chair2) Reactions to the end result in court.3) Eva getting chased4) Eva being caughtSceneWhen Eva has been questionedStretch N/AFlashback N/A N/AFlash-N/A