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  1. 1. As Media Studies Coursework ZACHARINA A. DAINKEH
  2. 2. Magazine Course Work For my media course work I will complete three sections. Research, analyzing my target audience, gathering material from existing magazines and looking into the main productions of a music magazine in the genre that I would like my magazine to represent. I will be labelling the conventions of magazine covers, contents pages and double page spreads as well compare and contrast them, specifying the factors of logos and genres. After doing so, I will complete my preliminary task and broad cast my knowledge and understanding from my previous research. Planning, reinstating the process and difficulties in completing the preliminary task, I will then start to develop my ideas based on my research of the magazine genres, logos and my target audience. I will create a magazine cover, contents page and double page that would appeal to my audience range and genre of my choice. When I have thoroughly completed these section I would then complete an evaluation critiquing what I have done and what I could have done better
  3. 3. Preliminary Task
  4. 4. Audience Research: Gossip Music Fashion Sports Features Freebies Pullouts 1 1.50-2.00 2.50-3.00 3.50-4.00 Audience Survey Yearly Monthly Weekly I gave a survey to a focus group, aged ranged 16-18, to get there honest opinion in what they look for in a magazine. Check ONE box for each question. 1.What type of magazines do you enjoy? Gossip Documentary Entertainment Fashion Music Sport Other 2.How often do you read magazines? Daily Weekly Monthly 3.What features interest you? Music Fashion Freebies Pull-outs Sport Beauty 4.How much do you pay for a magazine? 1 2-2.50 3 More Circle answer and state Gender 5.What type of magazine covers attracts you? Lively/ vibrant/ Bold Calm/ Soft/ Subtle MALE / FEMALE
  5. 5. Consumer Characterization: Reformers Values their own independent judgement. They are socially aware, and pride themselves on tolerance. Reformers seek out the authentic and the harmonious, and are often at the leading edge of society. Mai n Categories4 Succeede rsPossess self-confidence, have a strong goal orientation and tend to be very organized. They tend to occupy positions of responsibility in society. Their investment in the status quo means they tend to support it. When it comes to brands, they seek reward and prestige, and will often seek out the best, because that is what they feel they deserve. On the other hand, they also seek out caring and protective brands. Materialistic, acquisitive people, who are driven by others perceptions of them rather than by their own values. They respond to what others perceive as being superficial: image, appearance, persona, charisma and fashion. Aspirers Mainstreamer sPeople who live in the world of the domestic and the everyday. Their life choices are we rather than me. They are the mainstream of society. They are the largest consumer group of people across the world. They respond to big established brands, to family brands and to offers of value for money
  6. 6. Audience Profile : Who Are They? My sixth form magazine will be aimed at female students. My reason for this is because I have more knowledge and understanding of this group and I want to include things like fashion/beauty also life opportunities. Age group: 16-18 Contents: Fashion, latest trends, how to look formal but fashionable attending school Life: going abroad, experiences and changes Four Consumers: Aspirers Socio- economic Group: People at the lowest level of income, Group E Sixth-Form Magazine
  7. 7. Audience Profile : Sixth-Form Magazine After carrying out my survey I have discovered that: The most popular genre was music and then the rest of the genres in the chart were equivalent to each other The average of magazines bought on a basis is weekly Thing my focus group looked forward to the most in a magazine would be the freebies The average that they would pay for their magazine would range from 1.00-2.00 The majority of females in the group liked bright vibrant colors whilst the male majority liked soft subtle colors.
