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  • 1. Members Only Investment Art Club

2. Its for Mavericks! New Members Only Investment Art Club.Fast-growth commission plan with 80% pay out.A never-been-done-before Company Ownership Programme.Its for people who want to do something different!Artifu 2010 2 3. Because everything else is the same!Whats the one thing they dontwant you to know? The thing they never talkabout or share with you? But the thing that quietlymakes them millions. 5/18/2010Artifu 2010 3 4. Of course MLM distributors make a lot of money! 5/18/2010Artifu 2010 4 5. But owners of MLM Companies make more. FACT! 5/18/2010Artifu 20105 6. Thats why Billionaires now own MLM companies!Richard BransonDonald Trump Warren Buffet5/18/2010 Artifu 2010 6 7. Super wealth is accumulated by being an owner. 5/18/2010Artifu 20107 8. Want to own a successful MLM Company?Requires massive capital Represents huge risk And is beyond most peoples reach But what if You could become an owner? You could have both big incomenow and ownership too? 5/18/2010Artifu 2010 8 9. Because as an owner of an MLMCompany you get: Board-level information To attend Companys annualgeneral meetings A vote to influence the runningof the company To make much more money withannual dividends 5/18/2010 Artifu 2010 9 10. Thats what you get with Artifu Membership to exclusiveInvestment Art Club Big money now from our lucrativeCommission Plan Become an owner of 80% of theCompany, which is reserved forMembers 5/18/2010Artifu 2010 10 11. Too good to be true? We understand if youreskeptical Its a first never been donebefore Its normal to challenge newideas But every revolutionary concepthas its time 5/18/2010Artifu 2010 11 12. This is Artifus time. Our Vision? We work as a Team TheCompany and Membersacting as one We share ALL the wealth And we achieve our dreamstogether and quicker! 5/18/2010Artifu 2010 12 13. So, who are we? About Us5/18/2010 Artifu 2010 13 14. About Us European Company, HQ based inMalta Distribution Centre in Philippines Founded by a successful BritishBusiness Group with multi-milliondollar track-record in Art & MLM Solid Finances no debt Hand-picked Management Teamwith 45 years of combinedexperience 5/18/2010 Artifu 2010 14 15. What do we do? Investment Art5/18/2010Artifu 2010 15 16. Investment Art Extensive online Gallery of LimitedEdition Art Hundreds of works of art byestablished and emerging internationalartists, Styles range from modern &contemporary, to traditional & classic Works chosen specifically for theirInvestment potential Each piece approved, signed &numbered by the Artist Prices range from $100 to $2,000 +5/18/2010Artifu 2010 16 17. Ok, whats in it for you? The Commission Plan5/18/2010 Artifu 2010 17 18. First things first We like to be transparent. All Members buy Art Theres no forced monthly re-buying Our Plan has a FREE Re-entry system We have a $15.00 annual Admin Fee Shipping charge is $35 per package Refer to the complete Artifu Commission Plan. The following explanation is merely an extract. 5/18/2010 Artifu 2010 18 19. Getting Started Starter Packs of art come with thecorresponding amounts of IncomeAccelerators (IA) The more IAs you have the more moneyyou can make. They come in groups of 1, 3, 7 or 15 Starter PackIncome Accelerators $1001 $3003 $7007 $1,50015 5/18/2010 Artifu 2010 19 20. There are six ways to make moneyTheres something for Direct Referral Commissioneveryone! Accelerator Board Commission Revolving Board Commission Booster Commission Leadership Bonus 6 Star Royalty Bonus 5/18/2010Artifu 201020 21. Direct Referral CommissionEarn 10% on everypurchase made by apersonally referredMemberPack boughtYou earn$100 $10$300 $30$700 $70$1,500 $150 5/18/2010 Artifu 201021 22. Accelerator Board Commission IAs follow the referrers IAs. Accelerator Board fills in a 2 x 2format top to bottom & left toright Your Complete Level 1 & 2 with IAs,plus 8 others within the next 4levels to earn your 1stcommission FredsSallys E.g. You refer Fred and Sally.Their IAs follow yours. Theyrefer new Members and their IAsfollow Fred & Sallys5/18/2010 Artifu 2010 22 23. Revolving Board (RB) Only 15 people can be on aRevolving Board Between 7 & 13 people arealways in place when youenter the RB You follow your referrer andtake 1st available position onLine 4 We work in teams to fill theYour Fred referrerremaining positions withMembersTom Its that easy!Line 4YOU Sally5/18/2010 Artifu 2010 23 24. Moving up the Revolving Board RB completes when Line 4 isfilled The top person gets paid andexits Two new RBs are created andeverybody moves up Next two people move to the topGets Paid YOU 5/18/2010 Artifu 2010 24 25. Revolving Board Commissions Process repeats twice and youreach the top Line 4 completes and you earn$500 if you have no personallyreferred (PR) Members on yourBoard 1,000 if you have 1 personallyreferred Member on your BoardYOU $2,500 if you have 2 personallyPRYOUreferred Members on your Board A guaranteed $3,000 if youYOUstarted with $1,500 PR5/18/2010Artifu 2010 25 26. Your FREE Re-entry When your RB is complete andyou have been paid, you exit You follow your referrer againand re-enter on Line 4 of thatRB for FREE Line 4 completes and the topperson gets paid & exitsGets YOUYOUPaid You climb up through the Levelsand get to the top againYour YOU Referrer And make up to $2,500 over andover again YOU YOU5/18/2010 Artifu 201026 27. Boosters BonusesComplete additional Income Accelerators whilstclimbing up your Revolving Board and increase yourcommissions Boosters are calculated on your Revolving BoardCommission: Maximum 270% IAs% $3,000 $2,500 $1,000 $500 15 $150 $125 $50$25 560$1800$1500$600 $300 10 160 $4800$4000$1600$800 14 270 $8,100 $6750$2700$13505/18/2010Artifu 2010 27 28. Leadership BonusBuild a team and earn LeadershipBonuses from your downline 5 4 3 212% 2% 2% 2%2% 1 Gen1 Gen 1 Gen 1 Gen 1 Gen 2 Gen 2 Gen 2 Gen 2 Gen 3 Gen 3 Gen 3 Gen 4 Gen 4 gen 5 Gen 5/18/2010 Artifu 2010 28 29. 6 Star Royalty BonusHelp just one Member to achieve 5 6Star and you achieve 6 Star 543212% 2%2% 2%2%2% 1 Gen1 Gen1 Gen 1 Gen 1 Gen1 Gen 2 Gen2 Gen 2 Gen 2 Gen2 Gen3 Gen 3 Gen 3 Gen3 Gen4 gen 4 gen4 Gen5 Gen 5 Gen 5/18/2010Artifu 2010 29 30. How can you become super wealthy? Artifu Share Ownership Program5/18/2010Artifu 2010 30 31. Company Share Ownership Programme80% of Shares in the Company arereserved for Members. Help us build a successful businessand become an owner along with us. The more money you make themore Shares you earn. This is the Artifu promise! 5/18/2010Artifu 2010 31 32. What do I do know? The Launch Plan5/18/2010Artifu 2010 32 33. Launch Promotion From 5th June - 5th September 2010 Refer 5 New Member in your first 30 daysand get a $600 Branded Lap Top when youcycle out of your 1st RB YOU 1 1 234 5 5/18/2010 Artifu 201033