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VB Engineering provides completed range of consultancy services for all your power requirements. Electronics system design complexity coupled with market pressure has resulted in a challenging environment

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  • VB Engineering defines, designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions for companies.
  • About Us VB Engineering defines, designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions for companies. VB Engineering also provides a complete range of services by leveraging our domain and business expertise and strategic alliances with leading technology providers. VB Engineering is trusted for the quality of its services in power system engineering and planning, attained through its in-house expertise and commitment to business objectives of its client. As a broad-based technical professional consulting firm, VB Engineering offer a complete range of services to help its clients maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets.
  • Detailed engineering Solar PV System Design System integration Distribution System Studies Transmission System Studies Arc Flash Audits Schort Circuit Studies Power consultancy services Relay Coordination Studies Harmonic Analysis Earthing Errection and Commissioning
  • Safety Assessment & Engineering Services. Electricity is a necessary and essential part of day todays life, but electricity is as dangerous as its useful. It can kill or severely injure people and cause damage to property. Studies show that over hundred people die each year because of electrical hazards/accidents on machines that are being repaired, set up, or serviced have not been properly locked out, earthed or protections not operated in time. VB Engineering provide complete solutions in following areas which aids your engineers to enhance safety of electrical installations in your plants/industries: VB engineering experts are there for your needs of Arc Flash hazard assessment. Our engineers have through experience of assessment of your electrical network installations, various operating procedures as per National standards. With through knowledge of various standards like IEEE 1584, NFPA 70, IEEE 80, IEEE 81 etc, VB engineers recommend & implement the safety solutions. There are simple precautions when working with, or near electricity that can be taken to significantly reduce the risk of electrical injury to you and others around you
  • OUR Services 1. Power Engineering Electrical power system includes power generation, electrical power transmission & distribution, control & protection, electrical switchgear, power transformers, control & relays, transmission & distribution substations, and all switch yard equipments.
  • 2. GIS GIS is a system of hardware and software used for storage, retrieval, mapping, and analysis of geographic data. Practitioners also regard the total GIS as including the operating personnel and the data that go into the system
  • 3.Design Electronics system design complexity coupled with market pressure has resulted in a challenging environment to the system designer to be innovative and adaptive for the state of art technologies. Our design Services vertical aim to address turn key product engineering of Electronic Systems.
  • 4. Arc flash An electrical arc is formed any time there is an insulation breakdown between phases or ground. It could happen when no one is around, someone walking in proximity, or someone working on the equipment. The most hazardous situation is when someone is working on or near energized equipment. They probably have the equipment doors open and are in close proximity to the equipment. When an electrical worker, while working inside an energized electrical panel, makes contact between phases or phase and ground with a conductive object like a screwdriver, or body parts, an electrical arc can form
  • 5. Electrical Hazards The electrical arc creates a pressure wave. The incident energy is the energy of this arc- flash coming into contact with a surface. Essentially an electric arc creates a radiation burn which accounts for the internal burns a person can receive when exposed to an electrical arc flash
  • 6. Arc Flash Hazard An Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis starts with gathering up-to-date equipment information, then performing a detailed analysis comprised of a load-flow study, short circuit study, and protective device coordination study as well as an equipment evaluation to determine that the current withstand rating is acceptable. Most up- to-dateWhen the arc-flash hazard label is put on the equipment, you can sleep better at night if you know the arc-flash study was performed with the information and methods.
  • Contact Us Balaji Presidency, Balaji Nagar, Nizampet, Hyderabad-500090. Contact Number-: +040 40064644 E-mail-: