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Transcript of April Newsletter IN - AZ Watercolor Ass · PDF fileApr 2012 Issue AWA Newsletter PAGE 3...


    IN THIS Issue* Farewell to Diane Maxey

    * Presidents Message

    * Kim Johnson March Demo

    * News and Announcements

    * AWA Member News

    * AWA Calendar for the Year

    Featuring Fine Arizona Watercolor Artists since 1960 Apr 2012 Issue


    Website: www.WATERCOLOR.org Email: [email protected]

    April Newsletter

    Dianes LegacyBy Betsy DillarD strouD

    our wonDerful frienD, talenteD artist anD BeloveD teacher, Diane Maxey DieD on april 25th. DiagnoseD with Brain, lung anD liver cancer aBout eighteen Months ago, Diane fought the gooD fight with all her Might. we all can learn Much froM Diane. Diane taught us that an inDoMitaBle spirit can conquer pain anD a terMinal Diagnosis. Diane proveD BeyonD the shaDow of a DouBt that with stalwart DeterMination anD faith, she woulD continue to paint anD teach until the very enD. Just ten Days ago, we sat in a

    circle at our last 22 x 30 Meeting. frail But always enthusiastic, Diane exclaiMeD, iM Just afraiD i wont have tiMe to paint all the iDeas i have. let us celeBrate the life of this reMarkaBle artist. let us honor her coMMitMent to her Mission, her aBility to express the Beauty of the worlD through her paintings. let us reMeMBer her DeDication to her stuDents. carl sanDBurg wrote, soMe DreaMs are stronger than Death. i Believe that Diane is alreaDy painting up a storM in heaven. her legacy is everlasting.

    Young Love bY Diane MaxeY

    fashion for spring By Diane Maxey

  • April Presidents Message

    It seems that many people are talking about how much things have changed recently everywhere in their lives. That applies obviously to technology but seems to reach out to everything from politics and relations with our neighbors to work and even religion. The real concern seems to be the speed of change rather than the changes themselves. We see it in simple things like trying to have a membership show. Notices and Entries are digital and issues regarding where we can show our work and how we publicize our events have changed. We can actually write our own articles for the newspaper because they are

    PAGE 2 Apr 2012 Issue AWA Newsletter www.WATERCOLOR.org

    APRIL PResIdents MessAge

    Director at Large (Juror workshops): Maureen McGuire* 602-277-0167Co-Director: ** OPENDirector at Large (Membership Workshops): Helen Miller* 602-954-7918 Co-Director: Linda Schooley** 623-388-6255President Emeritus: Diane Parnitzke* 623-386-2098

    C o m m i t t e e sCharitable Fundraiser Chair: Sherry Kimmel 602-439-6846Charitable Fundraiser Co-Chair: Diane Parntizke 623-386-2098AZ Art Alliance Representative: Janet Wandrey 623-561-8526By-laws, Parlimentarian: Mickey Daniels 602-840-1388 Directory Info/Bylaws Database: Holly Leonhardt 623-556-2226Fun Table: Katherine Kurgen 480-636-9130Historian: Kathleen Stuart 602-997-4538 Honor Society: Shirley Klein Kleppe 480-585-5699Merchants Awards: Karen Riehm 480-460-7496Newsletter Editor: Casey [email protected],

    E x e c u t i v e B o a r d * = voting board member** = votes only in the absence of the board member they are under

    President: Jeremy Jones* 480-563-59161st Vice President (Membership & Database): Jane Underhill* 602-795-3545 Co-Director: ** OPEN2nd Vice President (Jurors Exhibitions): Donna 480-369-0669 Co-Director: 3rd Vice President (Programs): Liz Ramsey* 480-747-7763Recording Secretary: Carole Hillsbery* 480-654-3248Corresp. Secretary: Diane Kent* 602-938-3867Treasurer: Bruce Sink* 602-738-8121Financial Secretary: Sherry Kimmel 602-439-6846Western Federation Society Delegate: Kathryn Tartaglia* 480-229-1023Alternate: JoEllen Layton** 480-730-9887Director at Large (National Show Chair): OPEN*Co-Director: OPEN

    Newsletter Co-Editor: Liz Ramsey [email protected] 480-747-7763Overhead Mirror Set-up at Meetings: Alex Pekala 623-412-1866Photographer for AWA events: Karen Riehm 602-318-5387Prospectus/Award certificates: Nancy Herbst 480-839-8827Publicity: Sam Morse 602-863-0538Student Member Committee: OPENCo-Chair: Candice Diaz 602-237-4354Scholarship Committee Chair: Dolly Maitzen 602-867-8155Co-Chair: Gayla Bonnell 602-482-7308Scholarships/Special Events Raffle: En Chen Soo 480-754-9339Social Committee: Joyce Parmely 623-931-9719 Aprcia Sewel 480-949-5860Web Site Manager: Susan Hargraves 602-942-6065WFWS 2014 Hosting Committee Chair: JoEllen Layton 480-730-9887WFWS 2014 Hosting Committee Co-Chair: Kathryn Tartaglia 480-229-1023

    short on reporters and local stories. I am hoping that explains the confusion about how to frame the paintings. Seven paintings had to be disqualified in the latest show that we hung today at the Burton Barr Library. The disqualified paintings include some that would have won awards, but we all need to play by the same rules. In this case, we decided to hang the paintings but they will not count as being accepted into the show for points and they are not eligible for awards. Next time, we will not hang violators.

