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  • 8/7/2019 Appendix III-Compliance to Clearance Conditions





    ProjectType Expressway

    Name of the Pro jec t YAMUNA EXP RESSWAY ( Fo rmer ly known as Ta jExpressway)

    Clearance Letter /OM No.& Date Ministryof Environment& Forests (MoEF)(IA-IllDivision),Letter No.5 15 /2007 1A III d t d .11.04.2007

    Location Ga utam Budh Nagar, Aligarh, Mathura, M ahamayaN a g a r& Agra.Uttar Pradesh.

    District (s)

    State (s)c) Latitude/ Longitudes

    5 . Address for Correspondence Mr. Sameer GaurJaiprakash A ssociates Limited[Yamun a Expressway Project]Sector-128, Noida 201 3 04Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar, (U.P)

    Address of concerned ProjectDirector (wi th p in code a n dtelephone/ telex / fax number(s).

    T l N 0120 24708 00/


  • 8/7/2019 Appendix III-Compliance to Clearance Conditions


    T l N 0120 24708 004609000

    Break up of the P roject affected popu lationThe land is being acquired by Yam una E xpresswaywi th enumeration of those lo s ing Industrial Development Authority (YEA).houses/dwelling unit only un i t s a n dagricultural land less laborers/ artisans.

    SC! S T / Adivasis


    Number of villages affected

    Name & other particulars of identifiedarea for settlement

    Compensation package


    g) Status

    (Please ind icate whether these figuresa r e b a s e d o n a n y scientific a n dsystem atic survey carried out or onlyprovisiona l figures. If a survey is carriedout give details and year of survey).

    Financial Details R s . 2 ,0 4 5 C r o re s 2 0 0 3

  • 8/7/2019 Appendix III-Compliance to Clearance Conditions


    1 0 . Fores t Land Requi reme nt

    Stage 2 C learance received and S tage 1 Clearanceof Revenue Forest and GB Nagar received.

    The status of approva l for a diversionof forest land for forest use.

    The status of Compensatoryafforestation.

    The s tatus of clear felling.

    Comments on the viability andsustainability of compensatoryafforestation programme in the

    light of actual f ield experience so


    11 . The s ta tuso f clear fe l l ing in non-fores ta r e a .

    1 2 . Status of Co nstruct ionThe w ork on const ruct ion of Yam una E xpresswayhas commenced on 16t hApr2007.

    D t f l ti ( l d) 2011

    Date of Commencement(Actual and Planned).

    D f l i (A l d/

  • 8/7/2019 Appendix III-Compliance to Clearance Conditions


    Project Code: UP-12-216-2007Name o f the Project : Construct ion of 6/8 lane access con trol Yamu na Expresswa y from Noida to Agraby A i ls Ja iprakash A ssocia tes Ltd . , NoidaClearance LetterNo: No.5-15/2007-1A-IIIPeriod of Compliance Report : Apri l 2010 to September 2010

    SPECIFIC CONDITIONSS I.N o . Condit ions Compliance Status

    A A ll issues r a i s e d in the Public h e a r i n gshould b e comprehensivelyaddressed and action plan subm itted to Min istry within three months fromthe date of receipt of the letter;

    Issues Raised in Public Hearing pertaining to Planning Stage and Irelevant to construction stage reached has been addressed.Action Plan Sub mitted to Ministry of Environm ent and Forest , NewDelhi vide letter no. JAL/TEP/ENVIRN/27/2287

    Details of the deck level provided along the bridge keeping in view theback f low of the r ivers should be submitted to the Ministry within threemonth s from the date of receipt of the letter;

    Submitted to Ministry of Environment and Forest , New Delhi videletter no. JALJTEP/ENVIRN/27/2287

    All conditions stipulated by Taj Trapezium Zone Authority (TTZ) should be

    strictly adhered to;

    Being adhered.

