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Learn to tango dance is one of the best dance studios in phoenix that offers the tango classes to the students. Its a tango dance academy in Phoenix. Learn Argentine Tango with David and Nance, wonderful dancers and gifted

Tango dancing is one of the best known forms of ballroom dancing. Today there are many forms in the genre and the famous ones comes from Argentina and Uruguay. Influenced from the European and African culture it has become so famous worldwide.

Tango dance originated in Argentina. It is the local dance of this place. Tango dance is called happy dance because it does feel you glad and thrilled.

Tango dance is very famous dance type in Argentina. There are so many private dance academies that help you to learn tango dance. During the tango dance you need to coordinate with your dance partner. Tango dance is the dance form which helps you to improve your social skills.

Tango Classes$12 Any single Tango Class$20 2 Tango Classes on the same day $40 4 Tango Classes Special Classes$125 Every Tango Class & Performance Group for 1 month (~30 Classes)

Learn To Dance TangoAddress: 617 S. McClintock Drive, Suite 3Tempe, AZ 85281 Phone:480-229-8790Website