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All the product details of exclusive thai decor are available on this presentation

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2. PRODUCTSHOME DCORARTIFICIAL FLOWERSTOYS 3. ETD BRILLIANT COLLECTIONSCANDLE HOLDERSPICTURE FRAMESTRAYSVASES 4. Candle holdersCandle Holders in brilliant Colors is the nextstep in candle holder design 5. Picture framesPicture frames using Brilliant Colors 6. TraysTrays with wood designs and brilliant colors 7. Brilliant VasesHand made from mango woodGlass is not usedIntroduced brilliant collection of vasesAvailable in small, medium & large size 8. ETD ProdctsLuxury Purses - Royal Yan LipaoArtificial FlowersCandle HolderNoodle Bowl Made of Celadon CeramicPlace Mats with Chop SticksWall ArtWood VasesWood CarvingsSignature CandlesThai Silk Pillow Cases 9. Luxury Purses - Royal Yan LipaoYan Lipao purses are Exclusive, Elegant andLuxurious.Made from Pure Silver, White Gold, Yellow Goldand even Thai Gemstones. 10. Artificial Flowers Good bye Plastic and Silk Flowers Unique, Long Lasting, and flexible Cotton SaaPaper Flowers. Can be used as bridalflowers, wedding flowers,Christmas and for otheroccasions. 11. Classic Artificial Flower Style 12. Modern Artificial Flower Style 13. Traditional Artificial Flower Style 14. Tealight Candle Holder Made from natural wood. Tealight holders have unique luxurious style. Used to decorate rooms. Etd has Tealight scentsavailable to refill ourtealight candle holders. 15. Noodle Bowl Made of CeladonCeramic Thailand is believed to have originated theprocess of making Celadon. Thailand is famous for its Celadon Ceramic. 15 celadon items rangingfrom elephant tealight holders,salt & pepper shakers to oilburning and incense sets. 16. Place Mats with Chop Sticks Placemat sets are made from eco-friendlybamboo. Hand made in northern Thailand 17. Wall Art - Kalagas Artistically Stunning Wall Art from Thailand. Each Kalaga is unique, made by hand inNorthern Thailand. Exquisite, traditional tapestries is lined withsilk. Individual piece features hundreds tothousands of beads, stones, and sequins. 18. Kalagas Latest Selections 19. Wall art - ETD Silver Edition Display each piece of art in an elegant way. Unique silver design framed in a magnificentstyle. Background is 100% hand made Thai silk. 20. Natural Wood Vases Truly natural vases from Exclusive Thai Dcorare handcrafted. Talented Thai artisans make them use onlyeco-friendly bamboo or mango wood. Each handcrafted vase is unique, colorful andusable 21. Wood Vases 22. Wood Carvings Learn How to Get Good Luck. Learn the Elephants Secrets. Learn How You Can Save Thai Elephants. Hand crafted elephant sculptures and scenes. 23. Elephant Sculptures 24. Elephant Scene Carvings 25. Signature Candles Hand made Signature Candles. Made form pure Beeswax, Palm Oil and SoyWaxes. Paraffin wax is not used. Etd candles doesnt produce black smoke. 26. Etd CandlesSignature CandleBlue with gold logo Multicolor Collection with logo Rustic brown with logo 27. Thai Silk Pillow Cases 5 styles currently available. Takes custom orders also. All hand made bringing a truly beautifulmodern look.