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  • “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

    Matthew 5:16

    Dear Arkansas Daughters,

    Arkansas made the history books this February with record snowfalls and low

    temperatures. However, your Master Questionnaires and chapter narrative reports

    show that the weather hasn't dampened your American spirit. It is exciting to see the

    ways in which your chapters have supported the objectives of our National Society

    and contributed to your communities. You ladies are awesome!

    Our State Conference Committee from Quapaw District (Junelle Mongno Chair) is

    working diligently to make preparations for our State Conference March 17 -

    19. You will find information within this newsletter regarding registration. Our own President General, Merry

    Ann Wright, will be our honored guest this year and our Keynote Speaker for Opening Night on Thursday,

    March 17. Beverly Pryzbylski, the National Chairman for the Genealogical Records Committee, will be

    another honored guest. She will be the speaker at the Chapter Regents Club meeting on Thursday evening.

    We have some new events at State Conference this year. The Junior Membership Committee is having a dinner

    on Thursday evening at 5:30. It is not only for Junior Members, anyone can attend. So if you are not registered

    for another activity at that time, please send in your registration from. Morgan Lake, the National Chairman of

    the Junior Membership Committee, will be one of our honored guests and the speaker at this event.

    Another new event at State Conference this year is not listed in the Schedule of Events. It is a performance by

    the Golden Girls (no registration is required). Who are the Golden Girls? They are a group of members who will

    be entertaining us at an after hours performance on Thursday evening--after the Opening Night program

    and the reception line. Feel free to change into more comfortable clothes and come back down to Salon D. This

    is an informal event to support our Junior Membership Page to Continental Congress fund. Please make plans to


    Also not listed in the Schedule of Events are the names of the workshops. Please make plans to attend:

    Thursday afternoon

    3:00--Salon D--Shirley Coppock, Chapter Development and Revitalization Commission Chairman

    "CDR: What Is This All About?"

    3:30--Salon D--Valerie Scott, State Registrar--Chapter Registrar training

    Friday afternoon

    4:00--Salon D--Martha Koon, State Organizing Secretary

    "Do We Merge, Disband or Grow?"

    4:30--Salon D--Cheri Coley, Lineage Research Committee Chairman--Lineage Research

    In DAR Service,


    Arkansas State Society Daughters

    of the American Revolution

    NSDAR - Preserve the Past, Enhance the Future, Invest in the present

    ASDAR - Working together to preserve our history and secure our future

    Volume 26 Issue 1 February 2011

    State Regent’s Message

  • State Regent’s Project

    Our State Regent’s Project is to set up a centrally located Records Storage facility. The search is on for a

    secure, clean place to store the records of the state and all the chapters. We need to get our archives out of

    someone’s attic, basement, or garage!

    We will be selling monogrammed shirts and tote bags to benefit this project.

    We have a polyvinyl tote (which is machine washable and dryable), a cotton

    gusset bag, and a boater tote bag. For the shirts, we have denim and

    stonewashed denim short-sleeved shirts. We have a long sleeved twill shirt, an

    ivory camp shirt and a cotton knit shirt. We have several different monograms

    for the shirts and totes.

    If you order now, the items can be mailed ($5 for each item) or they can be

    picked up at State Conference in March. Please allow two-weeks for the turn-

    around on mail orders.

    Susan Veal

    State Regent’s Project Monogrammed Products Co-chair

    32 Estremedura Dr

    Hot Springs Village, AR 71909-5824


    [email protected]

    [Editor’s note: Items shown are the long sleeve twill shirt and the cotton gusset tote. The complete brochure and order

    blank are found at the end of the newsletter.]

    State Registrar Report

    62 new members were approved at the December 11, 2010, and the February 5, 2011, National Board of

    Management meetings. The total current state membership is 2,346 in 44 chapters.


