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  • Antiques & Collectables, Rock & Pop, FineWines & JewelleryTuesday 26 March 2013 10:00

    Frank MarshallMarshall House

    Church Hill

  • KnutsfordWA16 6DH

    Frank Marshall (Antiques & Collectables, Rock & Pop, Fine Wines & Jewellery) Catalogue - Downloaded

  • Lot: 1A late 19th/early 20th centurymahogany cased circular wallclock, marked Atkinson & CoWestminster Bridge Road, withsingle train fusee movement andRoman numeral dial, completewith pendulum and key, diameter40cm (illustrated)Estimate: 150.00 - 200.00

    Lot: 2A 19th century postman's alarmclock with double weight drivenmovement, and internalinstruction leaflet marked FBrooker & Co Clock Makers, 87Brixton Road London SW, withRoman numeral dial, diameter16.5cm, complete with pendulumEstimate: 60.00 - 100.00

    Lot: 3A late Victorian inlaid mahoganycased drop-dial wall clock withcircular cream painted Romannumeral dial within octagonalsurround, with single train fuseemovement, complete withpendulum, diameter of caseapprox 42cm, height approx 59cmEstimate: 150.00 - 200.00

    Lot: 4An early 20th century carved oakwall hanging aneroid barometerby J Parkes & Sons, 11 StGeorge Crescent Liverpool, withwhite scale and brasstemperature scale, engraved'Massey R' dial diameter 20cm,height approx 88.5cmEstimate: 60.00 - 100.00

    Lot: 5A late 19th/early 20th century oakcased architectural form bracketclock with movement stampedLenzkirch, 87067, with ting tangstrike, striking the hours, quartersand halves on two spiral gongs,with gilt metal mounted case andsilvered dial with brassspandrels, the sides flanked withtwo circular gilt metal carryinghandles, with small quantity ofold photographs and relatedpaperwork, complete withpendulum and key, height 43cm,missing top finialEstimate: 80.00 - 120.00

    Lot: 6An Edwardian inlaid rosewoodcased bracket clock by Elkington& Co Ltd, Manchester, withsilvered dial and Roman numeralchapter ring, with Lenzkerch tingtang hour, half and quarterstriking movement, marked onemillion, serial no.331187 tomovement, the arch top casewith gilt metal pine cone finialsand arched top, on splayed giltmetal feed, complete withpendulum, height 39.5cm(illustrated)Estimate: 350.00 - 450.00

    Lot: 7A 1920's oak cased architecturalform mantel clock with silveredand brass dial, with ting tangmovement, marked Junghan's,height 38.4cmEstimate: 80.00 - 120.00

    Lot: 8A mid 20th century GermanSchatz brass and perspex casedchiming musical mantel clock,marked Schatz and SohneGermany Org W3 to reverse, withopen work case and crown finial,complete with key, height 23.5cmEstimate: 100.00 - 200.00

    Lot: 9A late 19th/early 20th centurymahogany cased fountain headmantel clock, with gilt metal andfountain adornments, with spiralglass rod (when working this rodrotates giving the effect ofrunning water), the architecturalcarved case with black lacqueredcentre and arched top, completewith finial, with Arabic numeralcircular dial with gilt centre,height 35.4cm, unmarkedEstimate: 80.00 - 120.00

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    Frank Marshall (Antiques & Collectables, Rock & Pop, Fine Wines & Jewellery) Catalogue - Downloaded

  • Lot: 10A 19th century brass striking fourglass mantel clock, with JapyFreres stamped movement andmarked HP & Co 6067 todiamond mark and no.4555 to reverse plate, with shapedreeded corners and bevelledglass plates, height 31.5cm,width 19cm (illustrated)Estimate: 300.00 - 400.00

    Lot: 11A late 19th/early 20th centuryminiature brass and bevelledglass cased carriage clock byBenetfink & Co London, marked'Made In Paris', with Arabicnumeral ceramic dial, height notincluding folding handle 8cm,complete with two keysEstimate: 80.00 - 120.00

    Lot: 12An early 20th century Zenithminiature Champlev enamelledboudoir clock, square case withenamelled floral decoration withwhite ground to top, front andboth sides, with gilt back plate,raised on four shaped bun feet,marked 11469/992 to base, withoriginal shark skin effect leathercase, height 6cm, width 5.8cm(illustrated)Estimate: 150.00 - 250.00

    Lot: 13A late 19th/early 20th centuryFrench green onyx and four glassthree piece clock garniture, thecentral four glass cased clockwith slanted onyx panels with giltmetal adornments, the shapedoval top with sphinx finial, raisedon four beaded bun feet, themovement stamped Marti Paris,with circular hand painted dialwith Arabic numerals and floralswags, height 41.5cm, also amatching pair of twin handledurns (3) (illustrated)Estimate: 400.00 - 600.00

    Lot: 14A good quality 20th centurychiming skeleton clock withsilvered Roman numeral dial andsingle train fusee movement,unmarked, complete withpendulum and key, on light oakrectangular stepped plinth base,height 46.5cm, base width24.4cm (illustrated)Estimate: 400.00 - 600.00

