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Transcript of Antiques & Collectables ... Antiques & Collectables Saturday 06 July 2013 10:30 A. E. Dowse & Son...

  • Antiques & Collectables Saturday 06 July 2013 10:30

    A. E. Dowse & Son Cornwall Galleries

    Scotland Street Sheffield S3 7DE

  • Lot: 1 A BLUE GLASS TOT DECANTER with silver overlay and six tot glasses. (7)

    Lot: 2 A VICTORIAN MALLET SHAPED DECANTER, sliced cut shoulders, mushroom stopper, 29cm.


    Lot: 4 A SWAROVSKI MODEL of a Hedgehog.

    Lot: 5 A PAIR OF CUT GLASS SPIRIT DECANTERS, faceted stoppers, 23cm., five glass snuffers and two other glasses (9).

    Lot: 6 A PRESS MOULDED BLACK GLASS VASE with lion masks and swags, 20cm. and a moulded glass claret jug with plated mounts (2).

    Lot: 7 AN ART GLASS VASE, of flat and shouldered form, labelled La Maison D'Andrea, 28cm. and another vase of shouldered form (2).

    Lot: 8 A CONTINENTAL SATIN GLASS DEVOTIONAL FIGURE, probably French, the Madonna, 12cm., a Wedgwood glass shell and a coloured glass ornamental swan (3).

    Lot: 9 A HEAVY CUT GLASS PEDESTAL BOWL, slightly flared form, diameter 25cm. and a lead crystal ice bucket (2).

    Lot: 10 A CUT GLASS THREE LIGHT CANDELABRA, early 20th century with a triangular pinnacle, three branches with pendant drops, 36cm.

    Lot: 11 A CUT GLASS SPIRIT DECANTER, dimple cut with a pointed stopper, 27cm. and two pairs of cut glass pedestal sweetmeat dishes (5).

    Lot: 12 A LARGE CUT GLASS VASE of slightly waisted form, 38cm.

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  • Lot: 13 A FRENCH MOULDED GLASS SHALLOW BOWL, Sebino style, designed with water lilies, diameter 34cm., restored.

    Lot: 14 SWAROVSKI CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS, for the years 2000 and 2008, each in original triangular box.


    Lot: 16 A CUT GLASS ATOMISER, pear shaped, 14cm., another atomiser, a mottled glass scent bottle, a faceted glass model of a Vulture and two perspex, glass effect models (6).

    Lot: 17 A SET OF ROYAL DOULTON TABLE CRYSTAL, including six wines, six champagne flutes and six tumblers (3 boxed sets).

    Lot: 18 A STUART CRYSTAL SPIRIT DECANTER of square section, faceted stopper, 26cm.

    Lot: 19 A PAIR OF BLUE GLASS EWER SHAPED VASES, enamel decoration of Anthemions, 15cm. and a harlequin set of five glass wines (7).

    Lot: 20 A VICTORIAN CUT GLASS DECANTER, engraved and coloured rim, 30cm. and a Georgian cut glass spirit decanter (2).

    Lot: 21 A VENETIAN COLOURED GLASS SCENT BOTTLE, shaped stopper, 17cm.

    Lot: 22 A LEAD CRYSTAL MALLET SHAPED DECANTER, with a stopper, 36cm., a set of eight cut glass wines and ten cut glass sundae dishes (19).

    Lot: 23 A MOULDED GLASS MODEL OF A SWAN, 15cm. and two others, smaller (3).

    Lot: 24 A BLUE GLASS VASE, with triple handles to the shoulders, 38cm.

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  • Lot: 25 A MOULDED AND SATIN GLASS BASKET SHAPED BOWL, lime green tinted, 28cm.

    Lot: 26 A DAUM PATE DE VERRE DISH, modelled with a lizard on a leaf, 13cm., boxed.

    Lot: 27 A DAUM CLEAR GLASS DISH, with a Pate De Verre model of a frog with a leaf, 13cm., boxed.

    Lot: 28 A PAT DE VERRE BOWL, shallow bowl upheld by five frogs on a lily pad base, width 20cm.

    Lot: 29 A CRANBERRY GLASS SALT of flower head form, 9cm. and a cranberry glass bowl (2).

    Lot: 30 A RUBY GLASS CANDLESTICK, with prismatic lustre drops, pear shaped stem, circular foot, 43cm.

    Lot: 31 THREE CRANBERRY GLASS CUSTARD CUPS and a collection of custard cups (14).

    Lot: 32 A CUT GLASS JUG, tapering form, engraved with birds and branches, 21cm. and a cut glass claret jug (2).

    Lot: 33 A PAIR OF LALIQUE CRYSTAL BOOK ENDS, designed with eagles heads, both labelled, 19cm.

    Lot: 34 A MURANO STYLE NOVELTY JUG, red coloured, the handle designed as a clown, 24cm.

    Lot: 35 A MURANO STYLE COLOURED GLASS VASE, of lightly fluted form, 32cm. and a satin glass model of a dog (2).

    Lot: 36 A MURANO GLASS MODEL OF A DUCK, labelled 'Iset', 27cm. and two Iset glass models of leaping fish (3).

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  • Lot: 37 AN AVONDALE GLASS MUSHROOM SHAPED PAPERWEIGHT, mottled green, two other mushroom shaped paperweights and a mottled glass jar (4).

    Lot: 38 A CUT GLASS SCENT BOTTLE, square section with a moulded stopper, 19cm., other scent bottles and an atomiser (8).

    Lot: 39 A MEDINA GLASS PAPERWEIGHT, modelled as a bird, mottled design, 9cm. and seven other paperweights (8).

