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The Brief

Launch Samuel Adams during the Rio Olympics as the craft beer of choice in the UK.

The Challenge

The challenge is to kick start brand consideration, build fame and get the brand talked about.

We want to position Samuel Adams at the front of mind for the audience during the Rio Olympics.

A key problem to overcome is the fact that a recent study has shown more people to associate the wrong brands than the ones actually sponsoring big sporting events. i.e. more people associate Nike with Euro 2016 than official sponsors Carlsberg or McDonald's. Therefore more than ever brands need to find meaningful ways to reach the audience.

The value of sports tournament sponsorship is thrown into question by research showing the brands most associated with Euro games: http://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/people-associate-nike-euro-2016-official-sponsors-carlsberg-mcdonalds/1395469?bulletin=campaign_brands_bulletin2016 are not necessarily its sponsors


Everyone has dreams and aspires to succeed.

For Millennials times are hard and they just want to live a successful life without compromising their dreams.


Millennials secret fears: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/mar/07/its-not-just-you-millennials-share-their-secret-fearsMillennial Rules Mail Online and Metro research http://www.millennialrules.co.uk/assets/downloads/expert-guide.pdf


Proposition A beer for the modern British drinker: The dreamer, thinker, do-er, maker.The role of Samuel Adams in the consumers lives

Sams Great Dreamers

The Idea: Our aim is to get the nation thinking about their hope and dreams. Through Sam Adams we want to tap into this and help grant the nations dreams one small wish at a time.

Manifesto: Sam Adams wants you to brew your own dreams into a reality.


Dreams can be realityHarness the mood of the nation: The Olympics in general are a time in which people come together and celebrate each other's sporting achievements, collective desire to win and succeed. Feats of athleticism can be very aspirational. The desire to succeed and dream is universal.

Finding the dreamersUse an algorithm from Olympic tweets to find the dreamers of the UK and award them prizes to the games (10 tickets per session per sports event to use for prizes)

Categorising their hopes & dreamsDreamers & ThinkersTarget people who talk about their hopes for the #future #wanderlust #Travelling #brains #blogger#pensive #article

Do-ers & MakersFind the organiser (theres always one in every group) #plans #weekend #fun friendsFind people who talk about stuff theyve made #building #design

Building fame for Samuel AdamsMedia StrategyTarget both men and women in print and focus the digital native content and display activity at male skewed platforms to drive further interest. Experiential activity to increase broad awareness of campaign. Social as the always on element.Earned media from the shared #brewingthedreamon Twitter and Facebook.

Media Partners

Everyday The Metro reaches 3.3million readers everyday of which 815,000 are ABC1 Adults 18-34*Everyday The Evening Standard hits 1.9million readers of which 530,000 are ABC1 Adults 18-34.* GQ.co.uk hit 1.6m unique users in March 2016 in the male 18-34 ABC1 audience bracket.**

Buzzfeed.co.uk hit 1.9m unique users in March 2016 in the male18-34 ABC1 audience bracket.***NRS PADD-Print & Digital NRS Oct 2014 Sept 2015 + comScore Sept 15**comScore March 16

Snapchat has 100m users globally with BuzzFeed being one of the most popular content/ media owners

Metro and Evening Standard print partnership front page strips and OBC on Sport Metro page on day of TX

GQ.co.uk digital display activity around peak commuter hours (mobile only)

Social - Whats Your Dream? Shareable hash tag to win a trip to Boston #brewingthedream (x3 winners)

Another competition supported by native content:(x10) Win your dream Olympic party: 3 crates of Samuel Adams + 250 cash

Native Videos George Lamb and Jim Chapman presenting compelling content sponsored by Samuel Adams. Buzzfeed and GQ Video

Experiential Product showcase and trial at Waterloo + Kings X station at evening commuting time (stations where we know commuters have a longer journey time and often enjoy a beer on the way home)

Branded Content Hand out a free branded Olympics listings guide/ chart sponsored by Sam Adams showcasing the big games in the competitions.The Big Ideas(or a couple to wet your interest)

High impact Native VideoBuzzfeed & GQ using Youtubers & influencersPrint PartnershipMetro OBC Sport Evening Standard FH MobileGQ Display Ads around peak commuter hoursSocial Amplification#brewingthedreamCompetition on TwitterExperientialShowcase & trial at tube stations during campaign launch in the evening rush hour*Engagement and DiscoveryBranded Content*+ Provide free guide of the Games for your Fridge/ wall/ wallet Broadcast launch Metro - Front Page StripEvening Standard Front Page StripSnapchat DiscoverTakeover Buzzfeeds Discover channel

Branded content = Sams Guide to the Games A branded listing guide for the Olympic Games. This branded flyer will be with the consumer the whole way through the games!


