As easy as riding a bike - Top Myths on Urban Cycling

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Le Vélo Victoria and Olena Russell presents "Top 16 Myths on Urban Cycling" Thank you to all our friends for the beautiful photos. See slide 22 for photo credits.

Transcript of As easy as riding a bike - Top Myths on Urban Cycling


2. Susan Stokhof Le Vlo Victoria @LeVelo_Victoria As easy as riding a bike Cars are so yesterday. We're all about expressing your cycle fashion while moving in and around the urban landscape. Come, stay a while and let us help you find your cycle fashion! Susan Stokhof @LeVelo_Victoria 3. Evening Tweets use: #CycleChic #YYJ & #YYJBike @Modacitylife @LeVelo_Victoria @DeanFortin @OlenaNina @GVCC 4. TOP 16 MYTHS ON URBAN CYCLING 5. Cycling everyday is a normal activity for millions of people. Myth #1 Cycling is just for sport 6. Myth #2 It's impossible to Bring everything you need Choose baskets, bags, panniers, racks, or bikes to fit your needs. Youd be surprised what you can pack. 7. Ride your way! Dressing for your destination isnt possible! Myth #3 8. Myth #4 Riding while pregnant is too challenging With a comfortable bike, & some extra time, you can continue to ride as much as you did. 9. Myth #5 You MUST wear unflattering rain gear to keep dry 10. Myth #6 Cycling requires special bikes. Ride what suits you. Ride what's there. JUST RIDE! 11. You must ride everywhere like a speed demon while on bike! Ride your way! Myth #7 12. Myth #8 Cycling with young children is just too hard Choose a proper set-up, & connect with your kids & the world around you! 13. Myth #9 Now this reflective gear makes sense 14. Myth #10 Older adults cannot ride Anyone of any age can cycle. Enjoy the ride! 15. I must wear spandex while on bike!Myth #11 Yes, if youre in the Tour de France! 16. Myth #12 Dressing like a pylon will make cycling safer Cycling is not dangerous. Wear what you are comfortable in. 17. Riding a bike is like a hipster thing Whats a hipster? Myth #13 18. Ride a mile in their shoes before you judge Myth #14 Cyclists are reckless hooligans who jump red lights Need we say more 19. Myth #15 Cyclists should ride as close to the right of the road as possible Claim your space! 20. Myth #16 Mandatory helmet use will increase safety and encourage new riders. Safe cycling is a product of culture, proper infrastructure, and fair distribution of city space. Get out there and change the world. 21. Final parting thoughts REMEMBER, you dont have to wear unflattering rain gear to ride your bike. Just about ANYTHING you have in your wardrobe WILL WORK on a bike. CYCLING ISNT JUST FOR SPORT so you dont have to cycle to work like a speed demon clad in spandex. Take it easy, smell the roses, enjoy and have fun! 22. Photo Credits Myth 1: Melissa Burntlett @mbruntlett Myth 3: Bike Bike: Myth 5 _work_vests_jeh.jpg Myth 7 Myth 9 m2dSdJI/UcXewgBTDhI/AAAAAAAAEDw/qbHoR_YStKo/s1600/Portl andSt2.JPG Myth 15: Amsterdam Cycle Chic Slide, 1,2 ,3 Ottawa velo vogue: 23. Olena Russell & Susan Stokhof CARS ARE SO YESTERDAY