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39 th AGM Ahmedabad Round Table 40 Date:- 25-07-2015 Venue:- Hotel Ramada, Udaipur

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Transcript of ART-40 39th AGM Report

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39th AGM

Ahmedabad Round Table 40

Date:- 25-07-2015Venue:- Hotel Ramada, Udaipur

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Outgoing Team: 2014-2015

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Meeting Called to Order Chairman Tr. Abhishek Goyal called to

order the 39th AGM of Ahmedabad Round Table 40, 902nd continuous meeting and 2nd of the year 2015– 2016 with a toast to the President Republic of India & Sponsor table BSRT 26.

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Reading of the Notice Convening the Meeting and establishing the Quorum

Secretary Tr. Ankit Agarwal read out the notice convening the meeting and took a roll call of the Tablers present to establish the quorum.

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Tablers Present:

• Tr Abhishek Goyal• Tr Vishal Agrawal• Tr Ankit Agarwal• Tr Ankit Parikh• Tr Vineet Parikh• Tr Amit Jain• Tr Akshit Marwah• Tr Niral Shah• Tr Harsh Shah

Honorary Tabler Present

• HT Prakash Udeshi• HT Amit Kariwala

Apology Received• Tr Jwalant Mahadevwala• Tr Shyam Sheth• Tr Abhijeet Mehta• Tr Animesh Damani

Leave of Absence

• Tr Utkarsh Jani


• Tr Pulkit Goenka

Area Observer

• AC Tr Kunal Kavi

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Aims & ObjectivesChaiman Tr. Abhishek requested Tr. Vineet to read the Aims & objectives of Round Table India.

RTI Song: Chairman played the Round Table India song.

 Welcoming Guests:Chairman welcomed the Area Observer Tr. Kunal Kavi, Fellow Tablers of ART-40 & GRT-254, Circlers, 41ers, Prospective and Twinkler’sTr. Ankit Agarwal read the greetings received from National Board, Area XI Board.

Appointment of SergeantTr. Harsh was appointed as the sergeant at arms.

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Confirmation of Minutes of 38th AGM held at Fire &

Flames, Ahmedabad

The minutes of the 38th AGM were

circulated by the Secretary and

requested a proposer & seconder for

the same. The minutes were

proposed by Tr. Vineet and

Seconded by Tr. Amit Jain. 

Approval of Audited Accounts

Chairman Tr Abhishek presented the

audited accounts which was proposed by

himself and seconded by Tr. Vineet


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Tr. Ankit Agarwal presented a wonderful report on all the activities carried out throughout the year right from Fellowship to Projects, LAPD to Community Services, Twinklers to Inter Table Fellowships.

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Tr. Ankit AgarwalBest Attendance AwardAmazing PublicityBest Floor Tabler

Tr. Akshit MarwahRising Star

Page 11: ART-40 39th AGM Report

Tr Harsh and Tr AmitMost Promising Tabler

The Guiding Star Award

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Award for Best Fellowship

HT Satyavrat AryaTr Vishal AgrawalTr Shyam ShethTr Animesh DamaniTr Ankit Agarwal

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Tr. Ankit ParikhCOM for Attendance

Tr. Niral ShahCertificate for Appreciation

Other Awards

COM Fellowship : Tr Vineet Parikh HT Amit Kariwala

Best Couple : Jwalant and Kanika

All Rounder Star : Tr Utkarsh Jani

Certificate of Appreciation : Tr AbhijeetMehta

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Team ART-40 giving Gift to Ch Abhishek

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Change Over Banquet

Out going Chairman Abhishek handed over his Jewel to the Incoming Chairman AnkitAgarwal for the yeat 2015-2016 and wished him and his team all the very best.

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Incoming Team:

2015-2016 NEW HEADBOARD VC: Animesh Damani Secretary: Ankit Parikh Treasurer: Vishal Agrawal IPC: Abhishek Goyal

Honorary Tabler: Sq. Leg Amit Kariwala Sq. Leg Satyavrat Arya

Jewels: Sq.Leg Manoj Kapoor Sq.Leg Deepak Shah Sq. Leg Niral Shah

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Chairman Ankit Agarwal revealed the New Pin for the year 2015-16 as it the 40th Year of ART-40

Incredible 40 Years

Chairman requested the National HT Prakash Udeshi to launch the New Pin of the Year

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Dear Friends,

Thank you all for joining us on our 39th annual AGM, a celebration of both change and continuity. It’s a matter of pride for ART 40 as we enter into Ruby year i.e 40 years of ART 40. 

