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  • Taoiseachs Strong Backing of New Marine Plan Seen as Major Step Forward for Irelands Matitime Sector 4Aquaculture values, county by county for 2011 9Seaweeds to play major role in supplementing world energy requirments? 19The SFPA A Key Partner To The Aquaculture Sector 22

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    Taoiseach gives strong personal backing to new Integrated Marine Plan 4

    Harvest 2020 - Just How Will We Do It? 6

    Is the Tide Beginning to Turn in the Industry's Favour? 8

    Aquaculture Values County by County for 2011 9

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    20 Years of Oyster Production in Ireland - was our optimism justified? 20

    New Irish Company to Provide Aquarists with Cultivated Tropical Coral 21

    Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority - a Key Partner to Aquaculture 22

    Antibodies or Antibiotics? - it's a Management Decision 23

    JFC and Veolia - two companies servicing aquaculture 25

    Producers 26

    Fish Processors 41Suppliers to the Aquaculture Industry 43

    Aquaculture Associations, Representative Bodies and State Agencies 46

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    TaoiseachsStrong Backingof New MarinePlan Seen asMajor StepForward forIrelandsMaritime Sector

    Subtitled a roadmap forintegrated actions the planexpects to see Ireland, for thefirst time, evolve a system ofpolicy and programmeplanning for its maritimeaffairs.

    Despite such optimism, theplan cautions thatachievements will have to takeplace within the over-ridingmedium term fiscalframework and budgetarytargets adopted by theGovernment.

    The plan sets out an ambitioustwin target to increase theturnover from Irelands oceaneconomy to more than 6.4bnby 2020, and to double thevalue of its ocean wealth to2.4% of GDP by 2030.

    It states: Our ocean is anational asset, supporting adiverse marine economy withvast potential to tap into a1,000bn global marinemarket for seafood, tourism, oiland gas, marine renewableenergy, and new applicationsfor health, medicine andtechnology. In 2007 Irelandgenerated 1.2% of GDP(2.4bn) from its oceaneconomy. While the EUCommission estimates that in2007 between 3% and 5% ofEuropes GDP was generatedfrom sea-related industries andservices.

    For the period 2012-2014fifteen actions are identified forimplementation. Among theseis a call for the development ofan enterprise strategy aimed at

    generating momentum inpotentially lucrative sectorssuch as offshore renewables,offshore services, and marineand coastal planning.

    This will focus on addressingdeficiencies in the current andlicensing system as well asdeveloping an appropriateMaritime Spatial PlanningFramework for Ireland, itsuggests.

    GOALSThe plan also identifies threehigh-level goals - based on theconcept of sustainabledevelopment - as being ofequal importance:

    Goal 1 focuses on a thrivingmaritime economy wherebyIreland harnesses the market

    opportunities to achieveeconomic recovery and socially-inclusive sustainable growth.

    Goal 2 sets out to achievehealthy ecosystems that providemonetary and non-monetarygoods and services such as food,climate, health and well-being.

    Goal 3 aims to increase ourengagement with the sea tostrengthen our maritimeidentity and increase ourawareness of the value,opportunities and socialbenefits of engaging with thesea.

    IMAGINATIVE ANDWORKABLEIntroducing the plan on July31st last at the Marine Institute

    Gery Flynn

    HARNESSING OUR OCEAN WEALTH, the governments much-anticipated Integrated Marine Plan has been unveiled by An TaoiseachEnda Kenny who says that no effort will bespared implementing it.


    Picture courtesy of David Ruffles

  • Aquaculture & Seafood Ireland 5

    Taoiseach Enda Kennydescribed it as animaginative and workablemarine strategy which hisgovernment would waste notime in implementing.

    I came here today to sendthe strongest signal that mygovernment is backing thisplan. I hope also that mypresence here will be seen asa political statement aboutwhere I stand with regard tothe marine sector. I firmlybelieve in this plan and thatit will bring huge economicbenefits to the generationscoming after us, theTaoiseach declared.

    He added: With such animpressive roadmap nowbefore us there is no time toloose. Im not going to listento those who will say that itcannot be implemented, orthat bureaucracy and redtape will strangle it. Thebusiness of government is todeal with all of that byopening the doors ofopportunity.

    Taking the long term view theTaoiseach said he wasconfident that the planwould be seen by futuregenerations as the platformfrom which Ireland launchedher first integrated marinestrategy.

    Id like to think that perhapsin twenty years the peopleon this island who arederiving economic benefitfrom the judicious use of theseas will look back and saythis plan is what initiatedIrelands focus on marineactivities.

    He added: I dont want thisplan to sit on a shelfgathering dust - and believeyou me, it wont. Wevealready seen the pages of toomany past reports becomingglued together throughinactivity. This new marinestrategy is far too importantfor our country, our economyand the next generation tolet that happen.

    BUREAUCRATICBOTTLENECKSAlso throwing his weightbehind Harnessing Our OceanWealth, Minister for AgricultureFood and the Marine SimonCoveney compared it to thehighly successful Food Harvest2020 strategy which waslaunched for the Agri-foodsector last year.

    When Food Harvest 2020 waslaunched, nobody noticed. Nowhowever, people areannouncing new initiatives inthe food sector, and referringback to the business plan thatwas put in place. People beganto realise that this was a realworking business plan - a keyroad map for the sector. Ipredict that Harvesting OurOcean Wealth will do the samefor the marine sector, exceptthat it will be even bigger. Thisstrategy is about realizing thepotential of our marine,Irelands largest naturalresource - by a country mile,he declared.

    Acknowledging theconsiderable frustrations thathad built up in certain sectorsof the marine industry in thepast decade Minister Coveneypredicted that the new strategywould go a long way towardsclearing some of the legalbottlenecks which had stymieddevelopment and expansion incertain sectors in the past aquaculture in particular.

    Task Forces of talentedindividuals, driven people,passionate about the potentialof the marine, including civilservants, academics and policy-makers all with a wide rangeof complimentary skills willbe in place to drive this newstrategy forward. They will bepeople who want to see thingshappen, and I have no doubtthey will be pushing me andthe rest of the Marine Co-ordination Group for results,and I welcome that, heconcluded.

    *First published in Inshore Ireland 8.4

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