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  • 1. To play hooky I played hooky today and called in sick to work. I hope nobody finds out. She always plays hooky on Mondays. ME HICE LA RATA

2. Dont be a cheapskate Bill, come on man, dont be a cheapskate and leave a tip! NO SEAS UN RATN 3. MANDAR FRUTA POLITE: to talk off the top of your head IMPOLITE: to bullshit or to B.S. -Tim always talks off the top of his head. -Come on, dont bullshit me! -Hes a -Thats a bunch of bull. 4. Up to your neck Im up to my neck with work and I cant go to lunch. Shes up to her neck right now! ESTAR HASTA LAS 5. ESTAMOS AL HORNO Were screwed Im so screwed, Ill never finish on time! 6. METER LA PATA To screw up Oh my gosh I really screwed up! 7. QU BAJN What a bummer I lost my backpack at the gym. My sister ate the last apple. My friend is dating my ex. 8. TE COMISTE UN GARRN Polite: How awful! Rude: That sucks! That sucks man Im sorry you lost your job! 9. DEJTE DE JODER Quit screwing around Hey quit screwing around and leave me alone! 10. TE FUISTE AL PASTO You went too far or Thats out of line You went too far with that joke about the nun and the bordello! 11. DAME BOLA Pay attention to me Please, pay attention to me and call me back! 12. NO PUEDE SER No way! Impossible! That cant be! Youre moving to Montevideo without me! No way! 13. PONELE Lets say If were to, lets say, give you a 10% raise, what would you say? 14. UN EMBOLE How boring or What a bore This english class really bores me Steve, Im getting a coffee.