Artisan Goat Cheese and Food Ideology in the United States

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Artisan Goat Cheese and Food Ideology in the United States. KATY STEWART. Summary of Research. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Artisan Goat Cheese and Food Ideology in the United States

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Artisan Goat Cheese and Food Ideology in the United StatesKATY STEWART

1Summary of ResearchMy research explores the production of artisan goats cheese in Idaho, taking into account the variables of regulations, value of food and environmental philosophy as it builds the food ideology behind the production of cheese. This research is the first half of a project I will continue next summer in Italy, conducting a cross-cultural comparison of the cheese-making cultures.

2MethodsParticipant ObservationSemi-structured InterviewCoding with Outline of Cultural MaterialsAnalysis in HyperRESEARCH

Outline of Cultural Materials175- History181 Ethos 181.1- Farmstead value 181.2- counter-cultural food ideals 181.3- Sense of place 181.4- Food Value185- Cultural goals 185.1- ideal food system 185.2- Size231- Domesticated animals 231.1- Feeding regimen 231.2- Breeding 231.3- Grooming 231.4-Kid raising 231.5-Herd management234- Dairying 234.1-Cheese-making process 234.2-Types of cheese 234.3- Milking process311- Land Use 311.1- Grazing methods

318- Environmental quality 318.1- Environmental protection and conservation efforts656- Government regulations 656.1- Environmental quality 656.2- Raising livestock 656.3- Cheese-making process 656.4- Cultural issues 656.5- Cleanliness and sanitation 656.6- Packaging and labeling443-Retail Marketing 443.1-types of retail outlets820- Ideas about nature and people 821- Ethnometeorology 823- Ethnogeology 825- Ethnozoology 829- Ethnosociology 829.1- Changes in consumer values 829.2- Views of dominant food culture

Summary RegulationsDont find them oppressiveMostly just common sense of keeping things cleanCan make the exact same style of cheese, do the process the same, and the cheese wont taste as good.

Summary Value given to foodViews it as an art Have to have good treatment of animal (Ethnozoology) and understanding of animal husbandry Have to understand land and climate to make good food

Environmental Values and Sense of PlaceHigh value on sense of place Conservation and improvement of pastures not top priority, because they produce amazing milk without it

Frequencies of Codes in Building Food Ideology

Value of Food Topics

ConclusionsIncredible amounts of factors that go into production of just one type of cheeseEspecially when its something that has all the steps of productionContradiction between ideal local food system and the affluent upscale marketDisconnect with the idea of caring for the land and using what the land has to offer