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  • Empanadas (Baked Turnovers) 12 Beef; Chicken; Ham and cheese; $18.00

    Caramelized Onions and cheese;

    Tomatoes, basil and cheese;

    Roasted corn;

    Spinach with gruyere and Swiss cheese

    Appetizer Empanadas 12 $12.00

    Tartas. Quiches $18.00 8 servings

    Zucchini; Mushrooms; Asparagus;

    Ham and Cheese; Butternut squash and corn.

    (ask for my light version!)

    Tarta de Polenta y Hongos

    (Polenta and Mushrooms Quiche) $18.00

    Tarta Pascualina (Spinach Torte) 10-12 servings $20.00

  • Milanesas de Carne (Steak Milanesas) 2lb aprox. 6, thin slices $25.00

    Milanesas de Pollo (Chicken Breasts Milanesa) 3lb aprox. 6 slices $25.00

    Milanesas de Cerdo (Pork Milanesas) 12 slices $20.00


    This delicious comfort food is the one who is cook the most in every home in

    Argentina and is made of a thin slice of beef or chicken tenderized and then

    dipped into beaten eggs, coated with bread crumbs and fried in oil. Serve with a

    squeeze of lemonfantastic hot or at room temperature.

    Milanesa a la Napolitana Steak or chicken breasts milanesa with ham, cheese and tomato sauce

    each $6

    Milanesa a la Maryland Chicken breast milanesa with ham, cream of corn, roasted red pepper,

    and fried banana

    Each $6

    Add mashed potatoes for an extra $2

  • Tortilla de espinaca y papa o de zapallitos y aji

    Spinach and potatoes omelet or zucchini and red pepper omelet

    Serves 4 $15.00

    Spinach Quiche

    Serves 4 $18.00

    Chicken Quiche $5.00

    Serves 1

    Tarta de Calabaza y choclo. Butternut squash $5.00

    and corn quiche. Serves 1

    Chicken breast with red grape sauce and brown rice $7.00

    Serves 1

    Milanesas de calabaza. Butternut squash Milanesas $15.00

    Serves 4

  • Salads

    Roasted Vegetables Salad

    Potatoes, red pepper, eggplant, tomatoes, onions

    Serve 5 $15.00

    Arugula and Pears Salad

    Arugula, pears, walnuts, blue cheese

    Serves 5 $15.00

    Potatoes Salad

    Serves 5 $15.00

    Ensalada rusa (Russian Salad)

    Potatoes, carrots, peas, homemade mayonnaise

    Serves 5 $18.00

    Carrots, raisins and apple Salad

    Serves 5 $15.00

  • Escalopines al limon (Lemon beef Escalope)

    Serves 6 $30.00

    Carne al vino (Beef braised in red wine reduction) Serves 6 $30.00

    add mashed potatoes with squash $15.00

    Serves 6

    Tortilla de Papas o Espinacas

    (Potato or Spinach Omelet) 6-8 servings $15.00

    Budin de Zanahorias y Espinaca (Carrots and Spinach Pudding)

    10 servings $16.00

    Orzo Salad with Roasted Vegetables

    8-10 servings $15.00

  • Flan de vainilla; coco; o manzanas

    (Vanilla, Coconut or apple flan) 10 serving $18.00

    Tarta de frutas (Fruit Tart) $16.00 8 to 10 servings

    Torta de Chocolate (my very Dark Chocolate Cake) Serves 12 $25.00

    Torta Tres Leches con Dulce de Leche

    (Tres Leches cake with Dulce de Leche) Serves 12 or more $25.00

    Postre Rogel (Dulce de Leche Cake) 12-14 servings $50.00

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