AQUIMER French seafood and aquaculture cluster October 2013.

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Transcript of AQUIMER French seafood and aquaculture cluster October 2013.

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  • AQUIMER French seafood and aquaculture cluster October 2013
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  • General organisation Coordination Council Scientific Committee of Experts COMMITTEE BOARD OF GOVERNORS 74 companies 24 research and training centers 6 institutions 15professionalorganisations Scientific Technic and Innovating Orientation Council Partners : 96 companies 126 research and training centers Specialized in fisheries, aquaculture and processing
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  • Missions To gather the needs of businesses in the field of aquatic products or to provide assistance in identifying them To provide an accompaniment in the development of collaborative Research and Development projects, to provide a link with suitable contacts (businesses, scientific organisations, technical and training centres) Technical and administrative support in the preparation of projects (funding applications, consortium agreements, communication of results), Information, sensitisation, communication: access to shared technological tools and at the Intelligences Centre (online database, question/answer service).
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  • Our objective To reconcile the depletion of seafood resources and the increase in food demand with the imperatives of sustainable development Seafood products Industrial performance Resources: fisheries and aquaculture Sustainability
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  • Strategic stakes of AQUIMER I. Maximize the value of marine products and byproducts and create new resources in a sustainable development perspective I.1. Using and enhance 100% of the available resources I.2. Diversifying the exploitation of wild resources I.3. Developing and consolidating the French aquaculture industry II. Changing the fundamentals of the aquatic food industry to promote the emergence of new technological and business approaches II.1. Promote the emergence of new technologies accessible to the entire industry II.2. Make the production and processing cycle consistent with sustainable development requirements III. Positioning fishery products in future foodstuffs III.1. Diversify the aquatic food supply III.2. Break down the barriers to the consumption of fishery products III.3. Ensure the naturalness and nutritional balance of manufactured fishery products in order to open up new markets
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  • AQUIMER brings your project to life Innovating requirements passed on by professionals Projet planning (budget, partners) Advice from Scientific Committee of Experts / quality label granted by the board of directors of AQUIMER Funding commission Support in preparing and transmitting funding request applications Technical coordination and administrative follow-up of the project Feedback on results provided to the professional partners of the project -Thematic workshops - Individual meetings - Participation to different networks and exhibitions Funders : -European Union -State -Local authorities -Professionals -Partners
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  • Programs accredited by the competitiveness Cluster AQUIMER projects accredited Global budget of 174,8 millions euros 95 projects granted (34 finished) Global budget of 115,6 millions euros 64 projects to grant Global budget of 59,2 millions euros 27
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  • The Intelligence Center
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  • International Cooperation Develop cooperation with clusters or research institutes Co-organisation of visits (ex: Denmark, Japan) Development of partnerships between companies and research centers (ex: studies on aquaculture, nutrition) Funding of projects (ex: FP 7, European Funds,) Participation to European strategies in: Aquaculture Food Industry Fisheries
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  • AQUIMER 16, rue du Commandant Charcot 62200 Boulogne-sur-Mer Tl : +33 3 21 10 78 98