    Details of the safety measures provided specially to prevent the cattlecrossing over on the expressway and also pedestrian movement shouldbe subm itted to Ministry within three mon ths from the date of receipt of thel e t t e r ;

    Submitted to Ministry of Environment and Forest , New Delhi andCopy to Regional Office Ministry of Environment and Forest Lucknowvide letter no. JALJTE P/ENV IRN/27/2287

    Details of measures for control of the r ibbon developm ent should besubmitted to M inistry within three months from the date of receipt of letter;

    Submitted to Ministry of Environment and Forest , New Delhi videletter no. JAL/TEP/ENVIRN/27/2287

    For energy conservation the project proponent should adopt solar celllighting system wherever possible;

    Solar l ightening has been planned for 5 toll plaza locations an d 7facilities /rest area locations.

    The project proponent should adhere to all measures/ actions stipulatedby the TT Z A uthori ty and also the Orders of the Hon'ble Supreme C ourt

    with regard to TTZ

    Being Adhered

    The service road should be as per IRC guidelines and minimum width of5.5mts;

    Minimum Width of Service Road has been kept as 5.5m in the designand has been designed as per IRC guidelines.Construction Stage Not Reached

    ( ix) Details of the acoustic barriers along the village/ habitat ions/ school/hospitals;

    YEA has planned for development of Green Belt of 50 m width onboth sides of Yamuna E xpressway from km 0 to km 3 7 which wil l actas acoustic barrier in addition to this 2-3 rows of trees on bo th sidesof Yamuna Expressway are proposed to be planted depending uponthe availability of space which will also help in attenuating the noisel eve l s .


  • 8/7/2019 Appendix III-Compliance to Clearance Conditions


    S I.

    N o . Conditions Com pliance S tatus

    Discussions are being held with local people for providing acousticbarrier along the Villages, Hab itations, Schools and Hospitals.

    Details of the ambulance/ HT MS an d highway information system to beprovided;

    Under Planning

    The project proponent should prepare a detailed and time bound/ actionplan on the issues raised in the public hearing and subm it to Min istry/Regional office, Lucknow within three months for its monitoring;

    Submitted to Ministry of Environment and Forest , New Delhi videletter no. JAL/TEP/ENVIRN/27/2287

    No O bjection Certificate from Uttar Pradesh State Pollution Con trol Boardshould be obtainedbefore initiating the project;

    Obtained vide letter no.Gautambudh nagar F/3024/C-1/N/NOC-491/09Aligarh F/2939/C-4/NOC /466/2009M a t h u r a F / 2 9 3 7 /C - 4 / N O C / 4 6 2 / 2 0 0 9Agra& Hathras F/2938/C-4/NOC/45912009 ( Copy Enclosed)

    Project proponen t should set up facilities for harvesting rainw ater.T h edetails of the rainwater harvest system ma y be provided to this Min istry/Region al office, Lucknow within three mon ths from the date of receipt ofthis letter;

    Preliminary plans subm itted to Ministry of Environment and F orestNew D elhi and Regional O ffice, Ministry of Environment and F orestLucknow. D etails plans are being worked out.

    To prevent damage to the agriculture land, the drainage flow should bediverted to the natural course avoiding the agricultural land; Longitudinaltoe d r a i n is b e i n g constructed a l o n g th e edge ofcarriageway. R unoff water from carriageway an d surrounding areabeing chan neled towards natural drain/canal exit (culverts provided).

    Necessary mitigative measures against adverse impact to the waterbodies that are to affected should be provided;

    Mitigative Measures detailed in En vironment M anagement P lan are inplace

    Suitable under passes should b e provided for animal crossings along thealignment close to Reserve Forest;

    The reserve forest is not opening on the road. However underpass isproposed.

    The number of cross drainageworks may be increased for free f low ofwater during floods as the alignmen t passes through micro drainage areasand flood passage areas;

    228 Number of Cross Drainage Structures including 42 Minor Bridgesand 18 6 Culverts are proposed to be constructed in order to maintainnatural drainage pattern of the area based on Hydrology study carriedout by IIT, Roorkee.