Engaging content delivered at scale Draw consumers into the story with highly engaging sponsored content and native videos: Serialised video embedded native content themed supporting the road trip to discovery.Who will present the videos? Talent: George Lamb (Buzzfeed) or Jim Chapman (GQ). Both have massive followings and represent the new young British male, a new kind of national treasure/influencer.

Sponsored Content GQ VideoVideo embedded native VIDEO 1:George Lamb to present dream trip to Boston to 3 lucky winners in videos+ ask people what their dreams are, give out crates and VIDEO 2:Jim Chapman on how to throw a stylish American themed Olympics party: snacks, decorations, beer pong etc

High impact Native VideoBuzzfeed & GQ using Youtubers & influencers

Buzzfeed Snapchat Takeover


What's your dream?

Snapchat 3V formats in the Discover channel to reach an even bigger audience. We can utilise some of the assets already filmed with the talent for the Buzzfeed native video piece.

$400,000 = 276,000Investment Schedule Campaign phasing: The games start Aug 5th and run to Aug 21st so the best way to spend the money is to start big in print for awareness and then use social and video to extend the message throughout the campaign.


AudienceWe know that craft beer is on the rise in the UK and that young urbanites are drinking more craft beer than ever before.

One of the main audiences we want to target are ABC1 18-34 men as we know this is the biggest group of consumers of craft beer in the UK.

This audience is also going to be the most interested in the Rio Olympics. They will be planning on watching and has a genuine interest in the games. This audience crossover will ensure for maximum reach with the channels picked to hit this market.

The rise and rise of craft beer - http://www.shortlist.com/food-drink/the-rise-and-rise-of-craft-beerhttp://uk.businessinsider.com/how-big-beer-is-getting-millennials-back-2016-1?r=US&IR=T


SteveSam Adams target UK consumer(18-34 ABC1 man)*TGI Clickstream GB 2016 Q1 (Oct 2014 Sept 2015)Sport is one of my favourite forms of entertainmentI aspire to fulfil my life dreams before Im 40Its worth paying extra for good quality beer (index160)*Outside the home I drink watching sports (index 216)*Print media favoured by this audience are: GQ, Evening Standard, Metro, Total Film and Mens Health*Rio Olympics - always a great sporting spectacle, and the chance to see many sports not normally covered by the mainstream mediaI drink beer/lager/ale at home whilst watching sports (index 165)*I often think about the next stage of my life Media channels I consume the most are Internet and Outdoor. Press also still plays an important role in my life* My favourite TV programmes are: Match of the day, Game of Thrones and Top Gear*

Quotes from research carried out by Mail Brands Online Survey (internal MOL Email Database & Mail Matters Community) Period: 24th 28th March 2016 with 889 Respondents showed the following results for the above non TGI statements.


2015 was a difficult year for Samuel Adams, with growth slowing significantly in the US as the rest of the craft beer industry has been quickly expanding. We aim to make the UK its next biggest market with this integrated plan. One of the problems is that Samuel Adams has got too big and familiar to be considered an authentic craft by some elitist beer connoisseurs, yet it isnt hefty enough to have the cost advantages of big brewers.*

By educating the market with what Samuel Adams is and offering it as an authentic alternative to other craft beer to be enjoyed during the Olympics and months that follow we can drive awareness and ultimately capture a new consumer for Samuel Adams in the UK.

*Wall Street Journal- Attitudes Towards Craft Alcoholic Drinks, UK February 2016Consumers are likely to become increasingly demanding of brands which claim to be craft ,and the onus is on the brands to ensure that they can provide clear evidence of their craft credentials.** **Mintel- Attitudes Towards Craft Alcoholic Drinks, UK February 2016





Jim Koch is the founder of Boston Beers Samuel Adams and a sixth generation brewer himself who followed his ambition to start a business and brew craft beer

Brewing your own dreams into a reality (Brand loyalty begins with shared values) There is no other beer in the market talking to consumers like thisPosition this beer as the drink for dreamers, thinkers, do-ers, makers. Just like ASOS has launched a talent competition for emerging designers, Sam Adams could champion the everyday dreamer, thinker or creative. Sam Adams could also give away free gallery tickets or design classes as prizes. Helping inspire the next generation of thinkers and dreamers.

By Liana Rosenberg