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Transcript of “World’s Best Champagne & Sparkling Wine List” ... 2016/01/06  ·...

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    “World’s Best Champagne & Sparkling Wine List” 2014 & 2015

    Table of Contents

    By the Glass Wine, Cider, Draft Beer 2

    Sherry Flights, Glasses, Bottles 3

    Apéro 9

    Cocktails 10

    Champagne 375ml 12

    Champagne Spécial Club 13

    Champagne 750ml 15

    Champagne Large Format 29

    Coteaux Champenoise 32

    Sparkling Wine 375, 750, 1500ml 33

    White Wine 375, 750, 1500ml 39

    Red Wine 375, 750, 1500ml 43

    Rosé Wine 750ml 48

    Dessert Wine Glasses, Bottles 49

    Beer Draft, Bottles, Large Formats 57

    Cider 59

    Spirits 60

    Coffee, Tea, Soda 64

    All Beer, Wine, Cider, Sherry available for take out!

    10% off list price (excludes Champagne)

    Buying a bottle? Ask for it in a porron!

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    By the Glass 5oz unless otherwise noted Rosés are in Red *** Denotes an off dry wine

    Sparkling Dosnon & Lepage, Récolte Noire Brut Champagne $20.00

    Boizel, Millésimé 2002 Brut Champagne $28.00

    Demarne-Frison, Goustan Brut Nature Champagne $18.00

    Benoît Lahaye, Rosé de Macération Grand Cru Brut Champagne $22.00

    Caves Jean François Bourdy, Crémant du Jura Rosé Brut $14.00

    Patrick Bottex, Bugey-Cerdon Cueille Méthode Ancestrale *** $12.50

    Mercat, Brut Nature Cava $9.00

    House Apéritif $9.00 Sparkling wine with a splash of Clear Creek Slivovitz.

    White Domaine de la Bonne Tonne, Beaujolais Blanc 2013 $10.00

    Château d'Arlay, Grand Vin Jaune 2005 $12.00 2oz

    Nortico, Alvarinho 2013 $9.00

    Castelo do Papa, Godello 2014 $9.00

    Mokoroa, Txakoli 2014 $5.00 4oz

    Rosé Armas de Guerra, Mencia Rosado 2014 $8.50

    Red Omero, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2013 $12.00

    Angélique Léon, Chinon 2012 $10.00

    Marcel Lapierre, Raisins Gaulois 2014 $9.00

    Primitivo Quiles, Cono 4 2013 $8.00

    Bodegas Vinos de León, Tinto Lena 2014 Porron $30 1000ml $5.00 4oz

    Featured Apéro Domaine la Salette, Floc de Gascogne $6.50 2oz

    Cider & Draft Beer

    Finnegan, Dry Cider $5.50 10oz

    Petritegi, Sidra Natural 2011 $7.50 10oz

    Eric Bordelet, Sidre Nouvelle Vague $7.50 10oz

    pFriem, Belgian Strong Dark Ale $3.50 8oz

    Hair of the Dog & Nils Oscar, Collaboration Saison $4.50 16oz $3.00 10oz

    Breakside, IPA $4.50 16oz $3.00 10oz

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    Sherry Made in the Andalucía region of Southern Spain, Sherry is a complex wine with a full spectrum of flavors from bone dry and slightly briny to copiously rich and sweet. Sherry is fortified with brandy and goes through a continuous blending with many other wine barrels known as a “Solera.” Finos, Amontillados and Palo Cortados spend a portion of their lives under a layer of yeast (called “flor”), protecting it from oxygen and adding yeasty character while Olorosos are in contact with oxygen their whole life.

    Sherry Flight! Choose three 1oz pours from below $12 La Cigarrera, Manzanilla

    Grant, La Garrocha Amontillado Emilio Lustau, Península Palo Cortado

    Gutiérrez Colosía, Sangre y Trabajadero Oloroso

    Emilio Lustau, Capataz Andrés DeLuxe Cream César Florido, Moscatel Especial

    El Maestro Sierra, PX

    En Rama A sherry that is bottled straight from the cask with minimal fining or filtering. Barbadillo, Manzanilla En Rama Saca de Invierno 2012 $24 375ml

    Bottled Winter 2012

    Delgado Zuleta, B. Rodríguez La-Cave Barbiana Manzanilla En Rama $92 1500ml Bottled September 2015

    Equipo Navazos, Fino En Rama $22 375ml Bottled July 2013

    Fernando de Castilla, Fino En Rama $24 375ml Bottled October 2013

    Hidalgo - La Gitana, La Gitana Manzanilla En Rama $36 750ml Bottled April 2015

    Valdespino, Deliciosa Manzanilla En Rama Saca de Primavera 2015 $16 375ml Bottled Spring 2015

    Manzanilla Manzanillas are delicate finos that must be aged in the town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda, known for its cool seaside climate perfect for aging refined sherry. Pasadas are aged for an extended period to the point where the flor is thin and patchy.