    Anna Bertnolli

    Marynell Branch

    Erin Garrison

    Ann Laughlin

    Laura McKinney

    Barbara Peter

    Mary Ritchie

    Beverly Severson

    Sheila Stanley

    Ethel Stant

    Peggy Walker


    Nancy Rucker

    Arkansas Post

    Nina Selig

    Cadron Post Rebecca Deshazo

    Captain Nathan Watkins

    Margaret Taylor


    Deborah Walsh

    Chicot Trace

    Margy Mann

    Colonel Francis Vivian Brooking

    Julie Carpenter

    Dardanelle Rock

    Loretta Rhoads

    Bonnie Sample

    Enoch Ashley

    Beverlee Dugger

    Eva Osborne

    Harrison Colony

    Anita Gould

    Lisa Whitmer

    Hot Springs of Arkansas

    Mary Counts

    Linda Harris

    Independence County

    Claire Brown

    James Bright

    Linda Hancock

    Stella Myers

    James K. Polk

    Laura Williamson


    Helen Bryan

    Leigh Gibson

    Stephanie Senner

    Lovely Purchase

    Marjorie Arnsdorff

    Major Jacob Gray

    Nancy Spears

    Marion Melissa Brewer

    Winifred Hills

    Barbara Reynolds

    Jennifer Ross

    Stacia Williams

    Ozark Mountains Jorja Blair

    Jasmine Haller

    Karen Sawyer

    Laura Sawyer

    mailto:[email protected]

  • Provincia de La Sal

    Rachel Bourne

    Rebecca Bourne

    Shari Brian

    Linda Stewart

    Anna Turner

    Prudence Hall

    Lisa Shanklin

    Barbara Shull

    Robert Crittenden

    Jenny Sanders

    Tate's Bluff Sandra Ashworth

    Barbara Counce

    Kerry Ellison

    Vergie Garrison

    Linda Geiger

    Maurice Graves

    Tate's Bluff (cont.) Sally Graves

    Deborah Lindsey

    Megan Ryan

    Beverly Tapper

    In addition to our new members, we welcome the following eight who transferred their memberships into

    Arkansas from other states:

    Akansa: Harriet Holder

    Captain Nathan Watkins: Suzanne Bishop-Modlinski

    James Bright: Vanita Williams

    Marion: Kristin Beightol, Ann Romagosa and Sara White

    Ozark Mountains: Pamela Bunch and Beth Hickman

    Welcome to Arkansas DAR! Valerie Scott, ASDAR State Registrar

    IN MEMORIAM ASDAR Chaplain Sharon Lessenberry

    February 15, 2011

    “The eternal God is your dwelling place, and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

    Deut. 33:27

    AKANSA Farris, Patricia Camp


    ABENDSCHONE Virginia Mae Thompson Hansen


    ARKADELPHIA Louise Jeannette Crandall Jackson


    CAPTAIN BASIL GAITHER Eloise Abernathy Hamilton


    Nell Anthony Grigsby Jones


    CAPTAIN NATHAN WATKINS Margaret St John Joyce


    ENOCH ASHLEY Evelyn Wright Barlow


    FORT SMITH Anna Marie LaChance Werntz


    GILBERT MARSHALL Clara Marie Moss Donoho


    HOT SPRINGS OF ARKANSAS Rose Frances Caffey Minor


    Teresa Nan Skillern Cornell


    JOHN CAIN Herloise Boswell Miller


    JOHN PERCIFULL Fruza Young Rogers


    LITTLE ROCK-CENTENNIAL Lulu Agnes Gray Howell


    Ella Max Davis Medlin


    Augusta Ray Merryman


    Wanda Sue Tarter Turner


    Nelita Louise Hard Wofford


    LOVELY PURCHASE Barbara Ann Braun


    MARIA VAN BUREN Martha Jean Loftis Kehoe


    Opal Kidd Koone


    MARION Lois Nelson Miller


    PERSIS LOVELY-CLARKSVILLE Elizabeth Wakefield Shedd


    PROVENCIA DE LA SAL Margaret Thomas Herndon


    TEXARKANA Gertrude Eleanor Lansdale


    MEMBER-AT-LARGE Mary Gail Stuart Tutt


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    Diamonds for Daughters

    December 11, 2010, National Board of Management:

    Caddo District: Provincia De La Sal Chapter: 8.51%

    Osage District: Enoc