Arches & Aqueducts

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Arches & Aqueducts by, Brad, Laurence, & Brian

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Arches & Aqueducts. b y, Brad, Laurence, & Brian. Arches. 1.) used for decoration and structure 2.) created by the Romans 3.) built by: -two vertical supports -curved inward from the top of each pier( known as voussoirs ) -stacked voussoirs up until they reached the one keystone. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Arches & Aqueducts

Arches & Aqueducts

by, Brad, Laurence, & Brian

Page 2: Arches & Aqueducts

Arches1.) used for decoration and structure2.) created by the Romans3.) built by:

-two vertical supports-curved inward from the top of each pier( known as

voussoirs)-stacked voussoirs up until they reached the one

keystone.- the keystone was larger than all of the other stones,

this way it held the whole arch together

Key vocab-Voussoir: the key stone, which held the whole arch together

Page 3: Arches & Aqueducts

Aqueducts• Aqueducts carried water over land that was

thought to be impossible to be carried over land

• Aqueducts helped people spread out around Rome and not just live in the cities of Rome because it help bring fresh water to many parts of Rome

• Built by:– Many workers– Aqueducts were constructed very

carefully so that they can make the water flow into the city without having shortages or having it flow out of the aqueducts

– Builders of aqueducts needed a background in mining

Page 4: Arches & Aqueducts

Detailed sketch of arches and aqueducts

• Arches stabilized buildings, and made them more sturdy

• Aqueducts brought fresh water supplies to cities

Page 5: Arches & Aqueducts

Today • This has affected us today because it lead to the development of sewage systems and fresh water.

• It lead to developments of man made rivers and waters like the Erie Canal.

Page 6: Arches & Aqueducts

Today • Arches have a affected our modern style of architecture.

• It is being used to stabilize buildings and symbols of modern art/statues.

• Without arches bridges wouldn’t be as effective or stylish.

Page 7: Arches & Aqueducts


Arches come in many forms, shapes and sizes as shown above.

Arches were productive in Ancient Rome too.

Page 8: Arches & Aqueducts


There are many advancements that have been made in the Aqueducts making industry!!