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  • 2. A STAR WAS BORN WALTER ELIAS DISNEY December 5, 1901 Chicago, Illinois Elias Disney (Irish-Canadian) & Flora Call Disney (German- American) 3 brothers & 1 sister Roy Disney- Co-founder of Walt Disney Productions Ruth Flora Disney Raymond Arnold Disney Herbert Arthur Disney Roy Disney Ruth Disney
  • 3. CHILDHOOD Raised in Marceline, Missouri Drawings sold to neighbors Family religion was Congregationalist Christian
  • 4. SCHOOLING Walt Disney attended McKinley High School in Chicago. Took photography and drawing classes Became a cartoonist for the schools newspaper HIGH SCHOOL DROPOUT and tried to join ARMY Got rejected and joined the Red Cross
  • 5. TRAINING Took classes at the Chicago Art Institute Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design
  • 6. INFLUENCES Sent to France to drive an ambulance that was covered in his designs of Disney cartoons. Returned to Kansas to become a cartoonist for the newspaper Inspired by mother and older brother, Roy, to pursue his dreams
  • 7. JUST MARRIED June 13, 1925, Walt Disney & Lillian Bounds got married in Idaho. Lillian came up with Mickeys name, whileWalt designed him. Together they had two daughters, Diane and Sharon.
  • 8. FAILURE IS NOT FINAL Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because he "lacked imagination and had no good ideas." Laugh-O-Grams fell bankrupt. At one point could not pay his rent and was surviving by eating dog food. Universal obtained ownership of one of his cartoons and no longer needed him. Mickey Mouse got rejected by MGM Studios.
  • 9. REACH FOR THE SKY Alice Comedies was successful, Walt became a recognized figure in Hollywood. In 1932, the production entitled Flowers and Trees(the first color cartoon) won Walt the first of his studio's Academy Awards. Won plenty of awards Opened Disneyland Park in 1955
  • 10. & THE AWARD GOES TO Walt Disney holds the record for both the most Academy Award nominations (59) and the number of Oscars awarded (22). Earned 4 Honorary Oscars Has TWO stars on Hollywood Walk of Fame (motion picture & television work) Medal from League of Nations for creating Mickey Mouse. Planet named after him called 4017 Disneya Even has his own font Waltograph
  • 11. TALENTED OR NAH? American motion-picture producer Television producer Showman Pioneer of cartoon films Creator of Disneyland.
  • 12. IN LOVING MEMORY OF.. Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966 of lung cancer.