    Delgado Zuleta, B. Rodríguez La-Cave Barbiana Manzanilla Clásica $20 375ml Bottled September 2015

    Equipo Navazos, La Bota de Manzanilla Pasada #30 Capataz Rivas $85 750ml Bottled June 2011, Bodega La Guita

    Equipo Navazos, La Bota de Manzanilla Navazos #55 $68 750ml Bottled November 2014, Bodega Miguel Sánchez Ayala

    Hidalgo - La Gitana, Pastrana Manzanilla Pasada $36 750ml Bottled November 2013

    La Cigarrera, Manzanilla Pasada $50 375ml Bottled March 2012

    La Cigarrera, Manzanilla $7.00 2oz $19 375ml Bottled June 2015

    Hijos de Rainera Pérez Marín, La Guita Manzanilla $14 375ml Bottled March 2015

    Orleans, Borbón Manzanilla Fina $17 375ml Bottled November 2014

    Valdespino, Deliciosa Manzanilla $18 375ml Bottled July 2013

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    Fino A fresh, delicate style fortified to 15% and aged entirely under flor. Bone dry, crisp and showing briny and yeasty notes.

    Bodegas Tradición, Fino $58 750ml Bottled October 2013

    Bodegas Tradición, Fino $58 750ml Bottled October 2014

    César Florido, Fino (Chipiona) $18 375ml Bottled May 2014

    El Maestro Sierra, Fino $22 375ml Bottled January 2014

    Emilio Hidalgo, Fino $24 750ml

    Emilio Lustau, Jarana Fino $20 750ml

    Emilio Lustau, La Ina Muy Seco $20 750ml Bottled September 2012, Bodega Pedro Domecq

    Equipo Navazos, La Bota de Fino #18 Macharnudo Alto $62 750ml Bottled December 2009, Bodega Valdespino

    Equipo Navazos, La Bota de Fino #35 Macharnudo Alto $66 750ml Bottled June 2012, Bodega Valdespino

    Fernando de Castilla, Antique Fino $38 500ml Bottled November 2013

    González Byass, Una Palma $58 500ml Bottled late 2012

    González Byass, Dos Palmas $70 500ml Bottled late 2012

    González Byass, Tres Palmas $115 500ml Bottled late 2012

    Gutiérrez Colosía, Fino Elcano $16 375ml Bottled January 2012

    Marqués del Real Tesoro, Tío Mateo Fino $18 375ml Bottled April 2013

    Robles, Piedra Luenga Fino Ecológico (Montilla Moriles) $27 750ml

    Valdespino, Inocente Fino $26 375ml Bottled November 2014

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    Amontillado An Amontillado spends the first part of its life under flor. The flor then dies and it finishes aging in contact with oxygen, thus expressing flavors of yeast and salinity in addition to oxidative nutty notes.

    Bodegas Tradición, Amontillado VORS $108 750ml Bottled January 2013

    El Maestro Sierra, Amontillado 12yr $37 375ml

    El Maestro Sierra, Amontillado 1830 VORS $120 375ml

    Emilio Lustau, Los Arcos Amontillado $22 750ml

    Emilio Lustau, Almacenista Amontillado del Puerto $9.00 2oz $40 500ml Bodega Gonzalez Obregón

    Emilio Lustau, Rare Amontillado Escuadrilla $40 750ml

    Equipo Navazos, La Bota de Amontillado #31 “Bota NO” $110 500ml Bottled October 2011, Bodega La Guita

    Equipo Navazos, La Bota de Amontillado #37 $102 750ml Bottled August 2012, Bodega Hijos de Rainera Pérez Marín

    Fernando de Castilla, Antique Amontillado $9.00 2oz $48 500ml

    Grant, La Garrocha Amontillado $8.00 2oz $20 375ml

    González Byass, Viña AB Amontillado $42 750ml

    González Byass, Amontillado Muy Viejo Del Duque VORS $12.00 2oz $65 375ml

    González Byass, Cuatro Palmas $140 500ml

    Hidalgo - La Gitana, Napoleón Amontillado $10.00 2oz $36 500ml

    La Cigarrera, Amontillado VOS 20yr $92 375ml

    Marqués del Real Tesoro, Del Principe Amontillado $44 750ml Bottled November 2013

    Osborne, 51-1a Amontillado VORS $168 750ml Bottled November 2013

    Toro Albalá, Amontillado Viejísimo $48 500ml

    Toro Albalá, Marques de Poley Amontillado Selección 1951 $300 750ml Bottled March 2011

    Valdespino, Contrabandista Medium Dry $6.00 2oz $42 750ml

    Valdespino, Tio Diego Amontillado $8.00 2oz $32 750ml

    Valdespino, Coliseo VORS Amontillado $245 375ml

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    Palo Cortado A fino gone mad and decides it just doesn’t want to be a fino! This style generally loses its flor sooner than an Amontillado so the flavors of yeast and salinity can be less pronounced and the wine a bit fuller in body. These wines finish aging oxidatively. Palo Cortados should have the finesse of a fino with the body of an oloroso. They are the rarest style of sherry and a special treat to try.

    Barbadillo, Obispo Gascon Palo Cortado $62 750ml

    Barbadillo, Palo Cortado 30yr VORS $92 750ml

    Bodegas Tradición, Palo Cortado VORS $148 750ml Bottled February 2013