Art of hosting 2012 Croatia

Art of hosting 2012 Croatia
Art of hosting 2012 Croatia
Art of hosting 2012 Croatia
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Invitation to AoH workshop, 29-30.5.2012., Zagreb, Croatia

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  • We invite you to a 2-day program to:Explore

    Learn to host powerful conversations


    Practice mindful listening, connecting and initiating ideas for wise actions

    Enter the network of learners and practitioners supporting you in using new skills

    Harvest knowledge on participatory leadership as tools for systemic and

    organizational change

    hosting as an core leadership practice

    and meetings that result with clarity and


    If the

    group is an art

    form of the future,

    then convening groups

    is an artistry we must

    cultivate to fully harvest the

    promise of the future.

    - Jacob Needleman,

    Centered on the



    intensive training

    in The Art of Hosting (AOH) practice for the

    AOH practitioners and new comers who seek

    for fresh, energetic ways of connecting,

    collaborating and leading to create

    fruitful and sustainable


    The Art of Hosting

    Meaningful Conversations

    Zagreb, 29. - 30. 5. 2012

    Register here






    World Caf

    Open Space


    Appreciative Inquiry


    Circle Practice

    Chaordic Stepping


    5 Breaths of Design


    Deep learning

    Powerful questions

    Engaging strategies

    Bold action

    Courage and


    Communities of


    Local and global


    Going deeper in

    practice and

    exploration of what

    has sense and

    meaning now

    This training is not for spectators...

    We will learn by observation, experience and practice, using interactive

    processes to build a safe and inspiring learning environment

    Our learning will grow out of participant contributions, experience and and

    presence - we will support each other as co-learners

    In the process we will connect, inspire and support each other in our work,

    or maybe even create new initiatives or projects that would not have

    happened without this training

    We will explore how to apply the AOH practice and tools to your own

    context and projects-in-progress

    All participants are invited to bring topics or projects that are relevant to

    them and will use them as basis through the training

    "Hosting is an emerging set of practices for facilitating group conversations of

    all sizes, supported by principles that: maximize collective intelligence;

    welcome and listen to diverse viewpoints; maximize participation and

    commitment; and transform conflict into creative cooperation.

    Art of Hosting practices are different and complementary to more traditional

    ways of working that are based on rational planning in an attempt to control

    the process. Instead, this interactive training provides the basic theory and

    practices of specific methods as well as the consciousness which holds

    methodology about how to live and work in the creative tension between

    chaos and order - with just enough chaos to make the creation of newness

    possible and just enough order to bring the ideas into wise action. We call this

    the Chaordic Field, where learning and innovation take place and where wise

    and sustainable change can be discovered.

    Context & backgrund

    P r i c e & P l a c eTraining will take place at

    Accommodation available in the


    312 kn (42) single room,

    228 kn (31) per person in two-bed

    room, brekfast incl.

    Organization: esti Oblik , Zagreb,


    For more information please contact or

    look at the

    Medvednica (Sljeme), Zageb, in hotel

    Tomislavov dom

    Price (training fee) - includes training,

    documentation, lunch, coffee breaks

    and refreshments for all three days

    Prices for new participants to AOH:

    1880 kn + 25% VAT (250) individuals

    2300 kn + 25% VAT (305) companies

    Price for AOH practitioners:

    800 kn + 25%VAT (105)

    (participated before in AOH training)

    Early-bird discount of 10%

    for payments before 15.4.2012

    Register hereMore info

  • thThe Art of Hosting references - 4 time in CroatiaThe Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations (AOH) is shared name for the training and the practice on which training is

    based. The AOH training has taken place many times, in many different countries over the Europe, America, Asia,

    Australia and Africa and it is unique by the network of practitioners and experience which work all over the world. This is ththe 4 time we organize AOH training here in Croatia and we see it as valuable and wonderful opportunity to involve more

    people and share our experience and learning with others.

    To read more what people say about it look at the website


    Plazonic Bogdan

    is facilitator and trainer, with more then 10 years

    of experience of working in area of organisational and

    project development and procesess improvement. Her

    backgound is technical, she is BSc. in

    Physics, with extensive experience in

    telecomm software industry and this

    combines with contuniues activites in civil

    sector. is a member of several

    international and national networks of

    pears and one of them is Art of Hosting

    (AoH), from its beginnings. Experiencing

    Art of Hosting and co-hosting it, made a

    permanent shift in pericieving possibilities in group

    processes and made a hugh impact to all areas of

    her work, and wish to spread this experience

    and results brings her into this hosting



    Jasmina Lukacevic

    is consultant and facilitator, involved

    into the Art of Hosting network from it's

    beginning and has many practical experiences of

    using hosting in divers organizations and

    communities. Her work is based on

    hosting initiatives and people in

    process and engaging others by

    creating safe space where instead of

    barriers and old rules which doesn't

    work any more, people are involved

    into the meaningful conversation they

    need to have to find wise decisions

    and implementable actions for sustainable solutions.

    works as a Human Resources (HR)

    consultant and a project leader in the HRpro

    software company.


    Bob Wing M.A.

    has facilitated leadership workshops and

    trainings in the U.S, Europe, Africa and Asia.

    He is the director of ,

    an organization dedicated to cultivating compassionate

    and dynamic actions in the world and is a co founder with

    Toke of The Warrior of the Heart dojo, which empowers

    individuals and groups to live and work

    wisely and courageously in skillful

    leadership. Bob has taught Aikido and

    Gestalt therapy at Naropa University in

    Colorado, working in the

    Contemplative Psychology,

    Contemplative Psychotherapy, and

    Extended Studies departments, and

    with the Marpa Center for Business

    and Economics. He is also a sculptor and painter,

    with a special interest in spontaneous and in

    the momentworks. See some of his work


    Mountain Warrior Institute


    Paludan Mller

    has been pioneering the fields of

    sustainable entrepreneurship, participatory

    leadership, educational renewal, and social

    responsibility since the early 1970s. He is co-founder, of

    InterChange a training and process

    consulting company based in Denmark. He

    has worked for the Danish & UK public

    sector, international NGOs, companies in

    the private sector, international networks in

    many countries, and with villages in Africa,

    Europe and the Middle East. Toke has co-

    founded , ,

    and the Warrior of the Heart dojo; former

    Chair of the Board of the Danish

    Entrepreneurs Association and long-time

    international professional conference

    organiser and process host. For the past six years he

    has worked with colleagues in support of large-

    scale systems transformation in England, USA

    and Canada, as well as in the

    European Commission.

    The Art of Hosting The Flow Game

    The hosting teamWe are all involved with organizing, designing and hosting of interactive learning and

    self-organizing processes, initiatives and creation of communities amd network

    organizations. We have come together for this training through the inspiration to

    bring this work to others. The strength of our team is the offer of different but

    complementary skills and experiences.

    How do I


    what I feel?

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