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    Published Weekly By Joel Sater

    VOL. 43, NO. 45FRIDAY NOVEMBER 9, 2012

    By John and Sandra Thomashe newest volume by author/collec-tors John and Sandra Thomas,salutes Americas patriotic holidays.

    Vintage postcards, posters, and other col-lectible ephemera related to our six federalholidays and Flag Day are valuable not justin and of themselves, but as a way of weav-ing together this nations rich patriotic his-tory. Colorful examples of these collectiblesare plentiful in their book. In honor of ourveterans, we are reprinting the completechapter onVeterans Day,also known asArmistice Day.A m e r i c a n sP a t r i o t i cHolidays, AnI l l u s t r a t e dHistory is pub-lished by SchifferB o o k s .(www.sch i f f e r

    Veterans Dayis a Federal holi-day that honors allliving veterans ofthe United StatesArmed Forces,whether or notthey have servedin a conflict. Thisholiday is oftenconfused withMemorial Day,which honors thedeceased veteransof the UnitedStates ArmedForces. For exam-ple, FrankBuckles, who wasa member of theU.S. Army wasthe oldest remaining World War I veteranalive until he passed away on February 27,2011, at the age of 110 years. As a veteran,his country honored him, and a deceasedveteran, his country gratefully remembershim.

    Veterans Day is strictly observed onNovember 11th of each year; therefore thisholiday is not part of the Uniform MondayHoliday Act that gives workers a three-dayweekend. November 11th is a celebratedimportant date worldwide because it marksthe exact time the major hostilities of WorldWar I in Europe were officially ended: the11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th monthof 1918. That gave rise to the recognitionthat it was All Quiet on the WesternFront. The other major powers in this con-flict also observe November 11th; in someUnited Kingdom countries, it is known asRemembrance Day.

    The European War ended with the 11-11-11 armistice signed among combatantsin a railroad car in France. However, a for-mal declaration was needed to effectivelyconclude the war as well as extract repara-tions form the Central Powers (Germany,Austria, and Hungary). Therefore, the ParisPeace Conference began on January 12,1919, as the delegates from twenty-sevenAllied Countries began to discuss and setforth a laundry list of treaty demands on theCentral Powers. Nearly six months later thetreaty demands were accepted byGermany and the Treaty of Versailles(Treaty of Peace) was signed on June 28,

    1919, whichf o r m a l l yconcludedthe GreatWar toend allwars.

    I n t e r -e s t i n g l ye n o u g h ,the UnitedStates was

    nota sig-n a t o r yto theTreaty. TheTreaty set up theLeague of Nations(much liket o d a y sU n i t e dNations), butto become amember therewas aCovenant -

    Article X main-tained that a mem-ber country wouldbe bound by inter-national contractto defend anoth-

    er League of Nation member fromattack. The Republican isolationists in

    Wo o d r o wW i l s o n sA d m i n -i s t r a t i o ndefeated all

    efforts for

    Am-erica to

    join due to thatc o v e n a n t .

    Eventually, dur-ing Warren G.H a r d i n g sAdmin- is t ra -

    tion, a joint res-olution waspassed and as e p a r a t etreaty endingthe UnitedS t a t e s involvementin World War Iwas signed onJuly 21, 1921,w i t h o u t

    America havingto become amember of theLeague ofNations. The Treaty of Versailles wassigned on June 28, 1919, after whichPresident Wilson wanted to focus thecitizenry

    on the sacrifices

    of Americas involvementin World War I in terms ofmanpower. Therefore,Wilson issued a proclama-tion declaring thatNovember 11, 1919,should be known as

    Armistice Day. His proclamation inpart said:

    To us in America, the reflectionsof Armistice Day will be filled withsolemn pride in the heroism of thosewho died in the countrys serviceand with gratitude for the victory,

    both because of the thing from which it hasfreed us and because of the opportunity ithas given America to show her sympathywith peace and justice in the councils of thenations.

    On the actual Armistice Day in 1918there were wildcelebrations ineach of themajor cities inthe UnitedStates. From thetime of PresidentWilsons procla-m a t i o n ,Armistice Dayhas been cele-brated annuallyin America; itsname waschanged toVeterans Day in1954.

    In order tohave a perma-

    nent place ofhonor for those service memebers who diedin combat but whose remains were neveridentified, Congress on March 4, 1921,

    approved theburial of anu n i d e n t i f i e dAmerican ser-viceman fromWorld War I inthe Plaza of thenew memorialAmphitheater inA r l i n g t o nC e m e t e r y .Therefore, theTomb of theU n k n o w nSoldier wase s t a b l i s h e d ,made fromAmerican mar-ble and con-structed as at h r e e - l e v e ltomb. A chosencasket ofremains wasbrought fromFrance and theWorld War IUnknown lay instate in theCapitol Rotundauntil ArmisticeDay 1921. OnNovember 11th,P r e s i d e n t

    Warren G. Harding officiated at the inter-ment ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery. In1932, a new four-level tomb was placed inthe same location. The Western panel of thetomb is inscribed with the following words:

    (Continued on page 2)

    TThe Flag Bearerstands in front of a V-shaped group of ser-vicemen and women,each wearing a his-toric uniform fromthe past.

