Antiques, Fine Art Collectables Sale - Amazon S3 Fine Art Collectables Sale ... A quantity of candle...

download Antiques, Fine Art Collectables Sale - Amazon S3 Fine Art Collectables Sale ... A quantity of candle powered restaurant plate warmers. Lot: ... An Ertl scale model Case MX110 tractor

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Transcript of Antiques, Fine Art Collectables Sale - Amazon S3 Fine Art Collectables Sale ... A quantity of candle...

  • Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables SaleWednesday 19 May 2010 10:30

    Jubilee Auction RoomsFordbrook Business Centre


    SN9 5NU

  • Lot: 1A 17' Shetland Family Four motor boat with Mariner 25hp 4 stroke big foot outboard motor and trailer, also includes radio and other equipment, full details from the office. NB local mooring may be available until January 2011.

    Lot: 2A terracotta chimenea with circular wrought iron stand.

    Lot: 3A pair of contemporary wrought iron garden gates with cast fleur de lys finials (each gate 66" in width).

    Lot: 4A white plastic moulded garden figurine depicting a classical lady.

    Lot: 5A lead well head with original pump handle.

    Lot: 6A garden sieve, a cobblers last, bow saw and other sundries.

    Lot: 7A British Silver Seagull marine outboard petrol engine.

    Lot: 8A rectangular cast aluminium garden table with pierced decoration, a quantity of garden split bamboo candlespikes and sundries.

    Lot: 9A G tech cordless battery powered cylinder lawn mower.

    Lot: 10A Stihl FS280K petrol strimmer and accessories.

    Lot: 11A quantity of mainly 78 rpm records, and a mahogany fruit bowl.

    Lot: 12A petrol Flymo HTL170 hedge cutter.

    Lot: 14A quantity of fixings, mainly nails.

    Lot: 15A quantity of staplers, a stencil set and other household sundries.

    Lot: 16Three various oxy-acetylene gas torches with assorted nozzles.

    Lot: 17A quantity of assorted cutting and grinding discs and a part socket set.

    Lot: 18A shelf of assorted mainly woodworking screws.

    Lot: 19Three Victorian mahogany desk drawers containing woodworking tools and sundries.

    Lot: 20A shelf of assorted mainly woodworking screws.

    Lot: 21A quantity of milling machine cutters and arbors and a spot face tool.

    Lot: 22A Record woodworking smoothing plane, a quantity of screwdrivers and other woodworking tools.

    Lot: 23A chrome towel rail with integral radiator and a twin Brook Compton water pump.

    Lot: 24A steel framed curved spark guard, a copper coal bucket and a hod.

    Lot: 25A box of general hand tools and sundries.

    Lot: 26A basket of mainly woodworking tools.

    Lot: 27A boxed metalworking scribe and a similar boxed set of lathe tolerance micrometres with stand.

    Lot: 28A set of six graduated drill mortice chisels and a quantity of drill bits.

    Lot: 29A boxed shaft honing set.

    Lot: 30

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    Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables Sale) Catalogue - Downloaded from

  • A Bradbury garage valve reseating set and a quantity of other cutters and arbors.

    Lot: 31Six cans of assorted nails and a quantity of Hilti nails.

    Lot: 33A bottle jack.

    Lot: 34A continental style metal post box.

    Lot: 35A half ton winch with nylon strap.

    Lot: 36A jockey wheel.

    Lot: 37Three club hammers with fibreglass shafts.

    Lot: 38A sledge hammer.

    Lot: 39A set of drain cleaning rods.

    Lot: 40Three various aluminium spirit levels.

    Lot: 41A three foot trailer lighting board.

    Lot: 42A box of woodworking chisels, an oil stone, a depth gauge and other tools.

    Lot: 43A quantity of walnut veneer sheets each 22" x 18" and a quantity of mahogany veneer sheets each 24" x 12".

    Lot: 44A quantity of antique sawn oak panels and a quantity of various veneers.

    Lot: 45Four various mahogany panels and a table leaf.

    Lot: 46A 19th century oval drop leaf table top and three semi circular

    table panels.

    Lot: 47Eight various mainly Victorian mahogany table leaves.

    Lot: 48Three early 19th century mahogany table leaves, each 54" x 20".

    Lot: 49A Victorian mahogany table end leaf and two central leaves 54" x 68" (max).

    Lot: 50A Victorian mahogany four section table top 48" x 96" and one other table leaf.

    Lot: 51An oil stone, a box of woodworking tools, a depth gauge and other tools.

    Lot: 52A 7" milling table.

    Lot: 53A permanent magnetic chuck with a 8" x 20" table.

    Lot: 54A metal cantilever tool box and contents.

    Lot: 55A metal cantilever tool box and contents.

    Lot: 56A box of assorted woodworking planes.

    Lot: 57A pair of heavy duty car axle stands.

    Lot: 58A box of Bridges drill attachments and a box of woodworking tools.

    Lot: 59A 6" bench vice.

    Lot: 60A bush saw, three cross cut saws, a tenon saw, a Stanley spirit level and a woodworkers compass.

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    Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables Sale) Catalogue - Downloaded from

  • Lot: 61An hydraulic car body work ram kit with accessories.

