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2. RULES 30 Questions. Infinite Bounce +10 for every correct answer +10/-10 on pounce Quiz Masters decision is Final 3. What was started in 1985 as a Departmental Store in Erode named as Sangeetha Shopping Centre ? 1 4. Kannan Departmental Stores 5. The Prime Minister of Y asked X to buy the state-owned airline.X mortgaged his home and used his personal savings to acquire the company, comprising two Boeing 737-300 jet aircraft and debts of US$11 million and transformed it into an industry player. One year after his takeover, Z had broken even and cleared all its debts. Its initial public offering (IPO) in November 2004 was oversubscribed by 130 per cent.X says his timing was in fact perfect: after 11 September 2001, aircraft leasing costs fell 40%. Also, airline lay-offs meant experienced staff were readily available. He believed travellers from Y would embrace a cut-rate air service that would save them time and money, especially in a tight economy. Before the advent of Z, he estimated that only six per cent of Y had ever travelled by air and about 50% were first-time flyers the succeeding year. 2 6. X Tony Fernandes Y- Malaysia Z - AirAsia 7. 3 8. Coffee / Coffee Break 9. During Larry Page and Sergey Brins visit to India, they met Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam while he was serving his Presidential tenure. In this visit, Dr. Kalam expressed his problem of typing in the google search engine. This led to the addition of a new feature in Google. What feature am I talking about? 4 10. He couldnt type in Tamil and hence Google was made available in major languages 11. A series of major flops and the changing economy saw a drop in the weekly movie attendance in US.With a financial struggle all movie studios feared to fund for a movie.Thus the studios became more interested in distribution contracts in which an outside investor would pay for the actual film and the studio would distribute it and then split the income with the original investor. Wolpert studios was waiting for a chance to direct a movie and luckily Quaker Oats was interested in the project.In order to increase the audience , Quaker Oats also came up with a brand used in the movie.Though the movie wasnt a commercial hit Quaker Oats posted a huge profit.Movie?Product? 5 12. Charlie and the chocolate factory Wonka Bars 13. Spoof of ? JgHfCnJ5Os 6 14. =TnzFRV1LwIo&feature=kp 15. The Hebrew word X is based on the verbal root for "weighing" , cognate to the Akkadian, a unit of weight equivalent to the Sumerian. Use of the word was first attested in c. 2150 BC during the Akkadian Empire under the reign of Naram-Sin, and later in c. 1700 BC in the Code of Hammurabi. The root is found in the Hebrew words for "to weigh" and is related to the t.q.l root in Aramaic and the th.q.l root in Arabic, such as in the Arabic word for "heavy.. The word X" came in to the English language via the Hebrew Bible, where it is first used in the Book of Genesis.WITGW ? 7 16. Shekel 17. Wi' a _____ _____, an' a', an' a', Wi' a _____ _____, an' a', an' a', We'll up an' gie them a blaw, a blaw Wi' a _____ _____, an' a', an' a'. O it's owre the border awa', awa It's owre the border awa', awa We'll on an' we'll march to Carlisle ha Wi' its yetts, its castle an' a', an a'. CONTD 8 18. This is a scottish song song whose theme is the aftermath of the Jacobite Rising of 1745 which was an attempt by Prince Charles Bonnie to capture Britain and recreate an absolute monarchy in the Kingdom of Great Britain. Although they lost , the army was led by _____ ______. FITB 19. 100 Pipers 20. Id Her / Company 9 21. Vandhana Luthra / VLCC 22. X was born in Birmingham to Richard Tapper X, who was from a wealthy Quaker family that moved to the area from the west of England. As a Quaker in the early 19th century, he was not allowed to enter a university, so could not pursue a profession such as medicine or law. As Quakers are pacifist, a military career was also out of the question. So, like many other Quakers of the time, he turned his energies toward business and began a campaign against animal cruelty, forming the Animals Friend Society.Meanwhile, Xs manufacturing enterprise prospered, his brother David Boddy joined the business in 1848 and they rented a larger factory on Bridge Street.Thus was born which company ? 10 23. John Cadbury 24. Which company now owned by the Tatas was founded by Maurice Wilks in 1947 and has a tagline Above and Beyond ? 11 25. Land Rover 26. Id Both 12 27. Sun Pharma Samsonite 28. Long before X DMA Design, was working on a game called Racen'Chase. The aim of Racen'Chase was to produce a fun, addictive and fast multi-player car racing and crashing game.As far as the play testers were concerned, the game sucked, except for one glitch which made the police in the game go crazy for no reason. Instead of politely pulling you over, the cops would ram you off the road. Suddenly everyone was crashing non-stop. Play testers thought this was hilarious, and in fact abandoned the missions just to screw around and see what kind of mayhem they could cause. The designers decided to not only leave the psychotic cops in there, but build the entire game around the kind of ridiculously violent car chases caused by the glitch.How do we know it today ? 