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Transcript of Antiques, Collectables & Fine Art - Amazon S3 .Antiques, Collectables & Fine Art Saturday 25...

  • Antiques, Collectables & Fine ArtSaturday 25 September 2010 10:30

    Patrick CheyneSt Peter's Assembly Rooms

    Cecil RoadHale

    WA15 9NU

  • Lot: 1Painted wooden model of a seated Indian playing a musical instrumentEstimate: 20.00 - 30.00

    Lot: 2Modern golfing bag containing 11 left handed golf clubs by "King Cobra"Estimate: 20.00 - 30.00

    Lot: 3American stained pine mantel clock with Trade label inscribed "Eight day KIRKWOOD strike 18/6d" Ansonia Clock Co. Salesrooms 11 to 19 Cliff Street, New York, USA, minus the pendulumEstimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 4Stained pine document box, brass box, magazine box, carved camphorwood box and two prints - Fort Augustus, Caledonian Canal and Holyrood PalaceEstimate: 10.00 - 20.00

    Lot: 5Victorian Jolly Nigger Bank

    Lot: 6Good collection of Masonic medals, some silver giltEstimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 7Early 20th century plush teddy bear with growler, drawn thread nose, padded paws and feet, 26ins highEstimate: 50.00 - 80.00

    Lot: 8Early 19th century framed sampler with charming rhyme, house, birds, animals, trees and flowers with trailing floral border, inscribed Eleanor Andrews, 17ins x 13insEstimate: 150.00 - 250.00

    Lot: 9Austrian cuckoo clock(af)Estimate: 10.00 - 20.00

    Lot: 10Pair of early 19th century miniatures of a lady and gentleman painted on ivory, in rectangular ebonised frames with floral ring attachments, one inscribed "Mrs. Philip Blackmore- copy of an old Hayton - painted 1813", 3ins x 2ins approximatelyEstimate: 100.00 - 200.00

    Lot: 11Late 19th century/early 20th century stained bone travelling chess set in folding wooden box, one king a replacement in wood

    Estimate: 20.00 - 30.00

    Lot: 12Early 20th century miniature of a lady painted on ivory with green velvet backing and two silhouette miniatures variousEstimate: 80.00 - 120.00

    Lot: 13Pair of framed Victorian photographs, three quarter length portraits of ladies heightened with charcoal shading, French mounts, 11ins x 9insEstimate: 10.00 - 20.00

    Lot: 14Victorian beadwork cloth from a tea tray decorated flowersEstimate: 20.00 - 30.00

    Lot: 15Edwardian inlaid mahogany lancet mantel timepiece, the French cylinder movement with white enamel dial inscribed W. Batty & Sons Ltd., ManchesterEstimate: 50.00 - 80.00

    Lot: 1619th century rosewood portable writing box with secret drawers(af)Estimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 17Surveyor's level with compass inscribed Troughton and Simms, London in a box - minus the tripod stand, also a stained pine box with the contents:- measuring instruments, "Centex" pantograph, slide rule, beam compass instruments etc.Estimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 18Three silhouette miniatures variousEstimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 19Small glazed light oak table top cabinet, the double doors enclosing two short and two long drawersEstimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 2019th century American walnut framed drop dial wall clock, dial requires repaintingEstimate: 50.00 - 80.00

    Lot: 21Victorian glass frigger beneath a glass dome in the form of a three masted sailing ship with sailors up the rigging, two smaller sailing boats in attendance and a white glass lighthouse, some slight damageEstimate: 80.00 - 120.00

    Lot: 22

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    Patrick Cheyne (Antiques, Collectables & Fine Art) Catalogue - Downloaded from

  • Victorian copper and brass tea kettle-on-stand with burner embossed flowers, a large reproduction copper kettle on brass trivet and a copper and brass cased planter(4Estimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 23Modern brass ceiling hanging oil lamp with white opaque glass shade, wired for electricityEstimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 24Quantity of old lantern slidesEstimate: 10.00 - 20.00

    Lot: 25Late Victorian kaleidoscope on tripod standEstimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 26Inlaid mahogany mantel timepiece c.1920Estimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 27Late Victorian mantel cuckoo clock in ebonised wood case decorated birds and flowers simulating pietra dura, the back board with Trade label inscribed Kaiser & Dilger, 30 Park Terrace, Regents Park(af)Estimate: 80.00 - 120.00

    Lot: 28Small suitcase with the contents - greeting cards, Triang Minic tractor, claw brooch, pen knives, letter openers, early wooden puzzle, copper kettle and coal bucket etc.Estimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 29Quantity of boxes various including a Chinese oval papier mch snuff box decorated seated figures in giltEstimate: 20.00 - 30.00

    Lot: 30Victorian special Constable's truncheon decorated "VR" beneath a crownEstimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 3120th century French brass cased carriage timepiece and four Georgian silver teaspoons by Sarah & John Blake c.1812Estimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 32Early 19th century rosewood two division tea caddy, ring handles, bun feetEstimate: 50.00 - 80.00