  8. 8. Preliminary: The 6 ZACHY Prom otion The greatest ways to rock a blazer in you sixth form What its like studying and adapting to a foreign Barcode Cover star: my cover star will be a female sixth form student aged 17. She will have an obvious foreign appeal to the audience I target and will make them curious about her character. She will use direct address the make reader feel as if they can or relate or make them feel involved. Splash: content will at aspirers using the word foreign. Masthead: I chose this because it was creative bold and directly targeted my audience in a lively matter. Straplines: another way to target my audiences using words like Rock and Greatest Puff: in case the audience isnt completely hooked in, there will be a promotional offer enticing the audience for further reading. Cove r Mock Up
  9. 9. Dp mock up My double page spread will consist of the conventions on this mockup. I made the page simple because I wanted it to be direct and straight to the point. The three column will bee filled with contents in correlation to the cover star told from her point of view in first person The header will be a direct link to the cover pages main story. The quote will be relevant to the story and the cover star as a whole. All these ideas are lead by the that fact that I want this to be personal and have it capture the target audience of who I intend, female aspires , aged 16-18. Header Column Column Column Quote
  10. 10. Preliminary I have manipulated to make it more appealing and coherent to my magazine. The image on the left is what I intend to use for the cover of my sixth-form magazine . Reason being ,the composition and costume of the cover star directly corresponds to my mock cover. For my double-page spread I chose this image about because of the mode of the address is direct and can make a personal connection to the audience this is also shown through the facial expression. Using Photoshop, I edited the image to create the sense of reminiscence and fulfilment by dulling the colors and brightening up her face to highlight her smile.
  11. 11. Preliminary: My initial masthead, I wanted a playful font that could attract a young mature audience but I when In the process of making my cover, I started to doubt it .The font, Tekton Pro Ext, was too childish for my magazine cover and the name was a bit to vague on targeting my audience. Masthead Idea s The 6th F6rm Recovering from my last masthead, I decided to keep the 6 and used use a but a of word play adding the form to it. By enlarging the 6 I created an o for the word form. The font I used to execute this masthead Adobe Fangsong Std R was mature enough to pass for my audience but I felt as though it was still a but childish because of the lower case letters , so I altered it in my final out come. This is the final masthead produced for my preliminary task. As stated in my previous explanation, I kept the font and capitalized all letters in my mast head. I tilted the 6 to balance out the line between mature and child like and thus my masthead
  12. 12. Preliminary This is the final product of my preliminary magazine cover. I stuck with the mock ups structure , using a strong cover star supporting the concept of the cover and the appeal to my audience. As stated in my mock up, I wanted her to have a foreign appeal clearly stating she wasn't from the UK. I felt that adding many straplines would take away from the occupation in my magazine and would be too much. Each topic on my cover covers each section in the audience that I wanted to target. The promotional offer on the bottom right corner is a discount from WHSmith. I have used this store specifically because students tend to favour this store over others when it comes to buying supplies and materials for school . Not only does it directly target my audience, it also benefit s who ever that is reading it, thus appealing to a vast majority or students. This appeals to my targeted social economic group, group E, those with the lowest level of income. On the right hand side, The Greatest..., targets the Aspirers directly, using words like Greatest, and Rock , making sure they stood out and could be seen at first glance, taking into factor that aspirers are driven by others perspectives of them rather than their own values (stated in my consumer characterization) responding to what others perceive. The colors I have chosen are different shades of yellow and orange, taking account that the females in my survey favored vibrant and lively colors, this also responded to the season of a new school year appealing to new sixth formers and the seasonal change.
  13. 13. Preliminary Final product for my double page spread. Using indesign I made this spread to contain the same qualities of my cover page. The colors used on this page also respond the survey in which I constructed asking people what they prefer in a magazine. I wanted the colors to coordinate with the main image of the spread to create and atmosphere of warmth and prosperity. The majority of the vote for lively colors were female so I added a vibrant purple line behind the heading to attract more attention to it but now looking at it would have looked better if it was the other way around a use it looks the the Orange is getting lost in the purple. The caption 'I'm connected to the world' is sort of like a brief summary of the spread and is set to persuade the readers to read on. The Main image I used for the double page spread was not used as a who. The reason being is because the body language she uses is quite stiff and this article is supposed to be a celebration of youths and exploration. Her attire also prevents this from coming across because she is wearing a blazer