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ASSET PLANNING TOOL ENTERPRISE VERSION 5ObjectiveAt the end of this course you'll be able to: Successfully setup the software Tool Understand how to use the GIS Carry out Coverage Planning Perform Traffic planning Carry out Interference and Frequency planningIntroduction to Enterprise Introduction to EnterpriseIntroduction to Enterprise Introduction to Enterprise The ENTERPRISE Tools Suite Asset3G - Network PIanning Advantage - Network Design Optimisation Optima - Performance Monitoring Web Wizard - Web based reporting system Direct - Transmission and Capacity PIanning Connect - Microwave Link PIanning Neptune - GSM & GPRS Drive test Data AnaIysis Ranopt - UMTS Post processing and AnaIysis Datasafe - Configuration ManagementGet StartedSetting up a New Project Starting ENTERPRISE Creating a New Project Coordinate System Map and User data directories Map Data extents Region Load Starting the project The Message Logow To Get StartedGet Log Into DatabaseSetting up a New Project CIick "Add" in the Start Project window SeIect New Project data Name project Setup the coordinate system Setup Mapping data and User directories Setup remaining tabs and cIick CIick Start ProjectOpen a Projectow to ADD a New ProjectChanging the Coordinate SystemCoordinate SystemWhere to get Map DataSame for eightsSame for CIutterTo add PIacesUser Directoriesor Prediction Directoryor CoIors PaIetteor Coverage DirectoryCaIcuIate Map Data DirectoriesProject is Ready, Get StartedUsing the GIS Map View Opening the 2D View window Map View tooIbar DispIaying Map data Key/Legend SeIecting items on the Map & ZoomingUsing the GIS Map View Printing Maps 2D View Context menu: Right cIick menu avourites Map View Gadgets Window: Map information Master ViewGraphicaI 2D View2D View with Data TypesData TypesChanging the Clutter ColoursChanging the ColoursGive Name to your Project Iike City WiseNow To Add Sites Import AntennasImport AntennaAntenna DirectoryAntenna of your requirementSeIect Antenna for your ProjectInformation Of AntennaInformation of BTS EquipmentBTS Informationeeder InformationAdding a eederMentioning the Iosses encountered Preparing ModeIAdd a ModeIInformation on Propagation ModeIsSome suggested K vaIues850/900 Mz 1800/1900 Mz 2100 MzK1 141.00 149.00 151.00K2 44.90 44.90 44.90K3 -2.55 -2.90 -2.95K4 0.00 0.00 0.00K5 -13.82 -13.82 -13.82K6 -6.55 -6.55 -6.55K7 0.7 0.8 0.8Path Loss actorsEffective Antenna eightDiffraction CIutter Descriptionrequency CIassificationrequency Bands Descriptionrequency RangesAdding LayersAdd Carrier LayerDefining GroupBCC ARCNormation of requency Re useCreating TC LayerDefining TC ARCNCeII LayerDefining CeII LayerDefining the name of CeII LayerDescribe C/ISeIect BCC and TC LayerCoverage SchemesCoverage SchemesUser SchemesUser SchemeCoverage ThreshoIdRange vaIues for each schemeSITE TEMPLATESTempIate PreparationCreate a reference siteName New CeII SiteAdd CeII in SiteInformation of ParticuIar CeIIAntenna Property of each ceIIeeder DetaiIseeder Length in meterAIIocate Carriers to each ceIICheck BCC and TC LayerMark the output PowerChange the Name of the SiteSite renamedDefining TerminaIs TypesDefining TerminaITraffic DefinitionDefining TerminaI in VectorSeIect CeII Iayer to the TerminaIADDING TE SITESirst ADD MSCADD BSCADD SiteAdding the SitesGetting Site DatabaseSite DatabaseInformation of sitePredictionsPredicting Coverage Predicting Coverage: TooIs Path Ioss Predictor DispIaying Coverage DispIaying IndividuaI Predictions Creating a Coverage Array: irst set Array Settings Create a Coverage Array- Non Sim - Best Server DispIay Coverage in "Show Data Types"Path Ioss PredictorPath Loss ManagerCIick on 2D map to get the sites on Path Loss ManagerStart the PredictionPredictionsAnaIysing Coverage Coverage statistics: Arrays Coverage/Interference Coverage Statistics AnaIysing Coverage Statistics Report The Array ManagerRun Coverage WizardArray Wizard Step 1Coverage Prediction Step 2Coverage Wizard Step 3DispIay Predictions by Best ServerCoverage SchemesPrediction according to Coverage SchemeCoverage Prediction with LegendsCoverage StatisticsCoverage Statistics Step 1Coverage Statistics Step 2Coverage Statistics in ExceI SheetTraffic PIanning TerminaI Type Characteristics: ow much Traffic wiII the TerminaI Type generate ow wiII the Traffic be spread geographicaIIy Which CeII Layers can offer service to the traffic for that TerminaI Type Configuration TerminaI Types Create TerminaI Type "GSM Voice Busy our"Traffic Raster Used to caIcuIate the traffic density map Arrays Traffic Traffic Array Wizard SeIect TerminaI Type SeIect Raster resoIution Restrict to Coverage option Assign Traffic vaIue Decide if Traffic is to be spread on a PoIygonTraffic WizardTraffic Wizard Step 1Traffic Wizard Step 2Traffic Wizard Step 3Traffic Wizard Step 4Traffic Wizard Step 5Traffic Wizard Step 6Traffic Wizard Step 7ScaIe the TrafficScaIe Traffic RasterStatic Traffic AnaIysis TooIs Static Traffic AnaIysis SeIect appropriate iIter and cIick on "Capture Traffic" A Traffic Report is generated on ExceIStatic Traffic AnaIysisTraffic AnaIysisTraffic ReportsAppIy to TrafficCaIcuIating TRXAppIy Carriers on Sub CeIITraffic CaIcuIated is appIied to Site database Neighbours PIanningNeighbor PIanningNeighbor Wizard Step 1Neighbor Wizard Step 2Neighbor Wizard Step 3Neighbor Wizard Step 4Neighbor Wizard Step 5Output Neighbor ResuItOutput Neighbor ResuItNeighbors are created and UpIoadedInterference and requency PIanningInterference TabIe Wizard Requires Best Server Coverage information and a Traffic Density Raster TooIs Interference TabIes Interference TabIe Wizard TooIs Interference TabIes View Interference TabIe WizardInterference TabIe Interference Wizard Step 1Interference Wizard Step 2Interference Wizard Step 3View Interference TabIeInterference TabIeREQUENCY PLANNINGrequency PIanning Manual Frequency Planning: Site Database nterference Arrays: Arrays Array Settings n the Array Settings select "nterfering Signal options Select "Create Array button Display nterferenceILSA requency PIanning TooIAutomatic requency PIannerImport iIes Step 1Import iIes Step 2Import iIes Step 3Import iIes Step 4InitiaIizeStart IterationsIterationsILSA requency PIannerILSA PIanner GraphILSA PIannerILSA PIannerILSA PIannerILSA PIannerrequency PIan is appIied on CeIICommit AIICommit AIIEND O COUSEThank You