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  1. 1. Product by: AR Blue Clean Price: Discount Available & FREE Shipping Rating: More DetailsMore Details Review of: AR Blue Clean AR118 Reviewed by: Aubrey W. Talbert On October 15, 2014 Last modified:July 13, 2015 Summary: AR Blue Clean AR118 is a portable pressure washer has price under 100$. AR Blue Clean AR118 Pressure Washer Review AR Blue Clean AR118 is a portable pressure washer has price under 100$. It is a light duty cleaner. It is a top performer, ideal for cleaning wood, cars, concrete, boats and windows. It is basically a 1,500 PSI, 1.58 GPM machine. It comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer. Annovie Reverberi, best known as AR, has been in the American Manufacture industry for more than fifty years. They have perfected their art, quality is their second name and gives products that last longer. Blue Clean AR118 is one such most recent production by AR, has improved over the years to become a winning product. This is a comprehensive review of AR Blue Clean AR118 portable pressure washer: PRIVACY POLICY CONTACT US ABOUT AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER HOME REVIEWS TIPS HOW TO USE BEST HOME WASHER
  2. 2. AR Blue Clean AR118 BUY ON AMAZON.COM Product Description Ease of Use Noise Performance Application If you are looking for a washer that will comfortably fit on your shelf, then do not hesitate to buy AR Blue Clean AR118 1,500 PSI 1.5GPM hand carry electric pressure washer. Most users prefer this because it is handheld, can be used for regular simple cleaning and be easily mounted on the wall or kept on a shelf for the next helping. Weighing only 19 pounds, the AR Blue Clean can be comfortably carried to the third story to clean a deck. It comes with 20 foot hose and 35 foot cord, with an adjustable spray wand for cleaning different types of surfaces. The machine is very tiny, meaning it has a small motor, generating almost zero noise. This makes it good for keeping around in the house or compound.
  3. 3. This small machine is 1,500 PSI, and 1.5 GPM and sales for amount lesser than $100. It is powerful, considering the fact that it can perform tasks done by machines with 2000 PSI. It is a fact that you cannot find a machine that has the very same features found in an AR Blue Clean while at the same time selling below $100. This device may not be as usable as the gas washer, but it sure has very powerful advantages. Even if you already own one big gas washer, you would still want to acquire one of these small powerful beauties. Women would adore this device as a gift for doing the little dust darting in the kitchen, removing grime and stains from the surfaces.
  4. 4. Features and Specifications Here are the main features and specifications of The AR118: The Dimensions are 9 x 14.5 x 10 in Weighs 11.7 pounds 19 pounds Shipping Weight Power of 1.5 GPM and pressure of up to 1,500 PSI Tempered stainless steel Plungers Packed with 20 foot hose Packed with 30 foot long power cord Comes with an automatic safety valve that uses pressure to automatically shut off the pump head when required Have a 3 Axial Piston Wobble Plate Pump Long-lasting induction motor Other accessories that come packed with the whole package are: A detergent tank Water filter Detergent injector kit Gun wand with an adjustable spray Fitted with a rotary nozzle that assists you adjust the water pressure Comes equipped with TSS (Total Stop System) Also comes with the GCFI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) a powerful feature that offers security when it is under use, even on wet ground (however, not submerged) Customer Reviews and Scores
  5. 5. The AR Blue Clean AR118 1,500 PSI has 413 customer reviews on Amazon. The machine scores a 4.1 star rating out of a possible 5 star rating.
  6. 6. The PROS Here are the benefits of The AR118: Every house does have lots of simple, menial jobs that do not require a heavy duty machine to do the cleaning. The AR Blue Clean AR118 is the most ideal machine to do such simple home cleaning jobs. Some of the jobs perfectly done by this machine include washing the vinyl floors, patio surfaces, cleaning the car. The machine has moderate power to remove the mud off the car without damaging the surface or paint. Weighing only 11.7 pounds, it is a perfect handheld tool for doing the home or office simple cleaning. It is very portable, and compact, allowing it to be stored in your car trunk, on the shelves or be hung on the wall. It looks great, not prompting you to hide it, a beautiful blue display. The included rotary nozzle in the packages is a plus. The nozzle is adjusted to give a gentle water spray or a hard pressure spray. This feature alone gives it the ability to work on any kind of surface. You can literally assemble this unit in less than five minutes and start with your cleaning. The accessories can also be easily attached and detached from the main unit. These are stored separately for safe keeping. At a price below $100, with a 1,500 PSI and 1.5 GMP, this machine is worth its price, considering the fact that the products under its range are highly priced. CLICK HERE TO BUY IT ON AMAZON. DISCOUNT AVAILABLE AND FREE SHIPPING The CONS While The AR Blue Clean AR118 fits into its own class, filling a gap left by the commercial electric washers, it has some weaknesses. The hose attachment leaks Customers complain that the hose in the package is a little stiff, making it difficult to move it around while doing the cleaning. Avoid over bending it to avoid breakage. Just handle the hose gently
  7. 7. editor rating More DetailsMore Details The power cord storage is small, it cannot therefore go around the device to be kept intact in place. These are minor problems which are easily mitigated. The Verdict AR118 Portable Pressure Washer stands out from the pack because it is compact, durable, and light in weight, looks beautiful, is tiny yet very powerful and is affordable. If you are looking for a device that can be easily held in the hand and do the small time cleaning, then you want to check it out. Always buy the AR118 Pressure Washer from reputable and well known sellers to get genuine makes, the warranties and at the right prices. See AR Blue Clean AR383 Pressure Washer (Best Seller on AR Blue Clean AR118 is a portable pressure washer has price under 100$. Speak Your Mind Name * Email * Discount Available & FREE Shipping
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