Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana .Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana Euro-Latin

Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana .Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana Euro-Latin
Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana .Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana Euro-Latin
Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana .Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana Euro-Latin
download Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana .Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana Euro-Latin

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Transcript of Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana .Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-Latinoamericana Euro-Latin

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    Asamblea Parlamentaria Euro-LatinoamericanaEuro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly

    Assemble Parlementaire Euro-Latino AmricaineAssembleia Parlamentar Euro-Latino-Americana

    Parlamentarische Versammlung Europa-Lateinamerika

    San Salvador Declaration by the Co-Presidents of theEuro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly (EuroLat)

    of 21 September 2017

    Pursuant to Article 18 of the Rules of Procedure of the Euro-Latin American ParliamentaryAssembly (EuroLat), on the occasion of the 10th Plenary Session and meetings of the standingcommittees and other bodies of the Assembly from 18 to 21 September 2017 in San Salvador,El Salvador, the Co-Presidents of the EuroLat Parliamentary Assembly, Senator RobertoRequio and Ramn Juregui Atondo MEP hereby declare:

    1. We regret that events in Venezuela have prompted the decision to postpone the holding ofthe third EU-CELAC Summit at a time when it is more necessary than ever to strengthenthe Bi-regional Strategic Partnership in order to tackle the great geopolitical and economicchallenges facing the Member States in the Partnership; we reaffirm, in this context, theEuroLat Assemblys role and intention to continue to provide a privileged forum formeetings and debate in which to hold an intense, open and sincere parliamentary andpolitical dialogue, which is particularly called-for in times of tension and crisis.

    2. We call on our governments to hold the EU-CELAC Summit, if possible, in the first halfof next year in San Salvador, where, it must be said, exceptional efficiency has beendisplayed in the organisation of our own meetings. EuroLat calls for the Bi-regionalPartnership to be strengthened to tackle common tasks and challenges. Our economic andtrade agreements must serve as a framework for greater and better ties between oureconomic interests in the face of other major powers. European cooperation is vital in manycountries of Latin America and the Caribbean and it must be stepped up. Our shared visionof the social State based on the rule of law needs to gain ground across the world. Ourleadership on climate change is crucial in this existential area.

    3. We express our concern at the growing threats to world peace arising from the escalatingtension in Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. We call on the major powers, theinternational community and the States directly affected to act cautiously and wisely inmanaging these crises. We take this opportunity to draw attention to the forgotten conflictsthat are devastating many parts of the world and call on the United Nations SecurityCouncil to take firm and united action to guarantee peace and provide humanitarian aidwhere needed.

    4. We condemn in the strongest possible terms the acts of terrorism being perpetrated inEuropean cities and call for a fully concerted effort by the international community toeradicate the organisations responsible. We express our solidarity with all victims ofterrorism and ask States to step up their efforts to combat this scourge, to cooperate in orderto bring it to an end and prevent fresh harm being caused, and to take care to strike a balancebetween security and freedom. We call on governments and the general public to avoid

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    spreading messages of hate or stigmatisation targeting certain groups and religions: westress that the terrorist threat affects everyone without distinction of race, religion or origin,and we encourage public authorities to carry out campaigns promoting coexistence andmutual understanding among communities, since understanding and respect for others arethe best antidote to prejudice and fear.

    5. Cracks are appearing in the functioning of the democratic process in various countriesrepresented in our Assembly. In some of them the separation of powers is being called intoquestion, in others judicial processes are interfering with the course of the democraticprocess, and in too many cases situations are developing where power is being misused.Political corruption is too common and democratic credibility is suffering. We underlineour firm commitment to democracy and the rule of law and condemn the attitude of thosewho are violating or jeopardising those essential elements of coexistence in our countries.We appeal to the leaders of all European and Latin American States to avoid anyarbitrariness in their decisions, safeguard the fundamental values and principles ofdemocracy and respect citizens rights and freedoms within the framework of the rule oflaw.

