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Transcript of APPsolutely Awesome Apps Jaymie Lynn Santiago Kindergarten Lead Teacher Chesapeake Math & IT...

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APPsolutely Awesome AppsJaymie Lynn SantiagoKindergarten Lead TeacherChesapeake Math & IT Elementary

Teachers will explore different applications and websites that can be used in the classroom.ObjectivesTurn and talk to a person next to youIntroduce yourselfWhat do you think is technology?How do you incorporate (or hope to incorporate) technology in the classroom?What is technology?Not just power points anymore!Applications on iPads, TabletsWebsites with unlimited informationTechnology TodayWebsites: Class DojoApplications: SticksParent Communication: Class Dojo, RemindClassroom BehaviorMethod of UseClassroom Management/Classroom BehaviorWhat it doesStudents can create avatarsParents can connect and view students points Students can earn positive or negative points throughout the day (as you see fit!)You set the behaviors to meet the needs of your classroomEliminate color charts/behavior charts!

Class Dojo

Method of UseClassroom management and DiscussionWhat it doesRandomly selects students to respond to questionsCan also cater question difficulty to the studentsCan offer you question starters based on students levelTeachers can track data by tapping students responses as correct or rate students responses


Method of UseParent CommunicationWhat it DoesAllows you to communicate with parents/students via text message, app, or e-mail.Phone numbers remain private.


Applications: Educreations, Studyblue, Classroom Organizer, Three Ring, Science 360, Quick Graph, Grammar Jammers, Sushi Monster, Too Noisy, Imagistory

Student ResourcesMethod of UseClassroom InstructionWhat it doesInteractive WhiteboardScreencasting as you explain a topicConnect iPad to projector and annotate on your iPadCan create lessons or instructional videos to share with students (accessible online, all the time)


Method of UseStudy ToolsWhat it DoesOnline/Interactive Flash Cards, Quizzes, and Study GuidesStudents can create their ownTeachers can create and assign study tools to share with students

Study Blue

Method of UseClassroom Instruction/AssessmentsWhat it doesOnline PortfolioQualitative AssessmentsCaptures video, photos, audio, notes from classDocument classroom activities (presentations, performances, experiments)Students can also add/move items in their portfolio

Three Ring

Method of UseClassroom InstructionWhat it DoesStudents can create stories onlineWordless picture books that students can write their stories Develops language and early literacy skills


BrainPopPrometheanNextLessonTeachers Pay TeachersTeacher ResourcesMethod of UseClassroom InstructionWhat it doesQuick videos on nearly everythingPoses questions and introduces topics in a fun (and funny) wayGames and quizzes available for studentsLesson Plans and activities available for teachers

Brain Pop

Method of UseClassroom InstructionWhat it doesUtilizes interactive white boardInteractive lessonsDownload already made lessonsCreate your own


Even the least technologically savvy person can learn Find an application or website that works for you!

Do YOUR researchEmail: [email protected]: www.jaymielynnsantiago.comBlog: www.crayonsandcupcakes.comTwitter: @missjlsantiago


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