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2. WHY DID I CHOOSE THESE 2 ARTISTS? - VISUALS Visuals Alice x Zhang I know Alice x Zhangs work from DeviantART, a site where you can share your artwork with other artists around the world. For a while now Ive admired her paintings because she mostly paints fictional characters; something that I have always been very interested in. I like the striking contrasting colours she uses because it makes the images stand out and look fiery. The watercolours look as though they have been flicked onto the image to give it a washed out kind of look. The strong contrast between the bright red background and black hair create a fiery look.The watercolours give a washed out affect on the image. 3. WHY DID I CHOOSE THESE 2 ARTISTS? - MUSIC Music Shadows by RED Ive chosen this song because I know a number of songs by RED, and I feel the contrast between the verses and chorus would make it interesting for me to put to visuals and the way in which the visuals go with the music to create a strong definition between these parts of the song visually as well as aurally. 4. HOW DOES THE MUSIC FIT WITH THE VISUALS? There is a direct contrast between the start/chorus and the verse. The bright contrasting colours in the images reflect this change in the music. The start of the music is sharp and has a staccato beat; I have arranged the images here in quick succession to match the beat of the music. They dont fade into each other, so when each image appears its very sudden. At the end of the video, this technique is repeated because the music is the same as it was at the beginning this creates a beginning, middle and end; suggesting a fantastical feel as this structure is like the stages/narrative of a book. The beginning of the chorus, like the start of the music, is sharp and sudden, and this sudden change is reflected in the images, where the first image appears abruptly and the rest after that in quick succession, with a short fade between them. The black screen between the images when they fade in the verse creates suspense, especially the last image to match the verse. I think the music also has a kind of fantastical feel to it (especially in the verse) so it reflects the images on -screen. 5. PROAIRETIC CODE (ACTION CODE) & HERMENEUTIC CODE The hermeneutic code could be used to describe the ending of the video because the image at the end is far different to the rest in the way that it appears on -screen longer than the others and is black and white not as colourful as the others. 6. SEMANTIC/LINGUISTIC CODE Quite close to the start of the music is the lyric I close my eyes, to reflect this in the visuals, the image on the screen at the time the lyric is said, fades to black, as if you were closing your eyes. I repeat this throughout this section of the song to create a sense of repetition and to make the visuals fit with the rhythm. All of the images I use in this part of the song are probably the most striking out of all the images. 7. HOW DOES THE VIDEO REPRESENT ME? As a lot of Alice x Zhangs work is of fictional characters from fictional tv programmes/books/films etc. they appeal to me as I am a fan of things like Doctor Who, Harry Potter etc. This represents me wanting to escape reality through the use of reading/watching fictional material. The music I chose is in the genre of soft metal/heavy rock; I would have chosen something heavier and more obscure but I felt the song I chose would be easier to talk about and link to the visuals. This could also be a way of me not showing myself fully; and this represents me as Im someone who likes to keep myself to myself and reflects the fact that I am a very private person.