Art of photography

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  1. 1. The Art of Photography by Lloyd Smith
  2. 2. A little snow at the cabin
  3. 3. Lloyd Smith in Patagonia - Argentina
  4. 4. Lloyd in Nepal December 2014
  5. 5. Sky Fire Crater Lake Been printed around the world, even Readers Digest
  6. 6. A doll in a fish aquarium.
  7. 7. An orphan boy in Nairobi, Kenya. Been off the streets for two weeks.
  8. 8. I walked into a church in Soweto, South Africa and saw this darling little girl.
  9. 9. I loved the lighting A church in Soweto, South Africa. Rotary Magazine published it on their Website.
  10. 10. Ron Morrison, age 57, 20 felonies, 30 years in prison, Vietnam marine vet, heroin addict, COPD, mental. Kelso, Washington
  11. 11. A visit to Pilanesberg National Park South Africa
  12. 12. Parque National Torres Del Paine - Hosteria Pehoe - Patagonia
  13. 13. Austral Pygmy-owl Parque National Torres Del Paine
  14. 14. Mwanza, Tanzania
  15. 15. Sheepherder Parque National Los Alerces Esquel Bariloche - Patagonia
  16. 16. Get Organized! I encourage you to organize your photos so you can find them. Get a system. Put them into folders. This is the system I use for almost 2,000,000 photos. My computer has been upgraded to 16 terabytes, filled 3 terabytes.
  17. 17. Some samples of how I use photography 1-My son called me and asked if I had any photos of my 18 year old granddaughter, Kaitlyn Smith. In 3 hours I had 1200 photos, 18 years of her life. Probably a record for a grandpa. Had many more. 2-To honor my wife Helen Smiths, 70th birthday I put together an album of 3,000 photos. It took me a year of sorting through 2,000,000 photos. 3-I have matched up objects in my folks photos to objects we still have todaythe Museum Project.
  18. 18. 1- The Kaitlyn Smith project 1997-2015
  19. 19. Kaitlyn Smith with her dad, Keith Smith 1997
  20. 20. Kaitlyn growing up
  21. 21. Kaitlyn even modeld for me in Cabo
  22. 22. Kaitlyn Smith holding her cousin Reuben Tanner
  23. 23. Kaitlyn is growing up!
  24. 24. The Helen Project 1945-2015 Sorted through 1.5 million photos for 3,000 photos over 70 years
  25. 25. 1945 The first photo of Helen. When Helens mother died we found thousands of negatives in boxes in her apartment. They have all been scanned. 10,000 images
  26. 26. One of the houses that Helen was raised in. The snow blew through the cracks. She remembers the outhouse well.
  27. 27. 1963 Graduation photo 1963 I started taking her photo, been shooting Helen for 52 years
  28. 28. She has been an active girl
  29. 29. Helen Mae Boormans albums cover 70 years, 3000 photos, a world record for a husband
  30. 30. I will be sending out this PowerPoint later today, you can click on the links to check out Helen or copy and paste. Album 1: Helen Mae Boorman Smith - Watching Helen Grow Up I (1945-1984) Album 2: Helen Mae Boorman Smith - Watching Helen Grow up II (1985-2008) Album 3: Helen Mae Boorman Smith - Watching Helen Grow Up III (2008-Present)
  31. 31. 3-The Museum Project Old photos with an object still owned in the photo 1951 Dad sitting on his milking stool. I still have the stool.
  32. 32. 1935 Helens mother in her prom , graduation and wedding dress.
  33. 33. 1959 Lloyd sitting at his desk, note the chair and slide rule, age 19
  34. 34. 2015 The desk, the chair and the slide rule in the display
  35. 35. 2015 Lloyds grandson Bennett Smith sitting at the same desk with the same slide rule
  36. 36. Helen in 1952 holding the Bible, ready for church.
  37. 37. Haiti 2010 I photographed this girl Haiti 2012, ran into same girl in camp
  38. 38. Haiti one month after the earthquake
  39. 39. Haiti
  40. 40. Haiti
  41. 41. Nepal
  42. 42. Mount Rainier National Park
  43. 43. Crater Lake National Park 1970s
  44. 44. Crater Lake National Park in black and white
  45. 45. In the Mountains of Nepal
  46. 46. Cabo, Mexico
  47. 47. Lloyd Smith in Haiti one month after earthquack