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Seafood from Ireland - some the people behind a thriving industry report

Transcript of Aquaculture & Seafood Ireland Yearbook 2013

  • BIM five-year strategy to deliver 1,200 jobs and1bn in seafoodsales: interview with BIM CEO Jason Whooley 4

    Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority - its role in the aquaculture sector 10

    dars na Gaeltachta - its development role for the aquaculture andseafood sectors 22

    Bord Bia - developing markets in Asia for quality Irish seafood 31

    YEARBOOK 2013

  • 2 Aquaculture & Seafood Ireland






































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  • Aquaculture & Seafood Ireland 3

    Contributors:Gery FlynnRichie FlynnIan MannixDavid MillardBenen DallaghanSimon FaulknerMaria OMahoneySarah CullotyIan ArmstrongDavid MackMarian McLoughlinChris MitchellRob SinnotBarry FoxJoe Higgins

    Editor: Gery Flynn

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    Cover picture: Marty Nee of MartysShellfish, Connemara, checks part-grown mussel ropes at Killary Harbour

    Photographer:Terry McDonagh

    Interview: BIM CEO Jason Whooley outlines a new 5-year strategy designed to deliver1,200 jobs and1bn in seafood sales 4

    IFA Aquaculture - the five core principles of sustainability of European aquaculture 8

    Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority - its vital regulatory role in Ireland's seafood industry 10

    Conference report: Irish Seafood - becoming a global player 14

    Dingle Bay Seafood and Irish Atlantic Seafood - together delivering a new industry to Ireland 16

    Irelands land-based aquaculture 18

    Seaweed - now an economical and sustainable ingredient for animal feeds 19

    Interview: dars na Gaeltachtas development role in the aquaculture and seafood sectors 22

    UCCs Aquaculture & Fisheries Development Centre - focussing locally and internationallyon aquaculture and fisheries research 23

    Specialist Service Provision - the evolution of the Aquatic Concept Group 24

    Aquaculture UK 2014 - predicting further expansion and growth 25

    Salmon Pancreas Disease - a success story at last, but beware of complacency 27

    TMC Commercial - leading the way in recirculation technology 28

    Triskell Seafoods Ltd - providing a complete service to aquaculture 29

    CH Marine - launches innovative Lifejacket Online Management System 30

    Bord Bia - huge Asian market potential for quality Irish seafood 31

    Marine Institute - providing monitoring, research and advice services to the fin fish andshellfish sectors 32

    The Unseen Enemy - the mycotoxin threat to seafood quality 34

    Loughs Agency - marine monitoring for the shellfish resources of Lough Foyle andCarlingford Lough 35

    Fusion Marines Ortac System to revolutionise oyster cultivation in Ireland 36

    Veolia Water Ireland - is recirculation the way forward for the freshwater fin fish farming sector? 37

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  • 4 Aquaculture & Seafood Ireland


    BIM strategy aims to deliver 1,200jobs and1bn in sales

    GF: BIMs strategy is anaction plan for Irelandsseafood sector that willdeliver twelve hundred jobsand a billion Euro from salesby building scale andenhancing competitivenessin the Irish seafood sector.This sounds optimistic, butis it realistic?JW: Optimistic, not reallywhen we look at the growththat weve had over the lastnumber of years in ourseafood exports. Over thelast two years weve hadalmost 30% growth inseafood exports, and thegrowth that were talkingabout for the one billionEuro in sales is primarilydriven by an increase inseafood exports. And, withan increase in scale and rawmaterial, we believe thatfigure is achievable.

    The strategy is built aroundfive key priority areassupported by a number ofhigh level projects to beundertaken by BIM inpartnership with industry.The first of these is toexpand the raw materialsupply from fisheries andaquaculture to Irishprocessors. The drive todevelop large fin fishfarming units in deep wateroffshore sites is alreadyunderway, but is it winning

    the hearts and minds of thepublic?Its very challenging and Ithink the opposition, somewith really genuineconcerns, and some not sogenuine are creatingadditional difficulties for usin the hearts and minds ofthe public.But ultimately, this is the

    right thing to do. This is areally good industry to besupporting. It has got aphenomenal marketdemand - particularly forsalmon - and we willcontinue to pursue it.Obviously, we will have to doso in a very sensitive fashionwith full regulatorycompliance and also withfull sustainability andsustainable practices inmind.

    The second key priority areais about maximisingadditional value from theraw material base. It will benecessary to differentiateIrish seafood products fromthose of lower costproducers and a move awayfrom commodity tradingwill be paramount. Whatdoes that mean?In Ireland we are excellent atcommodity trading when itcomes to the pelagicsbecause weve got the scaleand our cost base right. The

    two essential components ofcommodity trading aresufficient scale and reducingcosts to minimum.If we go commodity

    trading we end up incompetition with the likes ofPangasius, Tilapia, specieswith a a much lower costbase, and we dont have thescale for that. If we continueto trade on a commoditybasis with a lot of thosespecies we will have realdifficulties in returninghigher prices to producers.

    There is reference also tothe Seafood DevelopmentCentre in Clonakilty whichopened in 2009. Its stillfairly new, but can youpoint to an example of itssuccess?I think it has beensuccessful. If you look atKeohanes Seafoods one ofthe first companies to comeout of there it was anincubation company in theSDC only about three yearsago.I think they are now

    employing more than thirtypeople and are generatingsignificant revenues afteropening up new channelsfor their products and forseafood in general. Thatwould be a classic exampleof what has come out of theSDC that has really worked.

    The third key priority is tocreate scale within industrystructures. The Irish seafoodindustry already employs11,000 people in fishing, fishfarming, fish processing. Weare told that BIM alreadycommenced work on thisplan in 2012 with the Routeto market programme. Howhas this worked, and whatchanges are needed to makeit work even better?It has worked well in thatwhat we have are companiesthat have competedtraditionally in the Europeanmarket. If you look at theEuropean market forexample being worth 55bnin sales per annum. Wereless than 300 million inthat market and yet wevegot companies competingwith each other in thatmarket.That has been very

    negative from a pricingperspective. So, what wevedone in new markets takeChina for example is tobring together some of thosecompeting companies to tryand achieve the scale toreduce competition and toaccess very large complexmarkets where you need tohave a significant scale andpresence on the ground.Those joint ventures that

    we launched in 2012 haveactually worked quite well,

    BIM Strategy 2013 Capturing Irelands Share Of The Global Seafood Opportunity -constructed in line with the targets and objectives set out in the key governmentpolicies relating directly or indirectly to the seafood sector over the next five years

    BIM CEO Jason Whooley outlines the new strategies key elements for Gery Flynn

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