    Green belt development may be undertaken as suggested in EMP; Green b elt of 50m each has b een proposed along both sides of theexpressway upto km 37.00.1/2/3 rows o f trees shall be plan ted onboth sides of E xpressway subject to availability of space.

    The project proponent should obtain n ecessary permission form the StateIrrigation Departmen t before drawing w ater from the river sources for thepurpose of the proposed construction activity.No ground water should bedrawn for the project, if this is essential, permission from the concernedAuthority should be taken in this regard;

    Surface water i s no t be ing used in cons t ruc tion of Expressway.Therefore permission from the Irrigation D epartment is not required.Ground wa ter is being used for Construct ion of Yamu na Expresswayfrom areas which are not notified and permission from Cen tral GroundWater Board is not required.

    (xx) The hot m ix plant should be located at least 500 m trs. away from theNo, Hot mix plant has been established for Yamuna E xpressway2/ 6

  • 8/7/2019 Appendix III-Compliance to Clearance Conditions


    N o .

    S I.Condit ions Compliance Status

    habitat ion an d on the ba rren land to avoid i ts adverse impact onth ehuman population;The embankments/ slopes and the slopes left after cutting w illbeprovided with vegetative turfing to avoid soil erosion;

    Turfing and Grassing are under progress on slopes and side shoulderbetween Km 0+000 to Km56+000 and Km110+225 to Km165+537.

    Noise ba rriers will be provided at ap propriate locations particularly in theareas where the al ignmen t passes through inhabitated areas schools/hospitals, s o as to ensure tha t then o i s e l eve l s d o not exceed theprescribed standards;

    YEA has planned for development of Green Belt of50 m width onboth sides of Yamuna E xpressway from km 0 to km37 which will actas acoustic barrier in add ition to this2- 3 rows of trees on both sidesof Yamuna Expressway are proposed to be planted depending uponthe availability of space which will also help in attenuating the noisel e v e l s .

    Adequate underpasses should be p rovided along inhabited areas; Adequate Un derpasses are proposed based on Detai led Study andlocations are an nexed.

    The project should be implemented only after obtaining clearance underForest (Con servation) Act, 198 0 for the forestland falling under the roadsection;

    Is being complied

    : .. . , . .E N E R A L C O N D I T IO N S

    (I) Adequate provision for infrastructure facilities in cludingwater supply, fuel

    a n d sanitation must be ensured for construction workers duringtheconstruction phaseof the project in order to avoid an y dam age to theenvironment;

    Adequate facilitiesas per laid norms are being provided.

    Appropriate measures m ust be taken w hile undertaking digging act ivi t iesto avoid any likely degradation of water quality;

    All measures being taken.

    Borrow pits for earth, quarry sites for road construction material and dumpsites must be identified keeping in view the following:

    No excavation or dumpin g on private property is carried out withoutwritten consent of the owner;

    Excavation has b een carried out after taking writ ten consent of theOwner

    No excavation or dumping should be allowed on wetlands, forestareas or other ecologically valuable or sensitive locations;

    No excavation/ dumpinghas been/wil l be done on such sen si t ivelocations.

    Excavation work should be don e in consultat ion withthe SoilConservation and Watershed Development Agencies working inthe area; and

    Being complied with

    Constructionspoils including bituminous material a n d otherhazardous materials must not be al lowed to contaminate watercourses and the dump s ites for such materials must be secured sothat they should not leach into the ground w ater;

    No Con struction Spoils has been disposed. All construction waste willbe reused in the construction.

    ( iv) T h e construction material should b e obtained only from approvedquarries. In case n ew quarries are to be opened , specific approvals fromthe competent authority should be obtained in this regard;

    Construction Material is being ob tained from approved quarry.


