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    Marriage Certificate in Saki Naka ?

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  • Marriage Certificate & Its Benefits

    Marriage Certificate is basically a Certificate given to a Married Couple after marriage

    registration, Its a very important document provides valuable evidence of marriage, Its a

    proof to certify the couple wedded legally, You can be fined for not registering your Marriage.

    Marriage Certificate can be useful in provide evidence of marriage in case of any Marriage

    Disputes. Applying Visa for Husband & Wife, it can be useful for adding Spouse name in

    Passport or Changing Name in Passport after Marriage, providing social security, self-

    confidence particularly among married women; Claiming the deposits of Bank / Life

    Insurance benefits when the Insurer dies without a nomination or otherwise, Property

    dispute legal heir


  • 1) How To Apply :

    Applicant Has To Apply In The Prescribed Form. The

    Age Limit For Bridegroom 21 Years And Bride Is 18 Years

    A) Marriages To Be Solemnized Under Special Marriage

    Act. 1954


  • What Document To Attach

    Bride And Bridegroom Age Proof ( Leaving Certificate Or Passport

    Or Birth Certificate Or Domicile Certificate Or SSC Board Certificate)

    Bride & Bridegroom Residential Proof ( Ration Card Or Passport Or

    Election Card Or Light Bill And Telephone Bill Of Own Name)

    Photograph Of Both Bride And Bridegroom

    All Above Document Along With Original +1 Attested Xerox Copy

    In Case Of Divorcees : Divorce Decree Certificate Must Be Produced

    In Case Of Widow And Widower : Municipal Death Certificate Of

    Concerned Person Must Be Produced


  • Application To Be Made In The Prescribed Form Duly Signed By Husband & Wife

    Marriage Should Have Taken Any Place In The India And Both Should Be Living

    Together In Marriage Officer Jurisdiction

    Under U/S 16 Of Special Marriage, Application Should Be Given In 30

    Days Advance.

    Residential Proof Of Both Should Be Attached With Application

    B) Under Section 16 of Special Marriage Act. 1954


  • Applicant Has To Submit The Memorandum

    Of Marriage Forms ( Which Are Supplied In The

    Office Of Marriage Officer Mumbai.)

    Affixed With Rs. 100 Court Fee Stamp

    C) Marriage Memorandum Under Maharashtra Regulation

    Marriage Bureaus And Registration Of Marriages 1998


  • Note :

    All Above Documents Should Be Submitted Along With Original + 1 Attested

    Xerox Copy. The Parties (Bride & Groom) And Three Witnesses To

    The Marriage Shall Appear In Person Before The Registrar And Sign And

    Memorandum Under Section 6(B) Of Maharashtra Marriage Act, 1998

    In Case Of Divorcees, Divorce Decree Certificate Must Be Produced

    In Case Of Widow And Widower Death Certificate Of Concerti Person Must



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