13 29. GTA 30. Who holds the trademark on the word Bitcoin ? 14 31. Mt Gox / Tibanne 32. 15 33. Sinnaswamy _____ and Xs late uncle setup the factory for Luckyland Biscuits in 1964. From a two- man operation the business now has a staff of around 300; 250 on the factory floor and 50 sales representatives and office staff.Being the third largest Biscuit manufacturer in Sri Lanka , Luckyland biscuits has export licences to India , Ghana , England etc.. Income from the biscuits helped fund X passage through nearby St Anthony's College and the rest is history.Who is X who said he would have become a biscuit maker had he not found any success in his current profession ? 16 34. Muttiah Muralidharan 35. GlobalPost recently carried out a research to see a countrys most valuable and profitable export. To visualize this information, GlobalPost gathered data from the CIA Factbook to determine each nations highest valued export, and then created a series of maps.Although it was Oil for many countries , the one for Afghanistan is very unique.What is considered as the most valuable export for Afghanistan ? 17 36. Opium 37. EK 18 38. Emirates Open Skies is the in-flight magazine EK is its IATA code Tim Clark is the CEO PIA leased its aircrafts for the initial operation of emirates 39. Honeycomb Retail is a company based in Malleshwaram , Bangalore.They run a chain of Ice Cream parlours across South India and its first parlour was opened in Bangalore in 2008. Spread across Bangalore, Mysore and Coimbatore, it currently has seventeen stand alone ice cream Parlours.How do we know this Franchise ? 19 40. Polar Bear 41. P.M. Mller , who was a deeply religious Christian, attached a blue banner with a white seven pointed star on both sides of the black chimney on the steamship Laura when his wife recovered from illness. In a letter to his wife, P.M. Mller explained in October 1886, "The little star on the chimney is a memory of the night when I prayed for you and asked for a sign: If a star would appear in the gray and cloudy sky, it would mean that the Lord answers prayers.Where is this seen today ? 20 42. Ad for ? 21 43. Twitter 44. Rosy Blue N.V. is one of the world's leading diamond companies. Based in Antwerp, Belgium, the company is active in nearly every area of the global diamond industry, from rough- cutting to polishing to import/export and wholesaling. The company is also one of the largest of the DeBeers-DTC sightholders.It has its jewellery retail chain in India called ORRA.Orra created a famous product for four years since 2008 and the product has been considered as one of the Best works of Orra.What was that product ? 22 45. McGees pub is a pub and restaurant located at 240 , West 55 Street , Manhatten , New York.Although it started as an ordinary pub , it gained huge prominence since 2005.It is one of NYs most frequently visited pubs.Customers get 15% off if they visit the pub through New York TV and Movie sites tour.Why ? 23 46. It stood as an inspiration for Maclarens pub 47. 24 48. NAMCO Owned Atari Japan Masaya Nakamura is its founder Namjatown is an amusement park owned by them 49. In Business , Which term comes from Latin for To Roll Together ? 25 50. Conglomerate 51. King Liu was born in Taiwan in 1934 when the island was colonized by Japanese.He was an young and creative entrepreneur.He had some ventures with Screws and Wooden Boxes.He then ventured into Eel farming business which was destroyed by a typhoon in 1971.Undaunted , he gathered some friends and started a company in 1972 in Taichung County.The company ran successfully and a deal in 1977 with Schwinn made the company a pioneer in its field.Which company ? 26 52. Giant Cycles 53. ID 27 54. William S Paley / CBS 55. The Company was founded by George and Richard ______ in 1835 when they bought their first ship and established the _____ Line. It diversified into the distribution of goods rather than the mere shipping of them and they focused on wholesale distribution of food.They also operated a sugar industry in Guyana until it was nationalized c.1970. In 1986, the company set up a short lived co-venture between the directors of Siriol Animation to create Kalisto Ltd.They opeated Retail stores under the names Happy Shopper , Premier Stores , Euro Shopper.However, they are known better for something that was first set up by Jock Campbell in 1952.What ? 28 56. Booker Group 57. ID this Management Guru 29 58. Fredrick Winslow Taylor 59. The Ministry Of Health in Malaysia gives Halal certification to products as Pork is forbidden under Islamic Sharia Law.While doing a random check recently , traces of Pigs DNA was reported in one of Xs products.Though the manufacture of Xs goods has nothing to do with pigs , it is still a mystery as to what caused the finding of pigs DNA in Xs products.Countries like Indonesia and Saudi Arabia has started checking Xs products are people of Malaysia are calling for the boycott of Xs products.X please. 30 60. Cadbury