It is my greatest delight for your trust and faith you bestowed in me as the incoming Chairman of Ahmedabad Round Table 40. I’m honored by this appointment & I hope I am able to demonstrate adequate leadership to do justice to the confidence you have in me.

With all the opportunities and challenges that come with my acceptance to serve us all, I am of the belief that this journey will not be a smooth one if I am to walk it alone, however, we thank our past leaders for drafting constitution that recognizes the importance of the Vice chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, & convenors as it is through this synergism that we are going to make sure that our motto 'Service Through Fellowship' is going to be achieved.

Incoming Chairman’s Speech

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Let me take this opportunity to acknowledge the tremendous and adorable initiatives that were undertaken by the previous crop of leaders. 

I must congratulate Tr. Abhishek Goyal for his service as Chairman over the last 12 months. It’s been a pleasure to support Abhishek with his planned activities round the year.  Abhishek’s incredible passion for tabling has set high benchmarks.

Indeed you are an inspiration, a challenge and an avenue for us to continue doing these great works that you began, To live up to such standards would be first challenge that I shall encounter. I am certain though, that with this team that we have, we shall even do much better because I have faith in this team.

My main aim for this year is to have fun and to seek out opportunities for service - to increase recognition of our table both in the RTI community and in the community at large.

As the incoming Chairman, I would like to take vows on 2 important aspects, Commitment and Self-improvement.

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The first commitment I make here is to be on time; to fulfill my role as a floor member by attending club meetings regularly and by committing myself to the cause. Self improvement:

the desire for self-improvement is a quality which is very important in both personal & professional life. Table helps you in grooming and lets us all take benefit of it. As Chairman, I will celebrate this joy of commitment & self improvement.  So I shall ask: “Will each of you please join with me in this celebration”?  Will you?

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Chairman Ankit Agarwal revealed the his Theme of the Year

“MAD”Make A Difference

We are MAD”:- Making a Difference· add life to every project we undertake· promote service, fellowship & goodwill· are driven by passion & commitment· eat & breath fellowship· are obsessive about improving life of under privileged children· conduct our duties with highest standard of ethics· are passionate about adding value to our Tabling, Community, City & CountryLets all join hands to Make a Difference.

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Fund Raising – Animesh Damani

LAPD – Vishal Agrawal

Fellowship– Harsh Shah & Amit Jain

Projects – Jwalant Mahadevwala

Publicity – Vineet Parikh

Car Rally: Abhishek Goyal and Amit Jain

Supply House – Abhijit Mehta

Twinkler – Ankit Parikh

International Relations: Vineet

IIM Project Convener: Vishal

NBS: Akshit

Community Service: Shyam and Abhishek

Extension: Pulkit Goenka

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INDUCTIONSChairman Tr. Ankit Agarwal inducted one prospective into the tabling fraternity.

Chairman requested HT Satyavrat Arya to carry out the induction process.

Industion is:

Pulkit Goenka

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Tr. Harsh gave the floor light moments by sharing some wonderful Jokes and brought smiles on all the faces present at the Floor

The wonderful Seargenting helped us in a collection of Rs.5000/-

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A small momento was presented to Area Observer AC Kunal Kavi by IPC

Abhishek Goyal.

The area observer appreciated the work done by Abhishek in the last year

and wished new chairman Ankit Agarwal and his team for the coming year.

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Tr. Ankit Parikh gave the Vote Of Thanks. He thanked the Area Observer AC Kunal Kavi, HT’s, Jewels, Fellow Tablers, Circlers, 41ers, Prospective and Twinkler’s for coming to the 39th AGM and making it a success.

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Chairman Tr Ankit Agarwal called the meeting to a close with a toast to Round Table India & Round Table International.

Report Compiled By:

LMF Tr. Ankit ParikhSecretary, ART 40