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ARCO RESOURCES Gold and Silver in Mexico March 2012 Corporate Presentation TSX-V: ARR
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  • 1. ARCO RESOURCESGold and Silver in MexicoMarch 2012 Corporate Presentation TSX-V: ARR

2. DisclaimerSome statements contained in this presentation or in documents referred to in it areor maybe forward-looking statements. Actual results may differ from thoseexpressed in such statements, depending on a variety of factors.Any forward-looking information contained in this presentation has been preparedon the basis of a number of assumptions which may prove to be incorrect, andaccordingly, actual results may vary.Past performance of the Company cannot be relied on as a guide to futureperformance. This presentation does not constitute, or form part of or contain anyinvitation or offer to any person to underwrite, subscribe for, otherwise acquire, ordispose of any shares in Arco Resources Corporation or advise persons to do soin any jurisdiction, nor shall it, or any part of it, form the basis or be relied on in anyconnection with or act as a inducement to enter into any contract or commitmenttherefore. No reliance may be placed for any purpose whatsoever on theinformation or opinions contained in this document or on its completeness and noliability whatsoever is accepted for any loss howsoever arising from any use of thisdocument or its contents otherwise in connection therewith.TSX-V: ARR2 3. Highlights Portfolio of 6 Silver / Gold projects, 100% owned with long term community agreements Joint Venture with Argentum Silver Corp. (TSX-V: ASL) Current 43-101 reports on Tres Hermanas, Taviche & Predilecta Well established historic and current gold / silver producing region Adjacent to a working mine owned by Gold Resource Corp. Established infrastructure and management team Successful local geological and technical teams with proactive community relations TSX-V: ARR3 4. Officers & Directors OFFICERS Warren McIntyre President & CEO Simon AndersonCFO Jeff SheremetaVP, Corporate Secretary Juan LopezCountry Manger DIRECTORS Anthony DuttonDirector John Sutherland Director Ben Whiting Director TSX-V: ARR4 5. Corporate ProfileFebruary 27, 2012Head Office:Shares O/S 75.2m Arco Resources Corporation Suite 906, 595 Howe StreetOptions, Warrants O/S43.0m Vancouver, BC V6C 2T5Fully Diluted 123.5m CanadaMarket Cap3.0m Tel: +1 (604) 639 28663 Mo. Avg. Daily Vol. 160,310Website: www.arcoresources.com3 Mo. High Low Daily Close$0.35 - $0.15InceptionMarch 13, 2006TSX-V: ARRTSX-V: ARR5 6. Why Oaxaca?Mining Friendly Safe and many past and present producers Very good infrastructure, easily accessible Experienced and skilled local labour force Historic and government data available Close proximity to Canada and USAProven Value Significant recent discoveries and mines San Jose Mine (Fortuna Silver) Cobre Grande (Linear Metals) - pending High value, low operating cost jurisdiction Favourable exchange with strong CAD $ TSX-V: ARR 6 7. Arco Projects: Overview Significant Mine Investment 1 Fortuna Silver 2 Gold Resource 3 Linear MetalsCuatro Venados3 12 Tres Hermanas Predilecta Taviche TSX-V: ARR 7 8. Arco Projects: Tres Hermanas 3,710 hectares covering a silver-lead-zinc-bearing vein system that hashistoric underground workings along a400 metre strikelength. Tres Hermanas Five levels of underground workings. Underground sampling shows localvalues >500 g/t Ag. The Company has taken undergroundchannel samples including 764.5 g/t Ag,2% Zn and 10.4% Pb across 1.5 metres. Grid based soil sampling has indicatedthe vein system continues along