    6. Endorsing the resolutions adopted by the European Parliament and various Latin Americanparliaments and congresses regarding Venezuela, we express our solidarity with theVenezuelan people and we are convinced that only a united and democratic Venezuela willbe able to face up to the future. We call on the Venezuelan Government to respect thepowers of the legislature and the rule of law and guarantee peace, coexistence and freedomfor all, within the framework of absolute compliance with the Constitution. We welcomethe calling of elections for local councils and governors on 15 October 2017 and ask boththe Government and the opposition to conduct a dialogue and agree an election calendarso that the people can decide on Venezuelas future peacefully and freely, by means of anindividual, universal and secret vote.

    7. We welcome the bilateral ceasefire agreed with the ELN in Colombia. We trust that thisrepresents a fresh step forward in that promising process, that will halt a long conflict andbring an end to political violence in Latin America. We congratulate the Colombian peopleon their peaceful future that is drawing ever closer and reiterate our political and economicsupport for the lengthy task ahead in the post-conflict period.

    8. We stress once again the need to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis through theimplementation of active policies to combat inequality. Measures to promote greaterequality must focus on the most disadvantaged groups that have borne the brunt of thecrisis, while at the same time assisting the middle and working classes, whose livingstandards have been affected in recent years. We emphasize the importance of socialjustice, decent employment and measures designed to combat insecurity and exploitationat the workplace, all of which are essential to the welfare state, which constitutes thebedrock of social peace and justice in our countries.

    9. We stress the urgent need to implement sound and fair fiscal policies as the main source offunding for the welfare state and public institutions. Without efficient taxation, the Stateloses the means to improve the lives of its citizens and risks forfeiting its raison dtre andits credibility. In this respect, measures to uphold democracy by countering tax fraud,money laundering, tax havens and uncooperative tax authorities must be a top priority for

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    our countries, which must undertake to act accordingly, with no excuses or delay, as partof a joint operation by the EU-CELAC Bi-regional Strategic Alliance.

    10. We call on the countries concerned to strengthen their commitment to combating climatechange under the terms of the 2016 Paris Agreement. Following the decision of the UnitedStates to withdraw from the agreement, Europe and Latin America must step up theirefforts to curb global warming and recruit other countries and international stakeholders tothis global cause. In this connection, we would remind leaders in both our regions of theneed to protect the environment also, which is the inalienable heritage of humankind andour legacy for future generations.

    11. The disasters afflicting many of our countries in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes, floodsand droughts are further proof, if such were necessary, of the need to continue the battleagainst climate change and especially the importance of international aid in these cases.Finally, we wish to express our solidarity with all those countries and especially with theircitizens who have suffered the consequences of these disasters, most recently in Mexico.

    12. We emphasize the major impact of migration as a global phenomenon, affecting all regionsof the planet and necessitating fresh rules of governance in line with the realities of thetwenty-first century, rules which should be driven and agreed by the United Nations. Wedeeply regret the tragic fate of immigrants from Africa and the Middle East attempting tocross the Mediterranean. Despite the efforts made by a number of European countries, wecannot ignore the need for a renewed and enhanced European immigration policy thatrespects the rights of asylum seekers and those in search of refuge, who are protected byinternational law. We also deplore the policies adopted by the American administration inits determination to build pointless walls and persecute hundreds of thousands of youngAmericans settled in the United States. The removal of Temporary Protected Status (TPS)enjoyed by thousands of immigrants from various SICA countries in the United Stateswould be a human catastrophe, not to mention a massive violation of the right to live indignity. We accordingly urge that these arrangements be kept in place in the United States,alongside its Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) programme.

    13. We call for measures to safeguard human rights in all our countries without exception,stressing the need to protect the lives and physical integrity of individuals, in particularjournalists, trade unionists, human rights activists, environmentalists and members ofdemocratic oppositions, who have come under attack at various locations within ourregions. It is also necessary to provide stronger guarantees regarding freedom ofexpression, freedom of the press, gender equality and respect f