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Transcript of Art (1) Upgraded.

  • 1.. .What is it?
    By: Sharlyn

2. Program:
Lets define Art
Periods & Movements
What art is to me
Some of my favorite artists pieces
3. Lets define Art
Or at least the term art.
4. According to
Art is: thequality,
accordingto aestheticprinciples,ofwhatisbeautiful,
appealing,orof morethanordinary
Ian Muttoo
5. Colors, like features, follow the changes of
-P. Picasso
By: Marc A. Sporys
6. periods & MOVEMENTS
Brief timeline on art history.
7. The history of art is divided into periods:
Prehistoric: 750,000 BP -1500 BP
Ancient: 3000 BC - 331 BC
Middle Age: 373 - 1453 AD
Renaissance: 1400 - 1800 AD
Baroque: 1600 1750 AD
18th Century
19th Century
20th -21st Century
8. Notes:
Prehistoric art is any type of art that comes from preliterate cultures.
Ancient art is any type of art that comes from ancient cultures such as: Chinese, Indian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian and others.
Middle Age art includes theological perspectives; much of the works are based on gods and religion.
Renaissance bases on philosophy, music, science and literature.
9. What is art TO ME?
- everything.
10. To me art is:
its everywhere.
Its what I feel,
its what I show through what you wear,
its what I dream.
Art is my escape,
its how I move,
its what other know me for.
Piece by me.
Change Violence for Art
11. SOMEof my favorite artists' pieces.
- Britto
- Kandinsky
- Warhol
- Quetzalcoatl