strike inboth directions. TSX-V: ARR 8 9. Arco Projects: Tres Hermanas5 UG Levels High grade Ag-Pb-ZnAg Soil Anomaly extends beyond historic workings TSX-V: ARR9 10. Arco Projects: Tres Hermanas TSX-V: ARR10 11. Arco Projects: Taviche 421 hectares covering silver-gold-bearingepithermal quartz vein. Vein exposed over two km strikelength.Taviche 250 m strikelength averaging 173 g/t Ag,1.5 g/t Au. Historic (Spanish and recent ) undergroundproduction with 500 m undergroundstrikelength. Excellent access, approx 1.5 hours drive fromcity of Oaxaca. Gold Resource Corp. and Fortuna Silverinvesting in significant mine development inthe Taviche district.TSX-V: ARR11 12. Arco Projects: TavicheHeadframe from old mineMining prior to 1998 over 20,000 tonneswith average grade over 180 g /t Ag Quartz vein identified over 2 km & up to 5 m in widthTSX-V: ARR12 13. Arco Projects: Taviche Longitudinal Section of Underground Quartz Vein1 Km Taviche Property Map250m strikelength average width 1.4 m average grade173 g/t Ag, 1.5 g/t Au (267 g/t Ag Eq) TSX-V: ARR 13 14. Taviche Long SectionTSX-V: ARR 14 15. Taviche Long SectionTSX-V: ARR 15 16. Arco Projects: Taviche Drill Results Hole 1Hole BDT FromToWIDTH Ag Au Ag eq m m mg/tong/tong/ton 2 61.10 69.07.90 1911.27267.20 Inc.66.00 68.00 2.00 3751.75480.00358.00 0.59123.60480.70 82.401.7 172.50 0.61209.10574.00 0.37113.05650.20 51.100.9 113.00 0.75158.00785.20 88.303.10279.03 0.924 334.47 Inc.87.35 88.300.95450.00 1.63547.80889.20 93.003.70306.31 1.02367.51 Inc.92.30 93.000.70583.00 2.59738.40 TSX-V: ARR 16 17. Arco Projects Predilecta 3,181 hectares located 68 km SSE ofOaxaca City. Multiple mesothermal gold-bearingquartz veins. High gold values, previously workedproperty close to infrastructure andtransportation.Predilecta Previous sampling indicated 143 g / tAu over 0.45 m. Underground sampling average 19.26g/t Au along 95 m with averagewidth of 0.57m. TSX-V: ARR17 18. Arco Projects: Prediclecta95 m strikelengthaveraging 19.26 g/t AuPredilecta MineLa Cruz Mine Predilecta Property High Grade AuTSX-V: ARR 18 19. Arco Projects PredilectaPredilecta Adit with Arcos Country Manager Juan Lopez, Property vendorand prospector Don Miguel Cormick, President Warren McIntyre andGeneral Manger Tito Jimenez. The rock had grades of over 145 gpt Au. TSX-V: ARR 19 20. Arco Projects: Cuatro Venados 3,631 hectares covering 5 kilometre strike lengthof a gold-bearing mesothermal quartz vein. Historic mining took place in the northern andsouthern parts of the vein. The vein is generally one Cuatro Venadosmetre wide with grades up to 12.6 g/t gold butappear to average 4-8 g/t gold. Vein untested below water table. Little prospecting and sampling has been done onthe vein between the underground workings. TSX-V: ARR20 21. Arco Projects: Cuatro Venados Zavaleta Mine average historic grade 8 g/t Au, 100 g/t Ag MineMineMine 1kmTSX-V: ARR 21 22. Arco Projects: Cuatro VenadosWarren McIntyre, Paul Cowley, Juan Lopez, Warren McIntyre with Jeff Sheremeta anddiscussing rock samples at adit entranceGeological consultant Dale Schultz at theentrance to the Zavaleta mineTSX-V: ARR22 23. Increased Value Optimize value through JVs and/or sales Prove up prospective properties through drillingand sampling Encourage local community involvement viasolid community relations Cost containment through risk mitigation andeconomy of scale. Shared offices andexploration teams. TSX-V: ARR23 24. Muchas Gracias!Historic & Current Mining DistrictExcellent grades and accessDrill Ready ProjectsCommunity supportSolid Exploration teamArco Resources Corp.Suite 906 - 595 Howe St.Vancouver, BC, V6C 2T5604 - 639 - 2866 TSX-V: ARR24