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PERFORMANCE in PROA, a special school

On Monday the 20th of April our Spanish Comenius team went to a Special School called Proa with disabled children and others with problems to perform a play called Krakows Dragon. A bus took us there. This activity was included in the Project United by ReadingWhen we arrived at the school, teachers and staff helped us with the costumes and scenery.While getting dressed, all of us were really nervous because we didnt know if they would like or not but it was amazing children loved it, they answered the questions and said things related to the play.

Once the performances had finished, there were two, we started making a dragon with playmais, a material used for children with lots of colours and easy to join the different parts.

All of us enjoyed a lot ourselves. We made lots of Friends there. They wanted to play football with us!!!!

Afterwards, we were invited to have a drink, chocolate with cake. It was delicious.