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  • ARGENTINAAlpamanta Winery (Organic)

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    ALPAMANTA WINERY Love to Earth

    Our premium quality wines made from our organic grown vineyard in the heart of Lujn de Cuyo in Mendoza represent a commitment to respect all aspects of a healthy environment and human resources to develop at the foot of the Andes. Wine production on the estate known as Alpamanta, Finca Von Wigstein, is rooted in European bio-dynamic vineyard cultivation and new world winemaking technology.

    The carefully chosen land is located at 950 meters above sea level. The vineyard is operated in a truly organic fashion. This provides natural and healthy grapes that imprint the vineyards characteristics on the wine, making it a true expression of the region in harmony with the ecosystem. All Alpamanta wines are made out of organic grapes, and certified organic by Argencert. The manipulation of the vinification processes from harvest to bottling is kept to a minimumminimal use of sulfites, employment of native yeasts, simple packaging, etcby using state of the art technology and focusing on producing excellent wines.

    In the 18th century the noble family of Sayn Wittgenstein cultivated huge vineyards in Moldova, at the center of one of the world's oldest and most traditional winemaking regions. Alpamanta's CEO Andrej Razumovsky and his partner and cousin Andre Hoffmann, are direct descendants of that family. One of the more notable wines of the Cte de Provence comes from Chteau de la Croix Bontar, owned for many generations by the family of Jrmie Delecourt, partner of Alpamanta.

    In 2005 three close friends, Andrj Razumovsky from Austria, his cousin Andr Hoffmann from Switzerland and Jrmie Delecourt from France joined forces to establish a boutique winery in Mendoza, Argentina, in one of the New World's best suited regions for grape cultivation. Their mission was to produce supreme quality wines from a single vineyard estate utilizing state-of-the-art organic/bio-dynamic methodology.

  • ARGENTINAAlpamanta Winery (Organic)

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    The word Alpamanta in the local native culture means "Love to Earth." A key aspect of ancient Indian culture has always been to work and co-exist in harmony with nature and the environment. Our terroir is of undisputed integrity and our biodynamic, ecological friendly vineyard farming is the moving force of the operation.

    The vineyards are trained in V.S.P. (Vertical Shooting Position) and yield 5 tons per hectare. Our vines consist of 50 % Malbec, some Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot as well as whites: 15% of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

    Dry, warm and sunny days together with cold nights and only 200 mm annual rainfall provide an ideal microclimate for the vines throughout all seasons of the year. Alluvial soils of limestone, mineral and poor in organic matter with excellent drainage in an area of low annual rainfall, make the ideal conditions for grape growing. Pesticides are not used at all through the cycle. An automatic irrigation system provides the plants with the right amount of humidity level to prevent an unbalanced growth, thus giving grapes an excellent quality, color and full of flavors. The harvest time is carefully chosen. This is probably the most delicate moment of the whole process. Tannins and polyphenols' maturity are tested both in the lab and in the field to later obtain a top quality wine that carries all the terroirs characteristics. The 35 hectare vineyard is located at the Calle Cobos in Ugarteche, the southern part of Lujn de Cuyo, 38 kilometers south of Mendoza city.

    Andrej Razumovsky, Managing Partner & CEO Austrian & Dane from Ukrainean origin has been working in senior positions for multinational companies throughout Europe, Russia and Latin America before moving to Argentina, where he got married to Ursula in 2003. Passionate about wine and emerging markets he has set up and driven the project from the very beginning.

    Mario Toso, Senior Agronomist & Local Project Manager Coming from one of the most traditional families in Mendoza, he has held strategic positions with some of the most important wine companies in Argentina and works together with many of the best winemakers in the world.

    Alvaro Espinoza, Senior Wine Maker From Chile is one of the best known enologists in South America and got an international reputation making high quality organic and biodynamic wines. He has been making the Alpamanta wines from the very beginning and has been crucial to transmit the biodynamic spirit to the whole team.

    Horacio Caceres, Architect Has been designing the vineyard with our landscaper and agronomist and is responsible for all construction matters applying a typical local Mendoza style to personal housing, entrance respecting all aspects of low energy consumption.

  • ARGENTINAAlpamanta Winery (Organic)

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    Our Vineyard team Jose Miguel Perez, better known as "Chucky", and his 6 enthusiastic workers on the field make sure that all vines, grapes are treated with special care throughout the entire year to challenge frost, hail, diseases and other potential threats.

