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bbcon 2013

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  • 1.9/27/2013 #bbcon 1 Appealing Codes (Using Appeal Codes in The Raisers Edge) PRESENTED BY MELISSA S. GRAVES @MELISSASGRAVES

2. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 2 TWEET ABOUT YOUR SESSION #APPEALING #FUNDRAISING #BBCON @MELISSASGRAVES 3. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 3 This is supposed to be an advanced session. I will to start with some basic concepts to be sure we are all on the same page but if you are unfamiliar with Appeals and Packages I may or may not be able to slow down to cover basic concepts in more detail due to the limited amount of time. This session is not going to cover solicitation methods, segmentation, appeal strategy, etc. We are simply covering how to record and report on appeals in Raisers Edge. (i.e. How to analyze whatever strategy you are using) This session is going to cover Appeals and Packages as they are designed to work in the Raisers Edge. Many people use Appeals and Packages in other ways which do not exactly work with the design in RE. I will cover some of those alternatives and discuss pros and cons in a limited amount of time but I will primarily focus on the way in which the design in RE works best to allow for fully functional analysis and reporting. If I have not convinced you by the end of the session and you want to debate any of my concepts, please hold your thoughts until the RE Geek Forum at 3:00 on Monday in Potomac D! FAIR WARNING: 4. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 4 The Basics: What is an Appeal? What is a Package? Where are Appeals/Packages recorded? What works best and why: The Ideal Scenario When does the Ideal not happen Appeal Reporting Other Appeal Issues Q & A AGENDA 5. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 5 THE BASICS: 6. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 6 According to the RE Campaigns, Funds and Appeals Data Entry Guide (available on An appeal is a solicitation that brings in your gifts. Solicitations can include Auctions, direct mailings and phonathons. I would further say an appeal is an OUTGOING solicitation to a constituent or group of constituents in which a response in the form of a payment is expected or possible. It should be specific and dated whenever possible. Examples of appeals Pathfinder is using this Fall: - September 2013 Low End Donor Renewal - September 2013 Middle Donor Renewal - September 2013 Colorado Fundraiser - October 2013 Michigan Cultivation Event - October 2013 Major Donor Renewal - October 2013 Pathways Newsletter - December 2013 Annual Report WHAT IS AN APPEAL? 7. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 7 There may be some appeals which I call rolling appeals that are undated and can stay open year after year. Examples would be: - Unsolicited - Unknown - Personal Ask - Tribute Gift - Staff Gift - Website Home Page WHAT IS AN APPEAL? 8. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 8 A package is a subset of your mailing. It is a group of constituents who have some common thread and are receiving the same exact solicitation (same letter language, design, ask, etc.) Packages are best used in three ways: - To define groups of appeal recipients who are getting different approaches either as a test or as an approach that differs between groups. i.e. lapsed donors getting one letter and current donors getting another. - To define groups of appeal recipients who are getting the same approach but for whom you want to track response rates. i.e. current donors and lapsed donors getting the same letter but you want to see who responds better, what each groups average gift size is, etc. - To code different lists of people in source codes such as those purchased or rented for acquisitions to track which lists perform better. - One mailing may have a combination of these kinds of packages. Not all appeals need to have packages. If your appeal is the same for all recipients and there is no need or no way to track subsets, then no packages are necessary. WHAT IS A PACKAGE? 9. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 9 Appeals and packages can be found in many places around RE. First, they are found in records appeals are records and each appeal can have defined packages set up. WHERE ARE APPEALS AND PACKAGES? 10. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 10 Second, the appeal/package records can be linked to a constituent. This is done as a record of who received that appeal/package and when. WHERE ARE APPEALS AND PACKAGES? 11. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 11 Last, the appeal/package records can be linked to a gift. This is done to indicate that the constituent is responding to the appeal/package with said gift. WHERE ARE APPEALS AND PACKAGES? 12. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 12 WHAT WORKS BEST AND WHY 13. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 13 Appeals and packages added to the constituent and to the gift are related. Using them consistently and as designed by Blackbaud should, in the end, give you tons of data on the behavior and desires of your constituents and eliminate any questionable data. So what does the ideal look like? IDEAL SCENARIO 14. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 14 Ideal scenario: - You create an appeal record in RE with multiple packages that represents a specific mailing being sent. - You mail the solicitation to a group of constituents. The mailing reply slips are customized and coded with the specific appeal ID and package ID (or a barcode representing these). - As the mailing is sent, you record on each constituent record (appeals tab) the appeal and package sent to each constituent. - As gifts are entered the appeal ID and package ID on the reply slip returned with the gift are added to the gift record (either manually or using the barcode) - As you add these gifts, the total given for that appeal/package combo on the constituents Appeals tab is updated with that amount. - Appeal reports (with our without package detail) as well as gift queries for this appeal will now include this gift. Sounds ideal, right? IDEAL SCENARIO 15. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 15 Reply slips do not get printed with the specific appeal and package groups that the donor was in (or barcode). - This is necessary for you to be able to properly credit the gift to the proper codes. Gift processor should not be looking up which appeal and package a donor last received. Not adding the appeal and package to the constituent appeals tab. - This is so easy to do using Mail Quick letters and/or via Import. Appeal is created as Annual Fund Appeal FY13 (AFA FY13) and is added to the constituent record multiple times with different dates representing each mailing you send. - The amount given represents that entire appeal not each send. So if you mail 4 times using the same appeal code and get one response out of the four for $25 ALL FOUR appeals will have a total given of $25 which to the novice user (or even an advanced one) would look like the donor gave $100. - To see how much was given to each specific send each one needs to be a separate appeal. WHEN DOES THIS IDEAL NOT HAPPEN? 16. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 16 ONE APPEAL ADDED MULTIPLE TIMES 17. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 17 Adding a different Appeal and Package on the gift than what was put on the Constituent Record - Happens most often when you use Packages to describe an INCOMING option and not what was OUTGOING (such as event ticket levels, auction responses, raffle ticket purchases, etc.) - Total Given field will not update on the appeals tab unless BOTH the appeal and package match. WHEN DOES THIS IDEAL NOT HAPPEN? 18. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 18 PACKAGE ON ASSIGNED APPEAL NO PACKAGE ON GIFT 19. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 19 Details are not completely added to the appeal record - Including number solicited on each and every package (and the main one adding up to the number on each package) is critical to report on your response rates, etc. - Costs and Goals added will give you just awesome reporting. WHEN DOES THIS IDEAL NOT HAPPEN? 20. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 20 AWESOME REPORTING 21. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 21 If a constituent holds on to an appeal card and submits it nine months later with a check in a new fiscal year, what appeal do you put on the gift? - I do not believe in the concept of inactivating appeals and using an older appeal code or worse, add the more recent appeal that you sent them on the gift. - This is IMPORTANT data. Why would you mess with it? Why use something general like old appeal and not specify which appeal when you actually KNOW it? - You know the donor opened that older appeal and was inspired enough by that mailing to keep the reply device. You do not even know if they even opened the more recent appeal. You do not know if it appealed to them or motivated them. - You are tracking appeals to know which of them work, which of them cause a response. Dont mess with this data. I advocate for keeping the appeals open and active as long as you are likely to receive responses. If a random response comes in after the fact, re-activate the appeal again to use on the gift, then inactivate it again. OTHER APPEAL STUFF 22. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 22 If a constituent responds to an appeal and wants to make their gift recurring, what appeal goes on that recurring gift? What about subsequent payments on the recurring gift? - You can not inactivate an appeal that needs to be used on a recurring gift every month/quarter/year. If a constituent gives for years and years from the same recurring gift, do you keep open that same recurring gift or do you eventually use an appeal of recurring gift instead? - When the end of the fiscal year comes do you need to change the campaign/appeal? If so, why? - If you ask the donor to increase how much they give monthly what happens then? My stance has still not changed. This is IMPORTANT data. To know that an appeal in 1995 was so good at attracting die hard recurring gift donors that are STILL giving today IMPORTANT to know. Leave that appeal active until the last donor stops giving. OTHER APPEAL STUFF 23. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 23 Anyone disagree with me? Specific analysis you are trying to do and need help? QUESTIONS? 24. 9/27/2013 #bbcon 24 TWEET ABOUT YOUR SESSION #APPEALING #FUNDRAISING #BBCON @MELISSASGRAVES