    Lot: 15A fine quality 19th century Frenchgilt bronze and Svres ceramicpanelled mantel clock, the ornatecast rectangular case with cantedcorners inset with eight cheruband floral decorated panels ofvarying sizes, with Romannumeral circular ceramic dial andcherub cast top, stamped CMParis MIROY FRES BTESVincent Medallier D'Argent, serialno.767/194, raised on cast ornatebun feet, with bell strikingmovement, complete withpendulum, height 46.5cm, width65cm, with shaped gilt edgedbase and gilt wooden stand, withbeaded stepped front (illustrated)Estimate: 1,200.00 - 1,800.00

    Lot: 16An 1860's John Bailey of Salfordturret clock, movement on castiron base, and cast iron clock dialof large proportions, (diameter ofdial 109cm), also an exceedinglylarge cast bell, marked J Bailey &Co Salford Manchester,(diameter 53cm, height of bellincluding suspension handleapprox 57cm), (af) (illustrated) Estimate: 600.00 - 800.00

    Lot: 17An early to mid 19th centuryJames Smith of Londoncompound minocular brassmicroscope, signed to foot andno.118, focusing by rack andpinion and leaver and calibratedscrew, mechanical stage, sub-stage wheel of stops andcondenser and concave mirror onfolding tripod base, in originalfitted mahogany case withquantity of oculars, objectivesand related accessories, also awooden box containing approxfifty microscope slides to includePrize Medal Paris 1867 examples

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    Frank Marshall (Antiques & Collectables, Rock & Pop, Fine Wines & Jewellery) Catalogue - Downloaded

  • etc (illustrated)Estimate: 600.00 - 800.00

    Lot: 18No Lot

    Lot: 19A Thomas Machell of Glasgowthree octave Dulcitone inmahogany case with folding legs,height 98cm (in need of repair)(illustrated)Estimate: 100.00 - 150.00

    Lot: 20A cased 20th century Artemisbrass plated saxophone markedArtemis MKIII, in modern carrycase with mouth piece andcleaning equipment and sparereeds (illustrated)Estimate: 100.00 - 150.00

    Lot: 21Hand painted porcelain plaque ofa maiden and cherub inunmarked white metal broochmount, together with a mother ofpearl cameo of a gentleman inprofile, indistinctly signed tounmarked white metal mount Estimate: 70.00 - 100.00

    Lot: 22A fine Russian hand paintedlacquer miniature to a broochmount from Mystera signed to thereverse by the artistEstimate: 70.00 - 100.00

    Lot: 23A fine hand painted porcelainplaque of a gentleman in perioddress, set to an unmarked yellowbrooch mountEstimate: 80.00 - 120.00

    Lot: 24A pair of Limoge painted plaquesset to unmarked yellow metal clipearring mountsEstimate: 70.00 - 100.00

    Lot: 25Taxidermy - An early 20thcentury cock pheasant innaturalistic modelled rectangularglazed case, inset with ferns andfoliage, unsigned, front glazedpanel crack to bottom corner,height 53.5cm, width 84cm,depth 21.5cmEstimate: 80.00 - 120.00

    Lot: 26A collection of 20th centurytaxidermy to include two sharkjaws, red squirrel, two Brazilianpiranha fish, hedgehog, babyalligator, blow fish, collection offramed butterflies, moles andstag antlers (12) Estimate: 80.00 - 120.00

    Lot: 27An early 20th century Bulpitt &Sons brass ships bulkhead lamp,marked Bulpitt & Sons 1900,Birmingham, with folding handle,lacking glass lens, height notincluding folding handle, 35cmEstimate: 70.00 - 100.00

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    Frank Marshall (Antiques & Collectables, Rock & Pop, Fine Wines & Jewellery) Catalogue - Downloaded

  • Lot: 28A J & R Oldfield LimitedDependence black painted tinand brass bulkhead carriagelantern with circular red lens, thesides with rectangular bevelledclear glass lens and with shapedhoop handle, height approx22.5cm, also two late 19thcentury colliery lamps each withapplied plaques and red lens,height 26.5cm (all three af)Estimate: 80.00 - 120.00

    Lot: 29A collection of four Vintageadvertising tins comprisingBenson's Choclins, The LatestChewing Sweet, Huntley &Palmers Book Rack biscuit tin, AS Wilkin Ltd Cremona shapedrectangular tin, the lid decoratedwith North-east coast exhibitionNewcastle-upon-Tyne, May-October 1929 and a rectangularHydro toffee tin (4)Estimate: 50.00 - 80.00

    Lot: 30A collection of eight 18th and19th century pewter itemscomprising two large circularplates, diameters 42cm &37.5cm, each with London touchmarks, another circular plate,diameter 46cm, with feint markspossibly ABAN verso, threesmaller examples, 14.8cm,marked W Scott to reverse andinscribed 'Sundrum' to front,Harris Lord of London examplewith shaped border, 24.4cm, P &D of London dished bowl,23.8cm, Continental pewter reliefdecorated bowl decorated withangel wielding a spear and shieldstabbing a devil, diameter29.9cm, with egg and dart borderand a lidded flagon of waistedform with banded decorated, withfeint London touch marks tobase, with hinged lid, height26cm (8)Estimate: 150.00 - 250.00

    Lot: 31A set of four William Wright ofLondon circular pewter dishedplates, with touch mark,