    Joaquin Perez, Cellar supervisor He makes sure all steps in the vinification process are meticulously taken on a daily basis to get the desired level of balance in acidity and tannins.

    ALPAMANTA ESTATE WINES Maceration started at cold temperature prior to fermentation. Once alcoholic fermentation (using exclusively native yeasts) is completed at 26C, a post-fermenting maceration takes place over the next 7 days, making a total of 28 tank days. Sixty percent of these two estate wines pursue fermentation in new French oak barrels, and then are aged for 9 months in the barrels. All Alpamanta wines are made out of organic grapes and manipulation of the vinification processes from harvest to bottling is kept to a minimum -low amount of sulfites, native yeasts, simple packaging, etc.- by using state of the art technology and focusing on producing excellent wines.

    Alpamanta Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Intense plum color, with outstanding red fruit notes, spicy with balsamic traces. Its balanced character opens on the palate revealing a good body of fruit flavors and texture, with a structure of mature tannins. Very subtle earth/mineral/truffle flavors.

    Alpamanta Estate Malbec Intensely deep violet, this Malbec shows mature black and red fruit aromas and flavors with a touch of spice. Smooth on the palate, it is very balanced, with well-integrated oak and tannins. An impressive show of ripe fruit, sweet tannins and elegant body.

    ALPAMANTA RESERVA This wine sees fermentation in new French oak barrels for 18 months. Deep red with plum tinges. Pervasive black fruit, plums and fine cedar wood aromas, complex with character. Medium bodied in the mouth, round, rich texture, balanced and elegant.

  • ARGENTINAAlpamanta Winery (Organic)

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    From the Alto Agrelo vineyard in Lujn de Cuyo, Mendoza, this is made from 100% Chardonnay , fermented and aged in stainless steel. Bright yellow in color, it shows reserved mature fruit on the nose and palate, complex with lots of creamy, leesy texture, hints of honey and lemon, with a pleasantly fruity, fresh finish.

    ALPAMANTA NATAL MALBEC Made from 100% Malbec from Alto Agrelo vineyard in Lujn de Cuyo in Mendoza, this wine is done entirely in stainless steel, it shows a deep purple/red color of medium intensity, spicy plum and cherry fruit on the nose and palate, with lots of complexity from spice, earthy minerality, truffle/dried porcini elements in addition to the supple fruit and integrated tannins. Good length, with plenty of fruit, complex earth and mineral notes, firm yet smooth tannins.


    This Cabernet is done entirely in stainless steel and is composed of 58% Cabernet Sauvigon, 25% Syrah and 18% Malbec, all from the Alto Agrelo Vineyard in Lujn de Cuyo, Mendoza, at 950 meters elevation. The hand-picked grapes yield a wine that is moderately colored, with fresh red and black fruit aromas and flavors, a hint of eucalyptus, game , spice, balsamic, and earthy dried wild mushroom. Very nice balance, this blend has good length and well-integrated tannins.

    REVIEWS: Alpamanta Estate Malbec 2007-Wine AdvocateBargains Priced under $25 A Malbec Dry Red Table wine from Agrelo, Mendoza, Argentina Wine Advocate # 184 Aug 2009 The 2007 Estate Malbec was produced from organically grown grapes. For the past year, the estate has been farming biodynamically. The wine was fermented with native yeasts and raised in 60% new French oak and 40% in tank. Purple in color, the nose reveal earth notes, spice box, and black cherry. On the palate the wine is medium-bodied with some elegance and tasty flavors but could use more depth and concentration. Drink it over the next 6 years.-Jay Miller, Wine Advocate

    Alpamanta Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2007-Bronze Medal at AWA 2010 At the yearly Argentina Wine Awards event this wine won its first medal in the category of Cabernet. 01/03/2010

    Stephen Tanzer- 2 wines selected in annual Argentina tasting Alpamanta Estate Malbec 2008- 89 points; Bright medium ruby. Dark fruits, smoked meat, nutty oak, coffee and a whiff of truffle on the slightly porty nose. Fat and sweet, with flavors of coffee, truffle and game lifted by sound acidity. Not exactly a subtle style but not cooked. The sweet, pliant fruit lingers nicely on the back end, whe