    Being accepted into an AWA show is going to be more significant from now on. If you have work accepted into 6 shows, which means 6 jurors approved your work, you will be a signature

    AWA 2011-2012 OFFICeRs

    member of AWA! One reason for this change is to give more importance to our own shows. Many of our current signature members received most of the 90 points they needed from participation in shows by other organizations. They are all very good artists, but we missed the point. Wed like to make it possible for a good artist who only shows their work with awa to BecoMe a signature MeMBer in their lifetiMe. that is Just one of Many changes that we will Be voting on at the May Meeting. unDer the leaDership of Mickey Daniels for By laws anD stanDing rules anD shirley kleppe for the honors systeM, we are going to re-vaMp anD MoDernize awa.

  • PAGE 3Apr 2012 Issue AWA Newsletter www.WATERCOLOR.org

    P R e s I d e n t s M e s s A g e / K I M J O h n s O nMy personal interest is to proviDe More opportunities for learning anD for exhiBiting work for our less experienceD MeMBers. i was iMpresseD with soMe of the entries that DiD not Make it into the current MeMBership show. the work showeD that the artist was on the verge of Being quite gooD But Just neeDeD to learn a few More things anD proBaBly neeDeD More tiMe to paint. this shoulD Be an organization where experienceD artists can help their eMerging frienDs.

    anD now for My Main point this Month: why Do we paint? ive askeD several MeMBers what really Drives theM to Be a gooD painter. Most of theM siMply tolD Me that they haD to paint. MayBe this starteD when a parent or frienD coMMenteD positively aBout a Drawing or painting that we DiD as a chilD. for soMe of us it was More to Make a point. i was once tolD that you never were as gooD as you thought you were anD DeciDeD to prove that person wrong. ok, that gets you starteD, But it takes Much More to Be a Meaningful artist. a non-artist responDeD By say-ing that Most of life is what you have to Do, But the arts Make you happy. happiness can Be frivolous, But i think Most of us want to paint soMething that changes peoples MinDs (are you paying attention? Diane Maxey). you oBserve soMething that other people Might Miss anD you want to share it. have you ever thought aBout the liMita-tion of worDs? written stateMents Define anD therefore restrict Meaning. art starts you thinking anD opens the worlD to possiBilities that coMe froM your own experience anD are open to interpretation. what a wonDerful thing to Be aBle to Do for others!

    JeremyJonesPresidentLeaf Lace by Diane Maxey


    March caMe in Like a Lion anD brought kiM Johnsons DeMo anD workshop in the earLY DaYs of the Month. the subJect for her DeMonstration

    on March 8th Drew gasps as the MeMbers reaLizeD that kiM was going to atteMpt a DeMo of herseLf!! Yes, she aMazeD aLL of us with her abiLitY to bring out of the watercoLor paper a beautifuL Likeness of herseLf. it

    was as if an apparition sLowLY iMMergeD froM the paper. it gave aLL of us perMission to atteMpt the saMe unDertaking. a seLf Likeness is one of the Most DifficuLt assignMents anD Yet kiM useD this Lesson in her DeMonstration with apLoMb anD success.

    continueD on page 5

  • Apr 2012 Issue AWA Newsletter www.WATERCOLOR.org

    N e W s A n d A n n O u n C e M e n t s


    everY MaY awa sponsors a night of critiquing for the MeMbers who wish to participate. this is an opportunitY for anY MeMber to bring in their MatteD (not fraMeD) work of art for two artist MeMbers to offer criticisM, suggestions anD coM-Ments. it is aLso an opportunitY for the auDience to Listen anD Learn. because our tiMe is LiMiteD we have to Move through the paintings keeping this in MinD. we ask that the paintings not be fraMeD because the gLass or pLexi-gLass can proDuce a gLare.

    our two critics are toM herbert anD Joann Mathews. both artists have extensive backgrounDs in their MeDiuM anD enJoY a group exercise such as this one.

    Joann was born anD raiseD in ceDar rapiDs, iLLinois. she MoveD to coLoraDo anD starteD her art career whiLe operating a ski shop anD LLaMa trekking business in LeaDviLLe, co in the earLY 1990s. she has aLwaYs LoveD aniMaLs anD continues to have a nuMber of pets in her Mesa hoMe which she shares with her husbanD. she is treMenDousLY taLenteD. Joann presentLY teaches 7 cLasses each week. she enJoYs aLL MeDiuMs. scottsDaLe arabian horse sh