  • 8/7/2019 Appendix III-Compliance to Clearance Conditions


    S I.N o . Condit ions Compliance Status

    Adequate precautionss h o u l db e taken during transportationof theconstruction m aterial so that it does not affect the environment adversely;

    Precautions detai led in Environment Management Plan are beingimplemented for transportation of earth and shall be implemented fortransportation of other construction ma terial also.

    Borrow pits and other scars created during the road construction shouldbe properly leveled and treated;

    All laid down norms sh all be complied with

    The project-affected people, if any shou ld be adequ ately rehabilitated andthe details in this regard should be furnished to the Min istry;

    Land is b eing leased by Yam una E xpressway Industr ial DevelopmentAuthority Government of Uttar Pradesh.

    Adequate finan cial provision m ust be made in the project to implement theaforesaid safeguards;

    414.90 lacs of Provision have bee n made for required safeguardse t c .

    The project proponentwill set up separate environmental managementcell for effective implem entation of the E MP etc. as well as st ipulatedenvironmental safeguards under the supervision of a Senior Executive;

    Environment Cell under the supervision of Senior Executive has beensetup for effective implementat ion of EMP , Stipulated Environmentsafeguards etc.

    Full support should b e extended to the officers of this Min istry/ Regionaloffice at Lucknow by the project proponents during their inspection of theproject for monitoringpurpose by furnishing full details and action planincluding action taken reports in respect of mitigative measures an d otherenvironmental protection activities;


    A six monthly monitoring report should be subm itted to the Regionaloffice of this M inistry at Lucknow regardingthe implementation of thestipulated conditions;

    Being submitted regularly

    The M inistry or any other competent authori ty may st ipulate any otherconditions o r environmentalsafeguards, subsequently, if deemednecessary, which should be complied with;


    The Ministry reserves the r ight to revoke this clearance if any of theconditions stipulateda re not complied withto the satisfactionof theM i n i s t r y ;


    In the event of a chan ge in project profile or change in the implemen tation

    agency, a fresh reference should be made to the Ministry of Environment& F o r e s t s ;


    ( x v ) The project proponents should inform the Regional Office as well as theMin istry, the date of finan cial closure and final ap proval of the project bythe concerned authorities and the date of start of land development work.

    Not Applicable

    A copy of the clearance let ter will be m arked to concerned Pan chayatllocal NGO , if any, from whom any suggestion/ representation has beenreceived wh ile processing the proposal;

    Not Applicable

    Safety provisions such a s b u s b a y s , service r o a d s , intersection 7 n o . Facility (Rest Areas) h a s b e e n planned a l o n g Yamuna

    4/ 6

  • 8/7/2019 Appendix III-Compliance to Clearance Conditions


    S I.

    N o . Conditions Com pliance Status

    improvemen t, etc. will be carried out by the P roject proponen t.T h e Expressway. These would include F il l ing S tation, Motel , Play A rea,project proponent should provide adequate facilities as per IRC norms/guidelines;

    Trauma center a n d other necessary requirementsa s p e r IR Cguidelines.

    State Pollut ion C ontrol Board should display a copy of the clearance let ter Not Applicable on Project Proponent .at the Regional office, District Industries Centre and Collector's Office/Tehsildar's office for 30 days;The project proponen t should advertise at least in two local new spapersThe advert isement was placed on 17thApril 2007 in the followingwidely circulated in the region around the project, one of which should benewspapersin the vernacular langua ge of the locali ty concerned in forming that the Dainik Jagranproject h a s b e e n accorded environmentalclearance a n d copies of Amar Ujalaclearance letters are available with the State Pollution Control Board andmay also be seen at Website of the Ministry of Environment& Forests athttpl/ The advertisement should be made within sevendays from the date of issue of the clearance letter and a copy of the sameshould be forwarded to the Regional office of this Ministry at Lucknow;

    (xx ) The solid waste gene rated should be safely disposed of or used in theproject itself.

    Solid waste generated is being reused in construction work

    5/ 6