    Lot: 62A box of tools, mainly hammers, bolsters, chisels and trowels.

    Lot: 63A Rabone spirit level, one other, a Stanley Yankee screwdriver and an adjustable wood drill bit.

    Lot: 66A reproduction cast iron level crossing sign.

    Lot: 67Two hay/manure forks.

    Lot: 68A bottle jack.

    Lot: 69A 600 amp set of jump leads.

    Lot: 70Four pairs of circlip pliers.

    Lot: 71Four adjustable wrenches.

    Lot: 72A soldering gun set.

    Lot: 73A reproduction cast iron dog bowl advertising Hudson soap.

    Lot: 74A two tier woodworking bench with record 52 vice 28" x 100".

    Lot: 75A quantity of various door furniture, draught excluders and fittings.

    Lot: 76A pine tool chest with fitted interior and contents.

    Lot: 77A pine tool chest with fitted interior and contents.

    Lot: 78A box of woodworking chisels, a depth gauge, an oil stone and

    other tools.

    Lot: 79A 3/8" drive socket bar and various sockets.

    Lot: 80A quantity of assorted tape measures.

    Lot: 81A twelve piece tungsten router set.

    Lot: 82A set of four bearing pullers.

    Lot: 83A large blue tarpaulin.

    Lot: 84A large quantity of assorted nails and fixings.

    Lot: 85A large quantity of assorted nails.

    Lot: 90A Wade whisky flask, other china, an Olympus 35mm zoom camera and other camera's.

    Lot: 91A large quantity of household china.

    Lot: 92A decorative rug.

    Lot: 93An Ikea Inez patterned rug, 1.7m x 2.4m.

    Lot: 94A Lloyd Loom tub chair, a corner linen basket and a bamboo occasional table.

    Lot: 95An extendable window cleaning brush.

    Lot: 96A window /conservatory cleaning brush.

    Lot: 97A box of assorted metalware and two record turntable mats.

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    Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables Sale) Catalogue - Downloaded from

  • Lot: 98A large quantity of new and nearly new lady's shoes and handbags.

    Lot: 99A Victorian copper coal helmet with wood inset swing handle.

    Lot: 100A circular riveted copper copper, a trivet, a storm light and a two train mantel clock movement.

    Lot: 101A set of "The New Book of Knowledge" , other books and souvenir pamphlets.

    Lot: 102A tin trunk a bed tray, a sewing machine in wooden case, a quantity of tins and other household sundries.

    Lot: 103A contemporary wooden framed meat/cheese safe and other household items.

    Lot: 104A large Bosch fridge freezer, not tested for electrical safety and sold as seen.

    Lot: 105A stripped pine fire surround with mantel and one other.

    Lot: 106A "Finewood" light oak book case cabinet fitted with a single shelf with two sliding glass doors, an oak framed mirror with easel base and an iron bound trunk.

    Lot: 107A Camars wet suit.

    Lot: 108A pine framed wall notice board 4' x 6' fitted with two clear plastic fronted doors.

    Lot: 109A pine framed large notice board 4' x 6' the front fitted two plastic clear doors.

    Lot: 110A marble washstand top 18" x 36".

    Lot: 111A brass and iron double bed stead with brass finial decorations.

    Lot: 112

    Three stripped pine square top pedestal occasional tables.

    Lot: 113Three stripped pine square topped pedestal occasional tables.

    Lot: 114A quantity of candle powered restaurant plate warmers.

    Lot: 121A part suite of stemmed cut glass ware, two decanters and other glasses.

    Lot: 122A collection of mainly topographical postcards and a quantity of tea cards.

    Lot: 123A Kodak Junior camera in original box with instructions.

    Lot: 124A quantity of boys comic annuals, to include The Victor, Valiant and Warlord.

    Lot: 125A steel post standard lamp with halogen bulbs on twisted wire.

    Lot: 126"World War II" magazines, approximately 100 issues and a poster.

    Lot: 127A quantity of mainly reference books.

    Lot: 128A floral decorated china pail, three wine carafes and a glass storage jar with cork stopper.

    Lot: 129A quantity of 1960's/1970's kitchen wares to include "Homemaker" plates, Portmeirion storage jars, Hornsea pottery and others.

    Lot: 130An Ertl scale model Case MX110 tractor and a similar 8575 silage baler.

    Lot: 131A miniature reproduction cast iron "Crescent" cooking range and a reproduction novelty cast iron money box.

    Lot: 132

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    Jubilee Auction Rooms (Antiques, Fine Art & Collectables Sale) Catalogue - Downloaded from

  • A Knewood Omnisky radio controlled Formula one style model racing car.

    Lot: 133A Navigtaor radio controlled model racing car.

    Lot: 134A model King Class GWR train locomotive "King Henry VII" raised on a wooden base and nine other similar models, all in original packaging.

    Lot: 135A Hornby 00 gauge 4-6-0 locomotive King Edward I, a Lima 00 gauge diesel engine and five Lima 00 gauge Great Western passenger carriages, all boxed.

    Lot: 136Three framed sets of mainly Wills's cigarette cards showing railway scenes, a mounted collection of Wills's Spee