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Transcript of ASAP for Implementation 7.x Overview

ASAP 7 Methodology for ImplementationJuly, 2011

Presentation ObjectivesObjective is to educate attendees about the updated and streamlined ASAP 7 implementation methodology and its expected use in the delivery of our projects. Todays presentation will cover these key topics:

Understanding the rationale behind the new ASAP methodology and its benefitsDescribing the ASAP structure and taxonomy including the Business Add-Ons


the new concepts incorporated into the ASAP 7 methodology

Accessing methodology content and supporting training materials

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Introduction ASAP 7 Key Concepts ASAP Business Add-ons with example of Agile implementation

Enablement and Training Closing

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SAP Customer Expectations are ChangingKEY TRENDS

Deliver Fast, packaged, low TCI offerings Holistic, quality implementations focused on quick time to valueInsight optimization for fast access to information on a suite of devices Organizations want to see early and frequent confirmation on the delivery of benefits

Enhanced visibility and measurable results

There is a need to demonstrate capability to solve customer pain points early4

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ASAP Implementation MethodologyRefocus for Success Yesterdays Focus

ASAP 7 Framework



Solution Mgmt. Program Mgmt

Value Mgmt


Focus shift from project to value of program

Business Process Management

Project Management and Implementation Centric

Solution and Value Centric

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ASAP MethodologySupports Multiple Lifecycles

Process Lifecycle BPM Method BPM Technology

Application Lifecycle Implementation Methodology Aplication Management System

Project Lifecycle Project standards aligned with PMI PMBOK PM Tools

Value Lifecycle Value Management Value Tools

Process Owner 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.


Project Manager

Business Unit Owner6

ASAP Implementation Methodology

New ASAP extends coverage to the entire value chain

Embedded new content for Value Management, SOA, BPM, SAP Solution Manager

Significantly streamlined traditional ASAP content Significantly revised content for areas like Blueprint, Testing, OCM, etc. 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

*SAP Internal



Introduction ASAP 7 - Key Concepts ASAP Business Add-ons with example of Agile implementation

Enablement and Training Closing

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ASAP Implementation RoadmapPhasesThe six phases of the ASAP implementation roadmap cover the entire lifecycle of the project from Preparation through the Run phase.Project Preparation Blueprint Realization Final Preparation Go-Live Support Run

Project Preparation Business Blueprint Realization

Project formally initiated and planning commenced. Requirements gathered and conceptual design conducted. Solution built and the integration tested.

Final PreparationGo-Live and Support Run

End-users trained and solution confirmed for cutover.Solution confirmed and ongoing support operational. Operability of the solution ensured.

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9 *SAP Internal

ASAP Implementation RoadmapWork StreamsThe ASAP methodology is structured around key project work streams identifying the deliverables to be produced in each phase.Project Preparation Blueprint Realization Final Preparation Go-Live Support Run

Project Management methodology administration of project planning, execution and controlling

Organizational Change Management - stakeholder management and organizational alignment Training project team and end user skills development Data Management legacy data migration and data archiving Business Process Management - business process design and system solution build Technical Solution Management architecture and technical systems Integration Solution Management solution test deliverables, processes and procedures SAP 2008 / Page 10

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ASAP Implementation RoadmapDeliverablesProject Roles Phase Work stream Deliverable Sub-deliverable


ASAP Core provides : A deliverables-based LEAN work breakdown structure outlining project deliverables for a typical implementation project. For each deliverable a list of project roles involved in the work on the deliverable.

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Value Management in ASAPImplementing SAP On Time and On Value

Ongoing Monitoring Value Audits Governance for value Financial and operational KPI monitoring

Design for ValueValue MappingBenefits Analysis Blueprint teams use Value Maps as guidelines for solution design and process optimization

Review how key design elements support targeted process changes

Annual benchmarking Apply Value Management concepts in future project

Identify process improvements with key Compare customer Value Coach supports stakeholders practices with project teams to ensure Select operational relevant peer blueprint incorporates KPIs and set targets groups targeted benefit objectives Assign KPI owners Identify Audit for value process improvement integrity Audit for Value Process opportunities Integrity 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

Integrate with Change Management Measure progress (selected operational KPIs) Audit for value process integrity and KPI / PPI validation

SAP support on demand Audit for ongoing Value Realization


Project Quality Gates in ASAPQ-Gates ensure that all key deliverables/actions of the gate have been completed in compliance with recommended practices and to the customers satisfaction.ASAP Project Phase

Project Preparation



Final Preparation

Go Live Support

Project Preparation Phase Completed

Solution Validation Compliancy Solution Validation Review

Baseline Configuration for Realization Completed

Final Preparation Phase Completed (Go-Live Readiness)

Project Completed (Project Closure)

Blueprint Phase CompletedCustomer Acceptance

Final Configuration for Realization Completed (Solution Built)


Build quality directly into the project

Integration Tests for Realization Completed (Realization Completed)

Manage project expectationsMonitor customer satisfaction

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Solution Manager Use by ASAP PhaseProject PreparationProvide Initial Planning and Preparation

BlueprintDocument Business Process RequirementsBusiness Blueprint Definition Enhancements/ Development Def.

RealizationImplement Business and Process RequirementsConfiguration

Final PreparationComplete Preparation for Go-LiveEnd User Training/ Documentation

Go-Live SupportCutover to Live Productive Operation & SupportHandover


Operate SAP Solution

Project Definition

End-User Support

Define System Landscape


Solution Directory

Change Management Application Management Business Process Operation Custom Code/ Technical Operation Manage Technical Infrastructure

Customizing Synchronization


SAP Solution ManagerSupporting Implementation FeaturesProject Administration Issue Tracking / Monitoring / Reporting Roadmaps 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved.

14 * only SAP internal

Overview of Major Acceleration Techniques built into ASAP 7

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ASAP - Run Phase Fundamentals SAP Standards for Solution OperationsProject Preparation Blueprint RealizationFinal Preparation Go Live Support


Governance Model for Operations Change Request Management Change Control Management Test Management Solution Documentation Remote Supportability Root Cause Analysis Availability and Continuity Management Business Process Monitoring and Exception Handling Data Volume Management Job Scheduling Management Transactional Consistency & Data Integrity Custom Code Management System Administration System Monitoring Security Assessment and Scoping for Operations Optimization Incident Management


SAP has created a total of sixteen standards for key operations processes within a companys business and IT units. Each standard contains best-practice procedures on how to run the individual tasks, explanations on which tools inside SAP Solution Manager should be used, available training and services that support the adoption of the standard. The implementation and optimization of these SAP Standards for Solution Operations are the key deliverables of the Run phase work packages. 2011 SAP AG. All rights reserved. 16

How to access ASAP Methodology

SAP Solution Manager Content delivery of content to Customers via ST-ICO content Service Packs Provides access to roadmap and ASAP Business Add-on business implementation content Integration with Roadmap Composer enables SAP internal users to easily update content in Solution Manager as necessary

SAP Service Marketplace View only environment to access the ASAP and ASAP Business Add-ons Open to customers, partners and SAP consultants

Users have ability to download individual accelerators or browse the roadmap content on-line SMP also provides download version of the roadmap N