    The Navy Needs You! Dont Read AmericanHistory - MAKE IT! U.S. Recruiting Stationposter. Artist: James Montgomery Flagg.Poster from the authors private collection.

    Father of the Land We Love song sheet, lyrics andmusic by Georg M. Cohan; written for the AmericanPeople to Commemorate the Two HundredthAnniversary of George Washington. Front sheet graphicsbased on the painting by James Montgomery Flagg, 1932.

    Sons of Veterans. Remembrance of the Veteransof the American Civil War. Embossed, publisheris unknown. Decoration Day Series No. 1.

    C h a l k w a r efigure: A red-haired cadetdressed in hermilitary uni-form with sil-ver hat andboots carriesthe Americanflag.

    Author/Collectors Honor Veterans DayAnd Other Patriotic Holidays

    Joy in NewYork at News of

    Signing ofArmistice.


    New York Times,November 11,


  • States. A bugler soundsTaps, and the ceremonycontinues inside theMemorial Amphitheater witha Parade of Flags by veteransorganizations and remarksfrom invited dignitaries.

    On June 4, 1926,Congress passed a resolutionthat the recurring anniver-sary of November 11, 1918,should be commemoratedwith thanksgiving andprayer By that time twen-ty-seven states had madeNovember 11th a state holi-day. On May 13, 1938, an Actof Congress made November11th a legal Federal holiday,

    but this holiday was stillcalled Armistice Day. AfterWorld War II and the KoreanWar, various veterans organi-zations lobbied Congress toamend the 1938 Act, strikingthe word Armistice in favorof Veterans Day. PresidentDwight D. Eisenhowersigned this amendment onJune 1, 1954, establishingVeterans Day on November11th as a day to honor allAmerican veterans who haveserved their country honor-ably during war or peace.

    There are 23.4 millionveterans alive today who war-rant our respect. There are

    parades to commemorateVeterans Day and other com-munity festivities, such aspatriotic band concerts. It isalso proper for citizens toobserve a few moments ofsilence at the appropriate hourof 11 a.m. local time.

    Finally, and very impor-tant, is the fact that over tenpercent of veterans alivetoday are disabled from ser-vice-related disabilities. Withthe survival rate of recupera-

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    Since then, two moreUnknown Soldier crypts fromWorld War II and Korea havebeen established. A VietnamWar crypt was also placed,but now remains empty as theinterred remains were posi-

    tively identified by DNAtests. With these additionalcrypts in place, the area isnow called the Tomb of theUnknowns. The Veterans DayNational Ceremony is heldeach year on November 11 atArlington Cemetery. The cer-emony commences preciselyat 11 a.m. with a formalwreath-laying at the Tomb ofthe Unknowns by thePresident of the United

    (Continued from page 1)Author/Collectors Honor Veterans Day And Other Patriotic Holidays

    Washington at Valley Forge.Artist signed R. Veefliet.Publisher unknown: Series No.51766.

    Lady Liberty holding a bouquetof roses casts them on the grave-stone of a fallen soldier. Artist C.Chapman. Published byInternational Art PublishingCompany.

    Red Star Line folding fan. Circa 1900, made of printed paperand wood. This could have been a giveaway souvenir of anIndependence Day celebration in hot July. Courtesy of KitHinrichs/Studio Hinrichs. Photographer: Terry Heffernan.

    Various patriotic collectibles including Uncle Sam coin bank,Uncle Sam pencil box, Fourth of July parade dress, patrioticbuttons, hood ornament, folding fan, bicentennial bow tie,Shirley Temple mirror, brass and enamel belt buckle - all invivid red, white, and blue. Courtesy of Kit Hinrichs/StudioHinrichs. Photographer: Terry Heffernan.

    Americas Patriotic Holidays,An Illustrated History, by JohnWesley Thomas and SandraLynn Thomas.

    Pledge of Allegiance, surrounded by the Guardians of OurNation. Published by MWM Color-Litho Postcards.

    tion from horrific battlefieldinjuries increasing due toexcellent field hospital care,there are many disabled vet-erans from continuing con-flicts that need our help.Unfortunately, wounded vet-erans from conflicts occur-ring in the nineteenth andtwentieth centuries were, inmany cases, left to fend forthemselves; many who didnot have family support wenthomeless and, in many cases,di