    Lot: 42 A HARDWOOD TRUNCHEON, 38cm. with a leather strap.

    Lot: 43 A DEFIANT MAINS RADIO, model MSH356, bakelite case, width 29cm.

    Lot: 44 A CHINESE HARDWOOD TABLE CABINET, brass furnishings, two doors, fitted with three drawers with a further drawer below and a resin model of Hoti (2).

    Lot: 45 A NOVELTY TABLE LAMP adapting to a candlestick telephone, 39cm. overall.

    Lot: 46 L THORPE - Boy on a Donkey, embossed copper panel, 30x29cm., mounted.

    Lot: 47 A MODERN SILVER CASED FOLDING FRUIT KNIFE, 8cm. and a mother-of-pearl faced fruit knife (2).

    Lot: 48 A PAIR OF OAK BARLEY TWIST CANDLESTICKS, 31cm., a pair of terracotta beakers in the Pompeian style and four oak castor cups (8).

    Lot: 49 A WEDGWOOD CAMPANA SHAPED URN, probably late 19th century, applied moulded decoration of classical figures, 15cm. and a pottery ornamental egg (2).

    Lot: 50 A PARKER FOUNTAIN PEN, 12k rolled gold mount, a Parker propelling pencil and a collection of pens.

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  • Lot: 51 AN IVORINE FAN, 18cm., a Russian box of four mother-of- pearl spoons and two cocktail sticks, together with a small selection of seashells.

    Lot: 52 A LEATHER SUITCASE, width 46cm.

    Lot: 53 A JAPANESE DOLL FIGURE, modelled as a Geisha, 35cm., another Japanese doll figure and a model of a cart (3).

    Lot: 54 AN OVAL COPPER FISH KETTLE, cast brass handles, 68cm. and a coopered bucket (2).

    Lot: 55 AN INDIAN KRIS, wavy glaze, 31cm, simulated ivory figural handle.

    Lot: 56 A CAST IRON CIRCULAR SIGN, capitalised drott 4 in 1, diameter 14cm. and other signs.

    Lot: 57 A LEADED AND STAINED NOVELTY TABLE LAMP designed an an owl, 37cm.

    Lot: 58 THREE 'HIDDEN TREASURES' ENAMELLED MODELS - of a Robin, an Owl and a Fox, a similar model of Paddington Bear and other enamelled ornaments.

    Lot: 59 THE MOE DIAMOND WEIGHT GAUGE, a ring size gauge stick and a set of finger measures.

    Lot: 60 A LILLIPUT LANE MODEL, of Jubilee Buckingham Palace, for the Queen's Golden Jubilee, width 20cm., boxed and five other Lilliput Lane models, Big Ben, Windsor Castle, Tower of London, Golden Jubilee and the Star Inn (6).

    Lot: 61 A ROMAN STYLE GLASS JUG, green tinted, 15cm., a resin alabaster style figure, a green painted figure, a Spanish Madonna and child group and four Eskimo art models (8).

    Lot: 62 A REPRODUCTION PLAQUE of a Leonardo cartoon, mounted on plywood panel, 34x23cm. and a composition panel designed as a crest (2).

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  • Lot: 63 AN AMETHYST CRYSTAL, 12cm., a shell alabaster segment and souvenir stones.

    Lot: 64 A PENTAX ME CAMERA, a Zeiss 125mm. lens, other lenses and photographic accessories in a soft case.

    Lot: 65 TAXIDERMY - a Victorian taxidermist arrangement of a Jay, in a glass dome, walnut plinth, 35cm.

    Lot: 66 AN ELLIOTT WALNUT CASED MANTEL CLOCK, square brass dial, signed H L Brown & Sons Limited, Sheffield, silver chapter ring, width 22cm.

    Lot: 67 DAMASK TABLECLOTHS and other household linen (2 boxes).



    Lot: 70 WHITBREAD CELEBRATION ALE, brewed at the Exchange Brewery, Sheffield, 1993.

    Lot: 71 AN EASTERN KUKRI KNIFE, 28cm., curved steel blade, horn and white metal handle in a leather sheath and another Kukri knife (2).

    Lot: 72 A UKULELE, stained wood casing, 54cm. overall.

    Lot: 73 A LACQUERED BRASS AND ENAMELLED ANNIVERSARY CLOCK, signed, under a glass dome, 80cm.

    Lot: 74 A DULCET VIOLIN, 35.5cm., two piece back, bears label Antonius Stradivarius, with a bow, in a wooden case.

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  • Lot: 75 A MOUNTED AND FRAMED CIGAR BOX, labelled Ramon Allones, 44x44cm. overall.

    Lot: 76 A REPRODUCTION STAINED CASKET, painted panel, domed lid, width 41cm.

    Lot: 77 A CHORD HARP AUTO-HARP, length 55cm., with an instruction book.

    Lot: 78 A CARVED OAK MODEL OF A DOG'S HEAD, 33cm. and a wooden truncheon (2).


    Lot: 80 A VICTORIAN WALNUT WORKBOX, cross banded, part fitted, width 28cm.

    Lot: 81 A VICTORIAN WALNUT WRITING BOX, of oblong form, slope front, part fitted interior, width 30cm.

    Lot: 82 A JAQUES CROQUET SET in a pine box.

    Lot: 83 A FUR STOLE, two fur hats and two evening bags.

    Lot: 84 A BAMBOO WALKING STICK, horn handle, silver ferrule, 86cm., another walking stick with a silver terminal and two old golf clubs (4).

    Lot: 85 A GREEN PAI