    Lot: 33Antique style"threadbare" mohair grey growler Steiff teddybear , a traditional blonde mohair Steiff bear, and a white squeaker mohair Steiff bear(3Estimate: 10.00 - 20.00

    Lot: 34Steiff cuddly dog, mohair "happy" frog, soft Steiff bear and Steiff bear with hump and growler(4Estimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 35Mohair squeaker chimpanzee - "Jacko", Steiff chimpanzee and a smaller original "Jacko" chimpanzee(3Estimate: 10.00 - 20.00

    Lot: 36Early 19th century mahogany two division tea caddy, bun feet - minus lidsEstimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 37Georgian oak candle box of tapering form with burr oak panelEstimate: 50.00 - 80.00

    Lot: 38Small oak salt box also with burr oak panelEstimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 39Victorian style dial timepieceEstimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 40A cased medallion depicting the head of Adam Smith and inscribed "In memory of Henry Hunt Hutchinson 1822-1894 by Wyon, 2 Langham Chambers, London WEstimate: 5.00 - 10.00

    Lot: 41Victorian miniature chest of two short and three long drawers, bun pulls and feetEstimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 42South American machete in leather scabbard, the blade with Trade Label inscribed Collins & Co., HartfordEstimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 43Modern "Lorenzo" guitar made in Japan with caseEstimate: 20.00 - 30.00

    Lot: 44

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    Patrick Cheyne (Antiques, Collectables & Fine Art) Catalogue - Downloaded from

  • A "Kelo" pogo stick, pair of adjustable stilts by Lindop, the Safari folding camp bed and a "Grays Cambridge" squash racket(4Estimate: 5.00 - 10.00

    Lot: 45Early 20th century oak silver box with key, carrying handles and metal corners with the contents - cutlery and jewellery boxes various and an ornate tasselEstimate: 20.00 - 30.00

    Lot: 46Heavy antique solid oak rectangular stool or urn standEstimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 47Old pine silver chest with carrying handles and metal corners and strap hinges with the contents - pierced brass kettle stand, quantity of Chinese plate and urn stands and a book trough made from timber removed from H.M.S. Britannia Cadet Training ship at Dartmouth 1869-1905Estimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 48Two Victorian walnut writing slopes, one (af)Estimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 49Early 20th century standard lamp with reeded column and leaf decoration and a mahogany planter(2Estimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 501920's oak mantle clock, childs chair, Corgi " Popeye Paddle Boat" car and model of Chitty Chitty Bang BangEstimate: 20.00 - 30.00

    Lot: 51Late 19th/early 20th century French gilt metal model of a young girl with a letter in one hand and a bird in the other on a variegated square marble plinth base indistinctly signed, 15 1/2 ins highEstimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 52Vintage bottle of Martell three star cognac brandy and a vintage bottle of Sandeman's port(2Estimate: 20.00 - 30.00

    Lot: 53Continental glass vase of inverted tear drop form with oval panels alternately decorated a goat's and a hound's head, stylised gilt borders 13 3/4 ins high, also a string box in the form of a globe by Clark & Co. c.1886 and a box in the form of a large egg(3Estimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 54

    The contents of a box - dress jewellery various, powder compacts, lighter etc.Estimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 55The contents of a box - a wooden pond yacht, a model of a Man of War and a smaller pond yacht with label inscribed "STAR YACHT - GUARANTEED TO SAIL", miniature chess set, game and a wooden skittle and several jigsaw puzzles one by Chad ValleyEstimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 56A Japanese lacquered box, Victorian rosewood sewing box, quantity of games various and two leather bound hip flasks, one with patent screw lidEstimate: 30.00 - 40.00

    Lot: 57Early 20th century oak framed three division tantalus complete with the pressed glass decantersEstimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 5819th century mahogany cased telescope, the eye piece cover marked F. Watkins, Charing Cross, London, (the case cracked) and two children's walking sticks with dog and hoof terminalsEstimate: 50.00 - 80.00

    Lot: 5919th century Chinese ivory pot in the form of a tusk engraved figures fishing, trees and rocks with character marks, loose base, also an Indian cow bell and a smaller one without a clanger and a spectacle case with fruiting vine clip all on a trayEstimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 60A collection of Players cigarette cards depicting fish displayed as two framed pictures, total 100 and a quantity of loose cigarette cards also of fishEstimate: 20.00 - 30.00

    Lot: 61A Victorian cloth doll wearing a silk dress with painted headEstimate: 5.00 - 10.00

    Lot: 62Oval miniature head and shoulders portrait of a lady signed A. Peynok 1896?, in gilt brass easel frame with ribbon tie surmountEstimate: 40.00 - 60.00

    Lot: 63Quantity of Irish linen sheets, cloths with lace borders and Damask tablecloths